Who Are Olivia Cooke Parents? Everything To Know About Her Family


Olivia Cooke is known for her starring role as Emma Decody in the series Bates Motel ( Source : Instagram )

House Of The Dragon, the first Game Of Thrones prequel to appear on television, introduces a host of fresh faces to Westeros, including Olivia Cooke as a young Alicent Hightower. Alicent, the Hand of the King's daughter, is referred to as "the most beautiful woman in the Seven Kingdoms."

Olivia Cooke has managed to largely avoid the spotlight despite having appeared in several blockbuster films and hugely popular TV shows in her early career. However, with a significant role as Alicent Hightower in HBO's eagerly anticipated "Game of Thrones" prequel series, "House of the Dragon," she likely shouldn't get too comfortable with her current level of anonymity.

Here are a few little-known facts about Olivia Cooke and her family that you may or may not have known.

Quick Facts 

Full NameOlivia Kate Cooke
Birth Date27 December 1993
Birth PlaceOldham, Greater Manchester, England
Age28 years old
Years Active2012-Present
FatherJohn Cooke
MotherLindsay Wilde
Height5' 5½" (1.66 m)
EducationRoyton and Crompton Academy, Oldham Sixth Form College
Known ForBecky Sharp in the miniseries Vanity Fair (2018)

Olivia Cooke Parents Divorced When She Was A Child 

Olivia Cooke was born to Lindsay Wilde and John Cooke. When she was a young girl, her parents were divorced, so she and her sister moved in with their mother. Living away from her father must have been challenging for her throughout her youth. However, her mother has raised her well. 

At the Oldham Theatre Workshop, a local after-school theater organization, she made her acting debut when she was eight. She studied acting at Oldham Sixth Form College while attending Royton and Crompton Academy, but she left before completing her A-levels to participate in the drama series Blackout.

She played Maria in a college production of West Side Story. Soon after, she was cast in Prom: The Musical, an adaptation of Cinderella by the Oldham Theatre Workshop. This was her first and last prominent role. She found her first local agency at age 14, which helped her land commercial opportunities.

More About Her Father & Mother 

Her father was a former police officer, while her mother worked in sales. If you assumed that having a former police officer as your father would have helped Liv stay in line as a child, you would appear to be mistaken.

The "Thoroughbreds" actress acknowledged to Interview magazine that she was "just pretty crazy" in her teenage years, even admitting that she frequently wore a bodycon dress and stilettos to clubs. "It's embarrassing."

The formerly wild youngster now looks back on some of her earlier actions with a more critical eye as she approaches the end of her 20s.

Olivia Cooke appeared in One Direction's
Olivia Cooke appeared in One Direction's "Autumn Term" tour video ( Source : instagram )

In fact, Cooke was asked which memory she would prefer to lose when speaking to SyFy in 2021 for her film "Little Fish," in which a virus causes widespread, unexpected memory loss. She claimed that using a fake ID in Manchester when she was 17 were memories she'd like to forget.

Cooke's performance in the One Direction music video for "Autumn Term" was one of the roles that raised her notoriety, though it was not the beginning of her acting career. In a nutshell, she was chosen for the job after a trial run in which she did the splits when asked to demonstrate a party trick.

When she first appeared in One Direction's music video, she was 17 years old. Even in the video, Harry Styles gives her a piggyback ride. Cooke was compensated with 250 pounds sterling for her role.

Olivia Was Rejected From A Prominent Drama School 

There's a good possibility that you've never heard of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (RADA), one of the most prominent theater schools in the world if you're quite serious about pursuing a career in acting.

The illustrious institution, which was established in London in 1904, has welcomed some of Hollywood's top stars, like Andrew Lincoln, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, and Anthony Hopkins, to mention a few. Olivia Cooke, it turns out, was quite close to joining the ranks of notable RADA alums.

Cooke and "I May Destroy You" breakthrough Paapa Essiedu had a "head-to-head" interview with Hero Magazine where they discussed a variety of subjects, from their early works to their present endeavors.

