What Happened To Simon Bower Eye On The Bidding Room? Facts You Did Not Know About The Auctioneer


Anglesey auctioneer Simon will appear on new BBC show The Bidding Room with Nigel Havers ( Source : Business-Live )

Simon Bower on the Bidding Room has swollen eyes due to a condition. 

Simon Bower is a senior auctioneer who used to work as a butler for one of Anglesey's most powerful landowners. Furthermore, he has also just been named as a director of Morgan Evans & Co. Bower was just cast in The Bidding Room, a new BBC show hosted by Nigel Havers.

Additionally, Nigel Havers will be set in a Yorkshire countryside emporium where a group of professional dealers will compete to outbid each other to purchase amazing artifacts brought in by the public in order to make the highest bid.

Jane Cave, Adi Higham, James Broad, and James Gooch are some of The Bidding Room's merchants. For many fans, the actual star of the program is valuation expert Simon Bower - keep reading to find out all you need to know about him.

Quicks Facts

NameSimon Bower
Age54 or 55 years old
Date of Birth1967 AD
Birth placeAnglesey, North Wales
Height5 feet 9 inches (1.75 m) tall

Simon Bower from  @MorganEvans1964
Simon Bower from @MorganEvans1964 ( Source : Twitter )

What Happened To Simon Bower's Eye On The Bidding Room?

Senior Auctioneer at The Bidding Room, Simon Bower, was seen with swollen eyes. Viewers began to about worry what happened to Simon's eyes after seeing him with puffy eyes.

According to our analyses, Simon may have Periorbital edema, which is the medical name for "puffy eyes." It refers to swelling in the eye orbit, which is the region around the eyes. Mononucleosis, allergic responses, skin problems, thyroid illnesses, periorbital cellulitis, Chagas disease, nephrotic syndrome, and trichinosis are some of the causes of this medical condition.

Simon Bower, senior auctioneer and newly appointed director of Morgan Evans & Co
Simon Bower, senior auctioneer and newly appointed director of Morgan Evans & Co ( Source : business-live )

On the other hand, Simon is also well-known for the Gaerwen Auction Centre and The Bidding Room. Furthermore, he is a very skilled appraiser with over three decades of expertise in the antique industry.

He claims that the notion of what constitutes an antique has shifted dramatically, as seen by the fact that a piece of music memorabilia is now frequently worth far more than an old vase. As per the reports, his favourite objects to appraise are silver and antique books, but he would appraise anything.

Facts You Did Not Know About The Auctioneer

  1. Simon Bower was born in the month of June 1967. He is at the age of 55 years old in 2022. Simon now lives in Anglesey, North Wales. Nonetheless, his actual birth month and day are being investigated. He stands 5 feet 9 inches (1.75 meters) tall.
  2. Bower is from Anglesey in North Wales and has almost 30 years of experience in the antique industry, having started in 1987. Bower's net worth is thought to be substantial given his decades-long career.
  3. Even though many beleive he is married, his wife has not been mentioned in the media. Besides, he has collaborated with various professional partners to advance his auctioneering profession. Simon is so enthusiastic about the auctioneering work that he believes his time in the antique business has taught him that the job demands to be really excellent with people.
  4. In terms of his initial career, the Anglesey native dropped out of school to work as a butler/housekeeper for Sir George and Lady Meyrick at Bodorgan Hall in Anglesey. Unfortunately, Simon left once his mother became unwell.
  5. He began working at Morgan Evans & Co as a salesroom assistant later on. Moreover, he advanced to the position of the antique auctioneer. He has been with Morgan Evans for many years, most recently as a senior auctioneer and corporate director. He currently works as a consultant and valuation specialist on BBC ONE's The Bidding Room.
  6. Speaking of his new role in the directorial position he stated, "I feel a great sense of honour and pride to have been named a corporate director at Morgan Evans, a firm that has been and continues to be a big part of my life, I'm looking forward to an interesting future."

The Bidding Room cast while filming for their recent episode
The Bidding Room cast while filming for their recent episode ( Source : realitytitbit )


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