What Does The White Hart Symbolize In House Of The Dragon? Episode 3 Provides A Pivotal Nod To Game Of Thrones With Symbolism


Rhaenyra sees a white stag. ( Source : Screenrant )

Every week as a new episode of House of The Dragon is thrown, there is something to talk about on the Internet. This time around, it is a White Hart that is creating curiosity among the die-hard Thronies.

The show is on the way to surpassing the hype Game of Thrones created in its first season a decade ago. The prequel to it has brought Fire & Blood to the small screen giving viewers the taste of fantasy and thrill. 

It, however, still telegraphs every single punch in the story by having various characters repeat the same idea repeatedly for our supposed gain. But you can't disagree that the plot is getting more complicated, the pace is picking up, and a third dragon joins the squad with a fiery and effective introduction.

What Does The White Hart Symbolize In House Of The Dragon?

The third episode of the show demonstrates how adept the house of Westeros' rulers are at creating problems for themselves. In particular, King Viserys is obstinate and self-important in a way that is both annoying and crucial to the series' overall plot.

Along with the rest of his court, he goes hunting in the Kingswood and discovers that there is a White Hart in the woods. This has got everyone curious about what it is or if it has ever been referenced in "Game of Thrones," 

Fans of "Thrones" and Martin's writing are aware that animals do not serve as sole props but have a deep symbol in the plot. Otto is jumping up and down to declare that the hunters' discovery of a "white hart," a white stag or deer that stands in for the king, is proof that Aegon is destined to rule.

House of the Dragon
House of the Dragon ( Source : instagram )

The hunting team that is with Viserys captures a grown deer for the king to kill. The monarch uses a spear that Jason Lannister gave to him to kill the animal, but it may not be white. Rhaenyra Targaryen and Ser Criston Cole discover the real White Hart later in the episode. The princess prevents Ser Criston from drawing his sword. The deer soon turns and flees.

The white stag's apparition seems to suggest that Rhaenyra is the only candidate worthy of being queen and will be more capable than the others, even though it seems doubtful that she would ever become the first queen of Westeros. The point is made clearer when compared to the fact that Viserys and Aegon only harvested a brown stag during their hunt.

That concludes the explanation for the presence of the white stag before Rhaenyra in House of the Dragon.

Deer Mythological Meaning and Game Of Thrones Symbolism

A White Hart simply means a male deer in reality. It has been referred to as a sign of royalty and bravery in various books over the years.

White Hart and its symbolism.
White Hart and its symbolism. ( Source : thereddotgallery )

The White Hart of Kingswood is mentioned a few times in "A Game of Thrones," the first book in the "A Song of Ice and Fire" trilogy. It is a war galley that serves the Iron Throne as part of the royal fleet. Older deers are regarded as magical and rare.

The point-of-view character in the third Sansa chapter appears to have a dream in which Joffrey murders the symbolized male deer.

Then, in the eleventh chapter of Eddard, Petyr Baelish tells Ned that the king's party came across a white hart but that it had already been slaughtered and devoured by wolves. As a result, King Robert I Baratheon chases after a wild boar, ultimately killing him.

Rhaenyra also runs into a boar in "House of the Dragon," but she manages to kill it with Ser Criston's assistance and escapes.


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