Were Kirsty Mitchell and Joe Mcfadden Ever Married? His Ex Girlfriend and Dating Life Explained


In OK Magazine, Joe Mcfadden talked openly about his romantic life. ( Source : Ok )

Despite being involved in a pretty publized relationhip, Joe Mcfadden and Kirsty Mitchell were never married.

Joe McFadden, real name Joseph McFadden, is a British actor best known for his work in The Crow Road, Chips & Rock n' Roll, Heartbeat, and Holby City. He was born on October 9, 1975.

McFadden and professional dance partner Katya Jones took home the trophy for the 2017 season of the BBC One program Strictly Come Dancing. Joe may be familiar to you from his 2017 Strictly Come Dancing victory.


Were Joe Mcfadden and Kristy Mitchell ever married?

No,  Joe Mcfadden and Kristy Mitchell were never married.

Are Joe Mcfadden and Kristy Mitchell still in relationship?

No, as of 2022, Joe Mcfadden and Kristy Mitchell are not in a relationship.

Does Joe Mcfadden Gay have a girlfriend in 2022?

No, Joe Mcfadden doesn't have a girlfriend in 2022.

Were Kirsty Mitchell And Joe Mcfadden Ever Married?

Kirsty Mitchell and Joe Mcfadden never got married. However, the couple was dating around the middle of the 2000s. Public perception of the duo as boyfriend and girlfriend was favorable.

Since the age of 12, British actor Joe McFadden has performed in front of cameras. Following a talent scout visit to his school, he landed his first job on the ITV detective series "Taggart," playing the son of a murder victim.

Joe Mcfadden is currently single.
Joe Mcfadden is currently single. ( Source : hellomagazine )

His performances in the BBC miniseries The Crow Road, Chips & Rock n' Roll, and the hospital drama Holby City have garnered him the most notoriety. Kristy Mitchell, a well-known Scottish actress, is comparable.

Similar to Kristy Mitchell, who is currently single and unmarried, Joe Mcfadden and she previously had a public romance that didn't work out.

Does Joe Mcfadden Have A Wife In 2022?

The well-known actor Joe Mcfadden is single as of 2022. He seemed to be doing just fine being unmarried while pursuing his fulfilling acting profession.

We can't be the only ones curious about the existence of Joe Mcfadden's wife. After his roles in Heartbeat and Holby City, dreamy actor Joe was already one of our favorites, but his performance on Strictly Come Dancing really won us over.

Especially his enchanting Cinderella dance! Now that we've grabbed our detective hats, we're on a mission to learn more about the blue-eyed Scotsman Joe Mcfadden, including his marital status.

Kristy Mitchell And Joe Mcfadden Relationship

Kirsty Mitchell, who was born on June 28, 1974, is adored and cherished by many due to her beauty and prowess as an outstanding actress. But there was one person in particular who adored her completely. Joe McFadden was that fortunate person.

The couple previously had an open relationship, but they took care to avoid drawing too much attention to themselves. This may be the cause of the shortage of information on their relationship.

Joe acknowledged on television that he was "single and jobless" at the moment.  Kirsty Mitchell, a Scottish actress, was the subject of his last reported relationship.

Joe Mcfadden Ex Girlfriend Kirsty Mitchell Is An Actress

One of the tenacious Scottish actress in Hollywood, Kirsty Mitchell is well known as Joe Mcfadden's ex-girlfriend and has similarly fought to maintain her profession.

She played Dr. Anita Forbes in Holby City (1999), Christine Lahti in The Pilot's Wife (2002), and Princess Honoria in the American miniseries Attila (2001).

Kristy is currently single, and Joe, her ex-boyfriend, has stopped looking for love. This begs the puzzling question of whether or not they are still in love.

Kristy Mitchell works as an actress and is now unmarried.
Kristy Mitchell works as an actress and is now unmarried. ( Source : insidesoap )

Even though Kristy is 48 years old and appears to be aging gracefully, she doesn't appear to be at all interested in getting married. In fact, she has no intentions of getting married and doesn't even have a partner as of allstarbio.

Fans who wanted to see her in a wedding gown are understandably disappointed by the news, but you might see her portraying a bride on film.

Kirsty Mitchell  Movie Career In Detail

The English voice actress for the character Mrag Ladair in the 2017 video game Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is Kristy Mitchell. She debuted as Faith Cadogan in the 2019 season of the BBC medical drama series Casualty.

Mitchell attended Park Mains High School in Erskine and was a Glasgow native. Prior to pursuing acting, she studied ballet, and at the age of 17, she was crowned Miss Scotland.

She was a student at Erskine's Park Mains High School. Kirsty also had training in ballet dance. She is a Scottish actress who, as is well known, has enjoyed success and acclaim throughout her long career. She has also spent a considerable amount of time working in the film industry.

Joe Mcfadden Family

Joe Mcfadden was the third of four children two elder brothers and a younger sister of Irish immigrants from County Donegal who arrived in Glasgow on October 9, 1975.

He attended Holyrood R.C. Secondary School in Glasgow, where a theater teacher noticed his aptitude and suggested him for a role in the ITV detective series Taggart, which has its Glasgow headquarters there.

He began his theater career with a role in Take the High Road before moving on to such eclectic productions as Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Rent, and Rainbow Kiss at the Royal Court.

Joe Mcfadden constantly treats his friends and family with a lot of kindness.
Joe Mcfadden constantly treats his friends and family with a lot of kindness. ( Source : instagram )

He soon started appearing in the television shows, Chips & Rock n' Roll and The Crow Road.After that part finished in 2009.

He continued acting by touring as Ed in the plays Torch Song Trilogy by Harvey Fierstein and Haunting Julia by Alan Ayckbourn while working with director John Tiffany at the National Theatre of Scotland.

Additionally, he has appeared in The Trouble with Men and Women, Zig Zag Love, Dad Savage, and Small Faces, among others.


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