Taegen Burns Age: Facts To Know About The Actress


Taegen Burns potrait ( Source : Rottentomatoes )

Extremely young talent on the block, Taegen Burns is currently blowing us all up with her performance in Monarch. Despite her role being extremely short, she is being noticed, and that's what matters. 

She is well-known as a television and movie actor, especially for her roles in The Right Stuff and The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers. She has gained a following on social media thanks to the exposure she's been getting through her screen presence. 

We have had many instances where actresses made it at a young age and went on to become superstars in the latter phase of life. Manifesting the similar success for the young Canadian star. 

Taegen Burns Age: How Old Is The Actress?

Taegen Burns is an actress known for her appearances in big banner projects. However, having managed to get noticed in each one of them, she can be listed as a rising actress in the showbiz world. 

She was born on April 21, 2007, and is currently 15 years old. The green eyes beauty is extremely confident and comes off as a bold one. Her interviews give out much about her acting process and her inclination toward the world of movies. 

When asked about how she maintained a balance between her work life and education, she replied that it was quite tricky, and she actually made an effort that none of them got hampered. Burns takes her classes in the summer and makes sure all her schoolwork is completed when she is out of projects. 

Taegen has been fascinated by the world of movies from a young age
Taegen has been fascinated by the world of movies from a young age ( Source : bleedingcool )

In her brief career, Taegen Burns has done a lot. Since making her screen debut in the Lifetime TV film Michael Jackson: Searching for Neverland in 2017, she has also appeared in the films I Can Only Imagine by Lionsgate (2018), Dumplin' by Netflix (2018), and Blue Ridge by Imagicomm Entertainment (2020).

After the astronaut series The Right Stuff, the actress is starring in her second Disney+ series, The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers. I discussed The Gateway, a Lionsgate murder thriller, with Burns about her most recent movie.

The story of the movie centers on a social worker (Shea Whigham) tasked with helping a single mother's daughter stop her father from luring them into a life of crime when he gets out of jail.

Taegen Burns Credits Her Success To Her Parents

Taegen Burns' parents are her strongest pillars behind the picture. Quite active on social media accounts, she has shared more about her friends and colleagues rather than her family members. 

We can make out that she wants to keep her mother and father out of the public eye. This might also be their sole choice. However, it is obvious that people would want to know about them post their daughter's success. 

Burns Has A Substantial Social Media Following

Taegen is active on social media, with over 14.1k followers currently. At this young age, she is already verified on it and has over 123 posts. We can sneak a peak at her lifestyle through it. 

You get introduced to her best friends, her food preferences, and her thoughts about legends she gets to work with. 

Her latest post is about her new show. It features the trailer, and her caption says, "Even in the off-season, Ducks fly together. Stream #themightyducksgamechangers season 2 on 9/28, only on #disneyplus !" 

The Canadian Actress' Favorite Genre Is Drama

In an interview, Taegen was asked which was her preferred genre, to which she replied drama. She loves to get into the character and dive into the emotion they are feeling.

However, she is currently looking for scripts that have an adventure in them. She further adds as an actress; she would want to try all kinds of roles and explore each category.

Taegen Burns on 'The Might Ducks'
Taegen Burns on 'The Might Ducks' ( Source : justjaredjr )

Taegen learnt A Lot From Shea Whigham

The 15-year-old said that while she was on the sets of 'The gateway,' she got to learn a lot from her fellow actor and a legend, Shea Whigham. She calls the experience of working with her, just solely looking at his work incredibly. 

She also got a few tips from him like, "Less is more" and " Don't get caught acting." These might be little things, but Burns got the idea of trying to be as real as possible in her scenes. Fun fact: he even did lines with her so that she could experience it firsthand. 

Taegen Has A Brother Named Graeme Burns

Taegen's brother Graeme Burns is extremely proud of his sister's achievements. It can be clearly seen through his social media accounts. He can be found on Instagram under the handle graemeburns_ and has over 1 thousand followers. 

In one of his posts, he is taking a placard in his hand that says.'Reserved Taegen Burns.' He is sitting with his sister inside a theater, looking extremely happy for her. The same one also features their mother.


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