Who Is Actor Zak Santiago From Marry Go Round? Everything To Know About The Canadian Actor


Besides of acting, Actor Zak Santiago is also a DJ. ( Source : Instagram )

Because of his role as Edward Timsdale in the film Marry Go Round, Canadian actor and DJ Zak Santiago has become quite well-known, and fans are now curious about his personal life.

Marry Go Round, a new romance drama from Hallmark, premieres on the network on September 10, 2022. The protagonist of the film is a young, aspirational lady who learns that her divorce from her spouse is still pending.

Crown Media Press, the series' official summary is as "Abby (Amanda Schull) is a successful executive who plans to wed Edward while living in Paris. Everything is going well until she discovers that her divorce from her high school sweetheart, Luke, is not entirely legal.

Who Is Actor Zak Santiago From Marry Go Round?

Stars in Marry Go Round include Anni Ramsay, James Drew Dean, Kate Whiddington, Lincoln Cann, Jaycie Dotin, Bill Marchant, Sophia Chapdelaine, Nitin Prasad, Everick Golding, Dee Jay Jackson, Noah Leonard, Mat Lo, Tanya Jade, Laura Douglas, Kelsey Lopes, and Paul Moniz De Sa. Brennan Elliott, Zak Santiago, Mary-Beth Manning, Anni Ramsay, James Drew Dean

Similarly, Zak Santiago's look has delighted all of his fans and mesmerized them with his performance. He is a well-known actor of the film industry who has been successful in gaining a million admirers and followers.

Marry Go Round is a quintessential Hallmark movie starring Amanda Schull
Marry Go Round is a quintessential Hallmark movie starring Amanda Schull ( Source : hallmarkchannel )

He is well-known for his work as a radio and club disc jockey in addition to his recurrent parts on the television shows Continuum, Robson Arms, and The Assistants.

The Hallmark Channel air the Marry Go Round debut on Saturday, September 10 at 8 p.m. Eastern. The following times, all Eastern, are for encore performances: Sunday, September 11, 6 p.m.; Thursday, September 15, 8 p.m.; Sunday, September 18, 12 p.m.; and Saturday, September 24, 10 p.m.

His Role As Edward Timsdale 

In Marry Go Round, Edward Timsdale is portrayed by Zak Santiago. Abby is engaged to Edward. Once her divorce from Luke is finalized, Abby joyfully anticipates being married to Edward.

But it doesn't seem as easy as that. Santiago makes a brief appearance in the trailer, and viewers may expect a standout performance from him.

He is well known for his roles in a variety of programs, including Alice, Young Blades, and Shut Eye. Meditation Park, Bad City, and Perfect Sisters are among the movies he has worked on.

What Is Hallmark’s Marry Go Round?

As per the source, after graduating from high school, Abby Foster and Luke Walker got married for a brief time.

Years later, Abby has achieved success as an executive and is about to move to Paris with her fiancé Edward Timsdale (Santiago). Her life appears to be flawless in every way. That is, until she receives a letter informing Luke that her divorce is not quite final.

When Abby returns to her hometown for a court hearing, she runs into Luke and finds out right away that he has no plans to end their divorce any time soon.

Emily (Manning), Abby's mother, at last shares a secret with her daughter that clarifies what actually occurred all those years ago.

Zak Santiago Family & His Girlfriend

Professionally known as Zak Santiago, he was born on January 3, 1981, in Halifax, Nova Scotia, to a Romani father and Spanish and Irish mother. He speaks both French and Spanish with ease.

As a child, Zak attended a Royal Conservatory. In 1994, Zak explored his interests in acting and DJing and enrolled in his first acting class at Gastown Actors Studio. Additionally, the actor is the type of person who values maintaining his privacy. However, his acting talent has allowed him to build a lucrative profession, which may make his parents incredibly proud of him.

Actor Zak Santiago is currently single.
Actor Zak Santiago is currently single. ( Source : alchetron )

Who Is He Dating Now? His Girlfriend

He previously had at least one relationship. Zak Santiago has never been wed before. We are presently gathering details on the past dates and hookups. Online dating history rumors about Zak Santiagos can be confusing.

Zak Santiago Net Worth In 2022 & Career

According to the source Net Worth Post, Zak Santiago has a net worth of over $18 million and earns a salary of roughly $6 million. Due to his successful professional history, it is also possible to earn.

He has been an actor for a long time and has been in numerous films as of this writing. He is currently living a comfortable lifestyle thanks to his earnings. His early training included piano, flamenco, ballet, and boxing. He co-starred with Jessica Alba in the 2008 horror film The Eye, and he had a supporting role in the 2012 Nickelodeon TV movie Rags.

Zac appears as Amanda's new boyfriend on the show
Zac appears as Amanda's new boyfriend on the show ( Source : hallmarkchannel )

He has experience with flamenco, ballet, and classical piano as a multi-tasking skill. Zak gave up his amateur boxing career in 1998 to concentrate only on dancing. He was accepted in 2000 to the prestigious Amor de Dios Academy in Madrid, where he studied under numerous flamenco legends.

His Acting Career 

Zak Santiago has a number of acting credentials, including series lead in the N Network comedy Interns, series regular in the PAX series Young Blades, series regular in the well-known Canadian series Robson Arms, and other recurring and guest star roles in episodic television.

He appeared in the Catching the Devil miniseries as well. He was recognized for his supporting lead performance as one of the terrorists in A&E's ratings smash Flight 93 and earned a Leo Award for best supporting actor in the lauded Human Cargo.

For his work in Young Blades, Zak was nominated for another acting Leo Award in 2006.

Shooter with Mark Wahlberg, The Eye with Jessica Alba, Underclassmen with Nick Cannon, and Josie and the Pussy Cats with Tara Reid are a few of the feature films in which Zak has appeared.

He has performed on tour with Shawn Desmond, a Portuguese pop and R&B singer, and hip-hop group The Rascalz. He is also an aspiring singer in his rap group, A.M.P. He served as the anchor of the MTV program Break Out, which highlights popular Canadian bands.


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