The Disturbing Truth About Child Fashionista Everleigh Labrant Biological Dad Tommy Smith


Tommy Smith was 29 years old ( Source : Instagram )

The little Everleigh Rose Labrant might have swiftly made her audience fall in love with her amazing skills at a very young age, but the truth about her biological father, Tommy Smith, is the truth most of us are unaware of. 

At the young age of nine, she has an army of supporters standing right beside her. Currently, her family is going through a loss, and this has shocked the entire YouTube community. 

Many of you might have joined her online community lately, unknown of the status of her two dads, here is everything covered for the die-hard fans.

The Disturbing Truth About Everleigh Labrant Biological Dad/Father Tommy Smith

Tommy Smith was a 29-year-old handsome man from. He served a company named Khandroo Designs for their architecture and designs actively while living in California, United States. 

Khandroo Designs is a home aesthetics company that provides designs based on the customers' choice for their houses. Their goal is to assist anyone who wants to give their house, regardless of its existing state, the distinctive architectural design and atmosphere it merits while minimizing its environmental impact. They will brainstorm a workable plan to realize the goal the customer has in mind. They sit down and listen to the ideas, and in the end, once the consumer can unwind and feel secure in his house, their goal will have been fulfilled.

Tommy Smith in LA
Tommy Smith in LA ( Source : instagram )

Smith calls him a sales specialist that caters to each customer regardless of size. I have a wide range of skill sets, from 24/7 customer service to being a product specialist. He joined the company in February of 2022 and had been there for eight months.

Previously, for four years, he was at Inter-Sky Custom Skylights and Daylighting as a sales specialist. 

Coming to his education, he completed his undergrads at Saddleback College. 

Did Tommy Smith And Everleigh Labrant Live Together?

No, Tommy and Everleigh did not live together. They met frequently and had a good rapport with one another, but they had different lives. She lived with her biological mother, Savannah Labrant, and stepfather Cole Labrant in Alabama. 

She also has three half-siblings, and all of them live under the same roof, breathing the best air they can get. 

Everleigh Rose with her biological Dad Tommy
Everleigh Rose with her biological Dad Tommy ( Source : instagram )

Cole and Savannah got married on July 10, 2018, and now have three kids of their own. However, their star child Everleigh makes YouTube videos, and the family is completely on the Internet.

Why Does Everleigh Labrant Have Two Fathers?

Everleigh's mother, Savannah LaBrant, was a teen mom dealing with relationship issues prior to beginning her career as a YouTuber and influencer.

Savannah and Tommy started dating when they were teenagers, and when Savannah was 19, she discovered she was pregnant. However, they had a rocky relationship, and the impending birth of a child didn't appear to make things any better.

In an interview with People Magazine in 2018, Savannah discussed that time in her life. She said that it helped her appreciate how hurt her mother was when she was cheated on. She further added that not choosing the correct guy and being cheated on by her boyfriend were the biggest takeaway from her frivolous teen romance.

After all this, she chose to live alone with her daughter and start her life all over again. In this process of finding herself, she fell in love with Cole and married him, whom Everleigh calls her father today. 

On the other hand, Everleigh's biological father loves her a lot, and the unconventional family has been her strongest point today. 

What Happened To Tommy Smith?

Tommy Smith's partner revealed through her Instagram account that he passed away on 9th September 2022. However, the reason behind his demise was not accounted for anywhere. 

She went on to express her extreme love for her better half and how much she would miss him but not anything else. "My heart is broken into a million pieces writing this. I feel numb and can’t think of words to say other than I wish this was a horrible nightmare. What I do know for sure is that I would not be the woman I am today without you. You taught me so much, and I am forever thankful that you came into my life and that we were able to make so many amazing memories together." The love of his life says.

His sister Amber wrote on Facebook, "His love of living life to the absolute fullest along with his free spirit will be missed immensely."

Everleigh Labrant' Net Worth And Career On YouTube

3.91 million people have subscribed to Everleigh Rose's popular YouTube channel, which covers blogs and people. The channel was established in 2016 and had a US base of operations.

Rose's net worth is estimated to be approximately $643,46,000, and this figure is based on information about YouTube viewing.

Everleigh Rose aka Everleigh Labrant is 9 years old.
Everleigh Rose aka Everleigh Labrant is 9 years old. ( Source : celebs )

Everleigh Rose's net worth, however, has sparked speculation that it may actually be much higher. Given the extra sources of income, Everleigh Rose may be worth more than $900,850,000.

She is also extremely famous on Instagram, with over 5 million followers. Most likely to be earning from brand collaborations and endorsements, the nine-year-old is richer than most people in their mid-earning ages.


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