Who Is Actor Aias Dalman? Facts You Did Not Know About Him


Aias Dalman, a child actor from Vancouver, Canada. ( Source : )

Aias Dalman is a child actor originally from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada who recently starred in House Of Chains.

The child actor Dalman has recently become a fan favorite after he appeared on House Of Chains. He is extremely talented at such a young age and he can gracefully play neurotypical characters.

His previous works in the entertainment industry were also admired by everyone and he is very loved as an actor. Fans cannot wait to watch more of Aias's performances in his upcoming projects.

Quick Facts

Full NameAias Dalman
Age12 years old
FromBritish Columbia, Vancouver, Canada
Born OnNovember 8, 2009

Who Is Actor Aias Dalman and How Old Is He?

Aias Dalman is a 12-year-old Canadian actor and scriptwriter from Vancouver, British Columbia. Aias was discovered in a kindergarten science class by Young Moviemakers Director Levente Mihalik and spent the following three years working in Vancouver independent film as an actor and writer.

Aias Dalman during one of his photoshoots.
Aias Dalman during one of his photoshoots. ( Source : stage32 )

His screenplays had already won accolades by the age of seven, including Best Film Overall at the TIFF Young Filmmakers Showcase for "The Fortune Teller" and Best Narrative at the Calgary International Film Festival for "Teen Chick."

His most recent feature, "Tough Guy," was played at over 24 film festivals across the world in 2018 and will continue to be shown at festivals in 2019. While his initial passions are science and the indie film business.

Aias signed with Lucas Talent in Vancouver in 2018 and has since been in a variety of TV, Film, and Commercial productions around the city.

Who Are Aias Dalman Family Members?

Aias was born to his family in Vancouver. His family has always been very supportive of his career and they are responsible for his successful career as an actor.

Aias Dalman from his reels posted on YouTube.
Aias Dalman from his reels posted on YouTube. ( Source : youtube )

Dalman is an openly autistic actor and he has done a great job in bringing an authentic presentation on the set. His most recent Autistic character parts were in the feature film "When Time Got Louder," in which he co-starred with Willow Shields.

So far in his career, he has been very loved by everyone. So it is no doubt that he is also making good money throughout his acting career at the young age of 12. Fans are eager to watch more of Aias's performances in the future and his upcoming projects. Aias's career has just begun and he is just getting started. 

10 Facts About Aias Dalmon

  1. Aias Dalmon is a Canadian citizen and was born in British Columbia, Vancouver.
  2. Dalmon is just 12 years old and has already starred in a handful of projects.
  3. He started his career as an actor when he was just 7 years old.
  4. Aias is an actor and also a creative writer.
  5. Dalmon was Scouted by Young Moviemakers Director Levente Mihalik while in a kindergarten science class.
  6. The Canadian actor is an openly Autistic actor and has represented Autistic characters in different projects.
  7. Aias has been a prodigy in math and creative writing.
  8. Dalmon was signed to one of Vancouver’s most prestigious Talent Agencies, Premiere Talent Management in 2017.
  9. The actor loves to meet new and talented people on set and make friends.
  10. In the future he wishes to have his own "Bill Nye" style Science Show and his own TED talk.

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