Who Is Bernard Shaw CNN Wife Linda Allston & How Many Children Did They Have?


Bernard Shaw was 82 years old. ( Source : Dragon )

Bernard Shaw, an American journalist, was the lead news anchor for CNN from 1980 to March 2001 until his retirement. The man suddenly passed away due to pneumonia which was unrelated to Covid 19, leaving his wife Linda Allston behind. 

Shaw served as CNN's initial chief anchor and was a part of the network on June 1, 1980, when it debuted. On February 28, 2001, he left CNN after working there for more than 20 years.

He covered some of the most important news of the day during his illustrious career, such as the student uprising in Tiananmen Square in May 1989, the First Gulf War live from Baghdad in 1991, and the 2000 presidential election. 

Who Is Bernard Shaw's Wife Linda Allston?

Bernard Shaw was married to his wife, Linda Allston, on March 30, 1974. She was the biggest support system in his life, and the man has acknowledged it several times in his lifetime. 

In 1994, he received Sol Taishoff Award for Excellence in Broadcast Journalism. While he received this honor, he spoke for several men, including himself, when he dedicated it to his better half. This one moment when the audience could the love he had for Linda and how important it reminded people around him of their goodness. 

Bernard Shaw at Potomac with Candy Crowley
Bernard Shaw at Potomac with Candy Crowley ( Source : hollywoodonthepotomac )

He said the honoree was the woman who was with a man who did what he did and nurtured two beautiful children with him. Featured in the ebony magazine in 1995, the article talked about women who were strong, smart, and did not shy away from taking care of their houses so that their husbands could work smoothly for the family. 

The family was strong ever since they got married, and it was only possible because of the two people who came together living for each other without any hesitation. As we write about the journalist's demise today, our heart goes out to his wife, Linda, who gave her entire life to the man and his happiness. 

How Many Children Did Bernard Shaw And Linda Allston Have?

Bernard Shaw and Linda Allston had two children, Amar Edgar and Anil Louise. With a famous father, it isn't necessary for his kids also to come out in the limelight and put out their life in front of the world. Consequently, both of them have chosen their lives for themselves, which is nowhere near the media line. 

The family is, however, extremely close, and this can be said because of the journalist's constant expression of affection for them. He was grateful to have them in his life. 

While the family is yet to give a statement on the unfortunate happening, social media is filled with tributes. One of the followers remembers him and writes, "The man who was describing events that would forever reshape our world when I was a 7th grader."

Bernard Shaw in his younger days
Bernard Shaw in his younger days ( Source : edition )

As a reporter and anchor for WNUS in Chicago, Shaw started his broadcasting career. Later, he relocated to Washington to work as an oval office correspondent after working as a reporter for the Westinghouse Broadcasting Company in Chicago.

From 1971 through 1977, he worked at CBS News Washington bureau. Before taking the position of Senior Capitol Hill at ABC News in 1978, he joined the network in 1977 as a Latin American correspondent and bureau chief.

Between 1992 through 2001, Shaw co-anchored CNN's Inside Politics before leaving the network. He continued to make sporadic appearances on CNN, co-anchoring Judy Woodruff's final program in June 2005 and appearing in May 2005 when a plane entered restricted air space over Washington, D.C.

Given what he missed out on in his personal life after 41 years in the industry, Shaw stated that the cost was not worth it. Shaw made an appearance on the June 1, 2020, episode of CNN's Erin Burnett OutFront to commemorate the network's 40th anniversary.


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