Who Are Kasia and Kwame From Married At First Sight UK?


Kasia married Kwame, 42, a former Mr Ghana ( Source : Dailymail )

The new season of Married at First Sight UK has never been better. In fact, in tonight's show of the MAFS UK episode, the singles from London will be making their way down the aisle.

The last wedding bells will ring tonight on E4 when the final two couples on Married at First Sight UK 2022 are unveiled. Interestingly, six of the Married at First Sight UK couples were introduced to us last week, and while Chanita and Jordan are still winning over fans' hearts, Whitney and Duka's romance might not make it through their South African honeymoon.

Moreover, the newest couples, Jess and Pjay and Lara and Richie are preparing to go off while Thomas and Adrian and George and April look to have overcome the challenges presented to them on their honeymoon trips. In fact, Kasia and Kwame, who got married in the second week of the program, are another couple that didn't exactly have a nice start.

Furthermore, Kasia and Kwame, who are two of the final finalists to be matched together, are still people we need to get to know. In fact, on Monday's program, Kasia, 36, made her way down the aisle to wed Kwame, 42. Will they get along, though? Before tonight's MAFS UK, here is all we know about London-based singles Kasia and Kwame.

Who Are Kasia and Kwame From Married At First Sight UK?

Kasia is an entrepreneur whereas her husband works as a business consultant. Both of them, according to the claims, are based in London. Here are some facts about Kasia and Kwame.

Shockingly, Kwame says he usually opts for women who are 'more petite' than Kasia
Shockingly, Kwame says he usually opts for women who are 'more petite' than Kasia ( Source : thesun )

Who Is Kasia on MAFS?

Kasia is an entrepreneur in London who dropped out of school at the age of 16 to have her first kid. Despite feeling as though the deck was stacked against her, she overcame the odds to raise two children and begin a successful profession.

Now that her children are grown, Kasia wanted to concentrate on herself and find a husband to have a family with. Moving towards the detail of her job, she has established her own company, a prosperous body sculpting clinic. Furthermore, Kasia always wanted a partner who could take the lead and shares her drive and enthusiasm, despite the fact that she is the boss at work.

Moreover, she also revealed that she has gone through a lot in her life and she is successful in a lot of other areas, but the one area that she was not successful in is her love life. But she finally found her husband but there are some controversies surrounding her recent marriage.

Who Is Kwame on MAFS?

On the other hand, Kasia's husband Kwame is a London-based Business consultant. Moreover, he is a self-assured and well-educated businessman who has travelled extensively. In addition, he had a successful profession, been married, had kids, and gone through a divorce. Despite being an arrogant self-described ladies' man, he wanted another chance at finding true love, as a result, got into Married at First Sight UK and now is married to Kasia.

Additionally, the 42-year-old is a prosperous bachelor who came from modest origins and never felt confident in his appearance as a child. However, after bulking up in college, he won Mr. Ghana in 2000. Talking about Kwame's job, he appears to have resumed his work as a business consultant and motivational speaker. In addition to spending time with his young children over the previous several months, he has made numerous TV appearances and podcast appearances. After his marriage to Kasia, he said that "It's a wife, not simply a match", to Channel 4. 

Kasia and Kwame Wedding Photos And Their Age Difference

The London-born pair started out by seeming to disagree with one another. Kasia, who is 36 years old, is six years younger than her husband, Kwame when it comes to the age difference between the two. In fact, Kasia's husband, Kwame is presently 42 years old.

Similarly, many media outlets are featuring their wedding photos following their wedding. In a teaser clip, Kasia, who is engaged to Kwame, 42, breaks down in tears as she tells her grandfather and brother about her wedding preparations. Her brother doesn't seem very enthused. She broke down in tears as she was explaining to her family that she was getting married to a complete stranger.

Kwame wanted to save getting intimate until he knows Kasia better.
Kwame wanted to save getting intimate until he knows Kasia better. ( Source : thesun )

After being first mesmerized by her attractive husband, a former Mr. Ghana winner, Kasia came to the realization that Kwame might not be her ideal match. She told him that she was "very distracted" by his appealing voice tone. "I'm excited to spend the night with you", she continued. "I believe it's vital to recognize that we're not here for nonsense, we're here for realness", Kwame retorted.

Kasia turned her head to the camera, her eyes wide with the realization that this was not the response she was looking for. His replies stunned viewers, and many of them concluded that he wasn't suitable for Kasia. After such an awkward situation between the two, people are wondering if they are still together.

Are Kasia and Kwame Still Together?

Although we are unsure if Kwame and Kasia were successful in their blind marriage, we can get a sense of what transpired by glancing at their social media, and it doesn't look good.

The MAFS UK competitors don't follow each other on Instagram, which is not the best indication given that the majority of the other couples do. We will have to keep watching the show to find out for sure, but they could just be hiding their love.

Although it is unclear if Kasia and Kwame are still together or not, their relationship was not instantaneous. Kwame said that Kasia wasn't his type when she was spotted making her way up the aisle.

When the newlyweds entered their honeymoon suite, Kwame suggested Kasia sleep on the couch bed, but Kasia objected, claiming "intimacy is incredibly essential" to her. Furthermore, it doesn't seem promising that neither MAFS UK candidate is presently following the other on Instagram. We must wait and see what transpires between them in the future.


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