Tino On Bachelorette Has Mexican Roots, His Father Joe Franco and Family


Tino Franco on The Bachelorette Season 19, he hails from California ( Source : Realitytea )

Tino Franco from The Bachelorette Season 19 has blended ethnic background and Mexican roots as he hails from Playa del Rey, California.

Tino rose to fame after appearing in the historic Season 19 of The Bachelorette, an American dating show that aired in July.

Born and bred in California, Tino is a family guy who wants to have a big family. Family is really important to Tino; he would be the happiest man when he and his future wife have four children. 

Quick Facts On Tino Franco

NameTino Franco
ReligionJewish & Catholic
FatherJoe Franco
MotherSandi Franco
BrothersMateo Franco
BirthFebruary 14, 1994 (28)
ProfessionGeneral Contractor
UniversityLoyola Marymount University
DegreeCivil Engineering
Starred OnThe Bachelorette Season 19
Zodiac SignAquarius
Height6 ft. and 1 inches
HairDark Brown

Tino Franco's Family And Ancestry

Tino Franco is of mixed ethnicity as he has Mexican as well as American ancestry. He comes from a unique religious background; he is half-Catholic and half-Jewish and follows the tradition of both religions.

His father was born to Mexican immigrant parents, while his mother, Sandi, was born in a Jewish family.

Tino Has A Fascinating Ancestral History

Although he is not the only Jewish contestant on The Bachelorette Season 19, Tino definitely is the only Jewish-Catholic contestant on the show. His paternal grandfather was a Mexican immigrant, while his grandmother belonged to an upper-middle-class Jewish family. Religiously, Tino considers himself both Jewish and Catholic and celebrates both religions as equal.

Tino Franco running for charity work, Camp Ronald McDonald, a community that helps cancer fighting kids
Tino Franco running for charity work, Camp Ronald McDonald, a community that helps cancer fighting kids ( Source : instagram )

Like his parents, he is proud to have a mixed ethnic background. The reality TV personality Tino finds immense value in giving back to his community, Judaism, and Catholicism. He couldn't have been more proud of his Jewish and Catholic roots.

Get To Know His Parents

The Bachelorette's star was born to his father, Joe Franco and his mother, Sandi Franco, who both have diverse cultural and religious backgrounds. Tino is originally from Valencia, California; however, he currently lives in Santa Clarita. His real name is Justino Philip Franco, but he is mainly known as Tino.

Joe said to Reality Steve, 'although the media likes to portray Tino as Italian, he is not Italian but Mexican'. His father was concerned and sceptical about his son Tino going on a dating show to find his soul mate, and Joe believes it's not something you find in a month. Furthermore, Joe had fatherly advice for his son not to have any intimacy during the show's taping.

Franco Was Born On Valentine's Day

On February 14, 1994, Joe and Sandi Franco gave birth to Tino in Valencia, California, on valentines day. Sarcastically, this might be the reason why he is successful in the dating show, as he was able to clinch the heart of Rachel, who chose him as the winner of The Bachelorette Season 19.

Tino Franco Has Two Brothers

Tino Franco with his brothers Mateo and Tony Franco
Tino Franco with his brothers Mateo and Tony Franco ( Source : finance )

Franco grew up in California with his two brothers, Mateo Franco and Tony Franco. His paternal grandparents have 34 grandkids, among which three of them are Joe's sons, Mateo, Tony, and Tino.

His Younger Brother Had Leukemia

Tino's younger brother, Mateo Franco, had Leukemia, which inspired him to work for Camp Ronald McDonald, which helps kids with cancer. In respect to the community, Tino even had his leg tattoed. He has a kind soul who wants to help make a positive change in the world. Tino would love to share his life with someone who wants to fight for the exact cause.

Tino Has A Civil Engineering Degree

As a proud Catholic, Tino attended Loyola Marymount University, a Catholic university based in Los Angeles, California. He graduated from his uni with a Civil Engineering degree. Furthermore, he is a former member of Engineers without Borders, a community dedicated to building a better world via engineering projects.

Tino Works As A General Contractor

According to his Linkedin profile, Tino has served as Project Manager for AECOM Hunt, a construction company based in Los Angeles. He worked as PM for four years, and Tino has also worked as Superintendent, Wastewater Engineer, and Project Engineer at the same company. Furthermore, he specializes in hydrology and process methods.

Tino On The Bachelorette Season 19

Tino Franco starred in The Bachelorette in July, and in his first episode, he entered the venue driving a tractor and went to Rachel and Gabby, whom he called 'Forking Gorgeous'. Tino brought his profession to the show and made an excellent first impression, and he got the 'first impression rose' from gorgeous Rachel.

Tino Franco kissing the bachelorette Rachel, he got the first impression rose from her
Tino Franco kissing the bachelorette Rachel, he got the first impression rose from her ( Source : newsy )

Before Rachel picked him as the winner of The Bachelorette, she went to Tino's hometown and met up with his parents. Well, his parents, especially his father, Joe, weren't welcoming to her. However, they all had dinner together at his parent's house in Santa Clarita.

The former couple visited Castaic Lake for a hometown date and spent a romantic time with each other. Unfortunately, Rachel and Tino are no longer dating each other and are no longer engaged.

According to Reality Steve, Tino and Rachel were caught fighting on camera during the 'Happy Couple' visit, and it didn't seem like they were really feeling the spark anymore. The couple was not talking while still being engaged to each other.

Tino Franco Is An Outdoor Person

Tino loves anything outdoors, like cycling, camping, and high surfing. As family means everything to Tino, spending time with them is what he considers 'quality time'.

Tino Franco out in Utah with his friends enjoying outdoors
Tino Franco out in Utah with his friends enjoying outdoors ( Source : instagram )

In addition, Tino loves to barbeque. On his Instagram bio, he has tagged along a barbeque shop, Santa Barbara Chicken Ranch, where he finds himself going more than often. Tino really meant it when he said, '90% of what he eats is meat' in his diet. Apart from that, he likes to get updated with ongoing news, and Wall Street Journal is where he gets his news dose.


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