Who Is Ashley Cummings, Whitney Cummings Sister? Her Age, Net Worth & Husband


Ashley Cumming Starting His New Yoga Session ( Source : Youtube )

Ashley Cummings is a yoga instructor and the sister of comedian Whitney Cummings. She is the older sister of the infamous personality.

Cummings is a stand-up comedian, artist, maker, essayist, and public speaker. It is mainly found in the digital recordings of comedians such as Joe Rogan and Andrew Schulze.

The two appear to have a perceptual relationship. She is a seriously smooth and calm character who appears to be well-known for her TV and comedic projects. She is also a fantastic comedian. She rose to prominence following her 2016 HBO presentation in a unique parody titled "I'm Your Girlfriend."

She is well-known for her witty humor, confident demeanor, crowd control, and comedic one-liners. Cummings is a genuine artist who can captivate an audience.

Quick Facts To Know About Ashley Cumming

NameAshley Cummings
Age40 to 45 Years Old
ProfessionYoga Instructor
SisterWhitney Cumming
Net Worth$100-$150 thousand

About Ashley Cumming, Whitney Cumming Sister

Whitney Cummings' sister Ashley Cummings has achieved international acclaim for her stand-up specials and comedies.

Ashley Cumming Showing Different Yoga Variation To Her Student's
Ashley Cumming Showing Different Yoga Variation To Her Student's ( Source : shoutoutla )

Nonetheless, she is one of the country's top female comics. Ashley has several accomplishments as well. She has taught yoga for over two decades.

Ashley appears to have learned yoga moves from a Hindu devotee outside the country. She is also very knowledgeable about the activities, evidenced by her Instagram posts. Ashley's sister also adores her. The siblings appear to be inseparably linked. They both grew up in a dysfunctional families, with her parents being alcoholics.

In addition, Whitney and Ashley's half-brother Kevin grew up together. They appear to have a close relationship with one another. Similarly, Ashley has a long list of clients from her yoga classes. She is a skilled yoga instructor who specializes in Venice canals yoga.

How Old Is Ashley Cumming?

Ashley Cumming's age is around her 40s to 45s years old. She is the older sister of Whitney as she is the youngest in her family.

Ashley Cumming Showing Full Body Workout
Ashley Cumming Showing Full Body Workout ( Source : ashleycummings420 )

Cummings is a 39-year-old stand-up comedian. She appears to have a good relationship with her sister. She also pursued a comedy career and graduated from the University of Pennsylvania.

Furthermore, information about the older sister's educational background appears to be lacking. According to her Instagram photo, she has been practicing yoga since she was a child.

When Did Ashley Cumming Become Yoga Instructor?

Ashley became a Yoga Instructor at the age of 32. She learned different variations of yoga in 2022.

Ashley Cumming Enjoying Her Holidays In Beach
Ashley Cumming Enjoying Her Holidays In Beach ( Source : facebook )

Cummings works as a Yoga instructor at Yogashala in Miami Beach. She appears to post various variations of Yoga exercises on her social media, making it easier for her followers to access them.

Moreover, despite her sister's worldwide fame, Ashley has lived her entire life in the shadows. She does not appear to be drawn to fame or attention.

Furthermore, she frequently projects religious figures' messages, so she practices yoga physically and spiritually while understanding the message behind various actions.

Who Are Ashley Cumming and Whitney Cumming's Parents?

Ashley Cumming was born to American parents in Washington, DC. Her parents divorced got divorced when her sister was five years old.

Cumming stated that she was raised in a dysfunctional, alcoholic household. Her childhood was tough and not easy compared to other children's lives.

Her sister Whitney resides with her aunt in Virginia at 12. She studied acting at Washington, D.C Studio Theater. During her early days, she worked as a department store model at local shipping malls. Later on, she graduated and initially aspired to her career.

Ashley Cumming Net Worth In 2022

Ashley Cumming's net worth is estimated to be around $100-$150 thousand. Her net worth is calculated from the source of the US yoga instructor's average earnings.

Ashley Cumming Trying To Balance Her Body Posture
Ashley Cumming Trying To Balance Her Body Posture ( Source : facebook )

A yoga instructor's annual salary ranges between $31,000 and $100,000. Ashley has also worked for over five decades while practicing yoga.

She is very skilled and articulate in the various forms of yoga. In addition, Ashely appears to have a large number of clients and supporters.

Furthermore, as a yoga instructor, her other assets and properties are not disclosed, but she appears wealthy. She frequently posts pictures of her spiritual teachings in various locations.

Similarly, she is a talented, accepting, supportive personality who has remained in the background by providing trust and hope throughout her sister's career's ups and downs.

Whitney is also a well-known comedian. As a result, her net worth is estimated to be around $30 million. Her earnings come from comedy specials, TV appearances, and network deals.

Is Whitney's Sister Ashley Cumming Married?

Whitney Sister Ashley Cumming is currently single. She is currently searching for the love of her life as of 2022.

However, Whitney, herself, got married recently to her loving husband, Miles Skinner. They met on a dating app in November 2017 and fell in love.

After dating for a few years, Cumming accepted her partner's proposal. Her partner Skinner proposed to her on September 4, 2018, on her 36th birthday. She shared a clip on the same day showing her engagement ring.

Whitney's partner, Miles, is the executive creative director of special projects at Vice. Also, he has worked with numerous reputed brands such as Adidas, Rolls Royce, and Nike. 


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