Where Was Netflix's I Came By Filmed? A Detailed Look At The Filming Locations


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I Came By, a brand-new thriller on Netflix from director Babak Anvari, is a worthy addition to the platform's library. Furthermore, fans have questioned if the events of the movie were inspired by some true story or rather a novel because the film often follows gloomy themes that are prevalent in both fiction and reality.

In addition, I Came By follows a teenage graffiti artist as he attempts to reveal some sinister truths to the public. Two teenage, rebellious graffiti painters named Toby and Jay frequently target the homes of the town's wealthiest and most affluent residents.

However, the former learns a ground-breaking fact about Sir Hector Blake when he intrudes on his home as a former well-known High Court Judge. After making the discovery, Toby sets out on a quest to reveal the truth, even if it puts him and his loved ones in danger.

The evil undertone reflects the sinister character of the unfolding events and enriches the overall atmosphere of the thriller film. The thrilling plot keeps viewers on the edge of their seats throughout each episode, but the intriguing utilization of settings has them wondering about the real locations where "I Came By" was filmed. If you're a person who is naturally interested, then the facts provided here will allay your concerns.

Where Was I Came By Filmed? Filming Locations And Series Synopsis

I Came By was fully shot in England, more especially in Surrey and Greater London. Early in August 2021, the George MacKay-starring film's main filming began. It is said to have taken around a month to complete. Moreover, Low hills and plains dominate the terrain of England, a country that is a part of the United Kingdom, particularly in the southern and central parts of the country. Without further ado, let's travel to the precise places that are featured in the thriller film.

‘I Came By’ is a neo-noir thriller movie
‘I Came By’ is a neo-noir thriller movie ( Source : thecinemaholic )

Greater London, England

Greater London, an administrative region controlled by the Greater London Authority, served as the location for the majority of "I Came By." To obtain all the required images against the right backgrounds for the movie, the production crew travelled around the region.

Percelle Ascott highlighted his delight about being able to film on well-known streets in a late August 2022 interview with Yahoo News UK. "It was really amazing to have the experience of filming in your London," he added of one particular location that was a school his grandpa attended.

Surrey, England

In addition, Surrey, a county in South East England that borders Greater London to the northeast, was used for additional filming of "I Came By." The county is home to a number of historically noteworthy buildings and monuments, including Abbot's Hospital, Hascombe Hill, Farnham Castle, and Guildford Castle. Additionally, The Devil's Punch Bowl, Claremont Landscape Garden, Royal Botanic Gardens, and Shalford Mill are a few further attractions in and near Surrey.

Is I Came By Based On A True Story?

I Came By was based on general experiences and occurrences that Babak Anvari experienced in his early 20s rather than a factual narrative. Moreover, he said in an interview with Digital Spy that he had the idea for I Came By two decades before it was made into a film.
Fairness, institutional failure, racism, and classicism were reoccurring themes that were equally pertinent then as they are now; he just chose to fictionalize them and turn them into a film that, for some, may be too close to home.

In the same interview, he claimed that the discussions he can have with people today about how society functions generally are the same ones he had with his buddies. Nothing changed all that much.

Actor Anonio on the set of I Came By
Actor Anonio on the set of I Came By ( Source : instagram )

Therefore, even if we cannot tell what prompted Babak Anvari to write the script, we can undoubtedly observe that the typical person sees occurrences related to cronyism, corruption, and institutional neglect. Anvari hopes that even though the film itself is exciting, surprising, and emotionally charged, it will first and foremost serve as a conversation starter for those who are unaware of the role that the areas play in our lives and what happens when they fail and we have nothing to fall back on.

In addition, I Came By is a good thriller whether or not you can identify some real-life experience (or incident) in it, regardless of whether it is based on a genuine tale.

I Came By On Netflix Explained

Institutional failure, racism, classicism, sexuality, and other gloomy issues are all discussed in the movie I Came By. Further, it reveals the sinister underbelly of our society, which just appears to be operating fairly. Toby Nealey (George MacKay), a teenage graffiti artist, decides to take the fight against the wealthy into his own hands by marking their houses and delivering a message via the act. Similarly, this is more specifically what the movie follows. Despite the fact that the authorities are after him, he has a decent reputation but yet maintains some level of secrecy.

When Toby and his friend Jay (Percelle Ascott) decide to break into the home of a former judge, the plot takes a turn for the worst. Up until the time when they get to the basement where the former judge is holding something startling, everything is going according to plan. He is shown to be a young men's target, a serial murderer. Similarly, this one incident sets off a whole lot of difficulty and danger for Toby, and as the film goes on, the overarching theme of institutional failure becomes even more clear because, quite plainly, nobody else wants to deal with the disaster they've discovered.

One of the movie's main arguments is that even when the police have a good cause to believe that anything suspicious is going on, they must still follow a hierarchy and chain of command before they can take any specific action. As a result, Toby finds himself in a dangerous situation with few people or places to turn to for aid. While the movie's idea is interesting, it's not unreasonable to presume that it is based on a real-life occurrence or a book since, as far as we know, incidents like that occur frequently but we just don't hear about them.


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