Olivia Cooke doesn't come from an acting background
Olivia Cooke doesn't come from an acting background ( Source : instagram )

Essiedu once questioned Cooke about her attendance at drama school, and the "Pixie" actress acknowledged that while she had advanced to the final phase of the RADA audition procedure, she had eventually been rejected.

Cooke was not overly unhappy about what had happened, though, as she had gotten her letter of rejection from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art on the same day that she had been cast as the lead in The Quiet Ones.

She appeared there as a co-star with "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" breakout star Sam Claflin and Jared Harris. That merely serves to demonstrate the saying, "when one door closes, another opens."

Olivia's Portrayal in Naked Singularity Makes The Actor Think of Her Sister in Real Life

Olivia Cooke's "Naked Singularity" character reminds her of her sister in real life. The 28-year-old actress, who co-stars in the comedy-drama movie with Bill Skarsgard and John Boyega, acknowledges that Eleanor, her younger sister, is a part of her role in some ways.

She claimed that when they were filming the movie in 2019, she was struck by how much the role resembled my sister. She stated: "Although she has changed somewhat since then, she still had those same topknots, lashes, and nails. I wanted to portray a character like that without really ripping her off and upsetting her, just as a woman from Brooklyn."

It tells the tale of an idealistic young New York City public attorney who, after becoming disenchanted with the system and seeing indications of the cosmos falling all around him, decides to rob one of his clients of a multimillion-dollar narcotics deal. In the movie, Olivia plays the only female among a bunch of males.

Olivia Cooke Relationship- Is She Single? 

Olivia has always tried to keep her private life private despite being a famous person in the public eye. She appears to be single at the time. 

According to rumors, Christopher Abbott and Olivia Cooke dated each other for a few years before calling it to quit in 2020. According to numerous publications, the couple started dating in 2015. The couple hasn't discussed their romance in public yet.

When they first started dating, Olivia and Christopher were often seen together at events like award shows and movie premieres. It is currently unknown exactly when the couple started dating.

Christopher Abbott and Olivia attended the 31st annual Film Independent Spirit Awards in Santa Monica, California
Christopher Abbott and Olivia attended the 31st annual Film Independent Spirit Awards in Santa Monica, California ( Source : upi )

A few years later, Daily Mail was able to secure images of the two of them making out in 2019. Since Olivia and Abbott did not appear to be together after that, many people believed they had broken up. 

Their relationship "fizzled out" under lockdown, according to The Sun. According to a source quoted in the newspaper, "They're at key moments in their acting careers and just couldn't make it work." During a brief mention of it in an interview with W magazine, Cooke referred to the "big break-up" that came before her audition for House Of The Dragon.

Moreover, before that, she reportedly had a romance with British actor Alex Roe at one point. Before Roe became famous in the movies, he was seen walking hand in hand with Olivia in August 2014.

The English couple was traveling to the "Arctic Monkeys" concert that evening. They have yet to confirm that it was a date or that they had been romantically involved. The rumors quickly faint out.

She Used Instagram As Dating App During Covid-19 Pandemic 

Cooke told Square Mile she joined Instagram during lockdown because she "was lonely and single at the time," thinking she "could slide into someone's DMs," but that experiment wasn't very successful because none of them responded to her messages. Cooke joined Instagram with the express purpose of dating.

Cooke began filming Me and Earl and the Dying Girl in 2014 as the leukemia-stricken lead actress Rachel Kushner. She had the option of donning a skullcap for the sequences where the character underwent chemotherapy, but she chose to shave her head instead because she wanted to be more authentic.

As a result, Cooke needed a $10,000 wig, which Fox Searchlight Pictures paid for, for her part in Bates Motel. The English actress went above and beyond to portray someone suffering from such a dreadful illness, even meeting with actual cancer patients at the UCLA Children's Hospital to understand their lives and experiences.

Alfonso Gomez-Rejon, the film's director, claims that Cooke shaving her head stimulated the set while filming the sequences the following day. Because the movie won two top prizes at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival, it would appear that Cooke's risky decision paid out in the end.


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