Tracy Grimshaw Annual Salary and Net Worth In 2022 - How Rich Is The Host At Retirement?


Tracy Grimshaw, the host of A Current Affair, announces her retirement ( Source : Twitter )

People are curious about Tracy Grimshaw's annual salary after the announcement of her retirement on Monday, September 5, 2022.

Grimshaw is an Australian journalist and television host. She is the host of Nine Network weeknight show A Current Affair. Also, she was the co-host for nine years at Today.

Grimshaw announced that she would step down from her long-term hosting show A Current Affair in November 2022.

Some Quick Facts 

BornMelbourne, Victoria, Australia
Birth DateJune 3, 1960
OccupationJournalist and Television presenter
Years active1981−2022

Tracy Grimshaw's Annual Salary

Grimshaw's annual salary may be around $700,000. She worked as a television presenter and journalist. A journalist acquired an average salary of $80,000 per year. Perhaps, the television presenter obtained around $85000. 

However, Grimshaw acquired more than this average salary. She has served 40 years in the television field. In November, the host will withdraw from her position. In 1981, she joined her first show as a reporter in Melbourne. 

Additionally, Grimshaw was a member of the national news service Nine News in Australia. After four years, she started presenting news bulletins. After two years, in 1987, she was recruited at Nationa Nine Morning News as a presenter. 

Tracy Grimshaw spent 40 years of her life in the television field
Tracy Grimshaw spent 40 years of her life in the television field ( Source : twitter )

In the early 1990s, Grimshaw served as an overseas events reporter for Nine Network. She even reported for the Australian current affairs program A Current Affair. The broadcaster even hosted the programs in non-rating time. 

Grimshaw co-hosted the Australian award-winning daytime television program Midday alongside Australian actor and musician David Nicholas Reyne. Following that, she became the anchor of the Australian breakfast television program Today on Saturday and Animal Hospital. 

Grimshaw presented as co-host in November 1996, alongside Australian retired television anchor Steve Liebmann on the Today show. She held the position for nine years. On December 23, 2005, the host quit her job and had replaced by Australian author and journalist Jessica June Rowe.  

Tracy Grimshaw's Net Worth In 2022 

According to various sources, Grimshaw estimated net worth is $1 million. She hosted her first show alongside Steve Liebmann and covered the breaking news of Princess Diana's demise. 

YearEstimated Net Worth
2022$1 million
2019-2021less than $1 million

Grimshaw covered the main events in Australia. She anchored the live coverage at Thredbo of Stuart Diver at the rescue. The announcer even broadcasted the demise of Princess of Wales, Diana. She reported the rescue case of Brant Webb and Todd Russell, two minors in Beaconsfield. 

Grimshaw even interviewed the two miners about their ordeal. On Monday night, Tracy disclosed she is leaving A Currently Affair at the end. The journalist anchored the Channel Nine program for a long year. 

Tracy Grimshaw's long-term journey and she retires with grace and integrity
Tracy Grimshaw's long-term journey and she retires with grace and integrity ( Source : twitter )

Grimshaw wanted to disclose to the viewers the news from her mouth before several rumors started spreading on the internet. This year, she planned to finish up with her show. It is the big decision made by the host. 

Moreover, Grimshaw shared her journey as a journalist on the show. She mentioned her long-term period in Today Show and A Current Affair. She was a child when Mike Willemse started the show in 1971. 

Currently, it is the family of the host. Before serving as a host, she may be a vet or flight attendant. She will be taking a holiday after resigning from the show. The host stated her journey in the 1980s in her hometown. 

How Rich Is The Host Tracy Grimshaw At Retirement?

Grimshaw may earn a fortune serving 17 years in the show A Current Affair. However, she will quit the position this November. The host announced the news via her live program. She mentioned she was determined to leave the show. 

Even Grimshaw asked her viewers to ignore the gossip magazines if they talk nonsense. She said she selected to retire from the show. The host didn't decide because of her old age. She wants to leave her life at this age as she is tired. 

Tracy Grimshaw stepping down from A Current Affair at the end of this year after 17 years as host
Tracy Grimshaw stepping down from A Current Affair at the end of this year after 17 years as host ( Source : twitter )

Grimshaw mentioned both boys and girls asked her to stay on the show. The journalist started her journey in 1981 in the Melbourne newsroom. In 1985, she read daytime news. She was a Walkley-award-winning interviewer who hosted many important shows at Nine. 

Grimshaw hosted Midday alongside David Reyne and Toady alongside Steve Liebmann for nine years. She has served as shift staff for almost 26 years. She worked on the Today Show for nine years and A Current Affair for 17 years. 

Grimshaw is a good interviewer and has a hardworking personality. In 2021, she interviewed Scott Morrison. The host was the younger reporter in the 80s and 90s. She had faced worse criticism and words in her entire life. 

After Gordon Ramsay mocked her appearance, Grimshaw took on him. She mentioned that Gordon thought any woman who didn't find him attractive was a different person.

Tracy Grimshaw Earnings

Grimshaw may earn husky cash in her 40-year carrer as a television personality. Also, she worked with various well-known actors, journalists, and television presenters. The television personality was part of shoe Today, The Midday Show, National Nine Morning Show, and more. 

After leaving Today, Grimshaw emerged as news reporter character Katie Current. She played in the Australian cinema and DVD release in 2005 of the American computer-animated comedy film Shark Tale. In the movie, the original lines had produced by Katie Couric, an American presenter, and journalist. 

Australian journalist and television presenter Tracy Grimshaw
Australian journalist and television presenter Tracy Grimshaw ( Source : twitter )

Grimshaw replaced Australian entertainment personality Raymond George Martin and joined as presenter of A Current Affair on January 30, 2006. After four months, the host interviewed the survivors of the Beaconsfield Mine Collapse on April 25, 2006. 

Todd Russell and Brant Webb presented in the two-hour special show, The Great Escape. In 2018, Grimshaw had nominated for Gold Logie Award for Most Popular Personality on Australian Television. 

Tracy Grimshaw tied the knot with British chef Gordon Ramsay, and the couple was together for two decades. Even her ex-husband shared the rumor about her being the partner of Deborah Hutton. However, the host denied it. 

Tracy Grimshaw Early Life

Grimshaw was born in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, on June 3, 1960. She is currently 62 years old. Barbra Grimshaw was the caring mother of the host. Also, Tracy started her journey in her profession at a young age. 

At 21, Grimshaw joined National Nine News. Afterward, she gave her back-to-back time in the television field. The host faced a horse riding accident on May 7, 2015. It was supposed that the incident occurred in Sydney's north-western suburbs. After the case at her property, she was admitted to Westmead Hospital by plane. 

Grimshaw seemed to be a sports lover. Previously, the host supported Australian-ruled football club St Kilda or Saints in the Australian Football League. 

Grimshaw even suffered from Covid. She pinned, 'Been talking about Covid for two years, finally got close to it last week and recovered.' In January, people thought the host was sick

People Ask Some FAQS about Tracy Grimshaw

Is Tracy Grimshaw Married? 

Tracy Grimshaw married Gordon Ramsay and are now eparated.

Who is Tracy Grimshaw's Son?

Tracy has only one son, Chris Williams.

Why did Tracy Grimshaw resign?

Grimshaw resigns from her position because she is retiring from her work to spend some time with her family and take some rest.

Where was Tracy Grimshaw born?

Grimshaw was born in Melbourne, Australia.


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