Sydney Carlson and Boyfriend Blackbear Relationship Timeline As She Spills The Tea With Her Sister Devon Lee Carlson


Sydney Carlson is a co-founder of Wildflower Cases ( Source : Pinterest )

Sydney Carlson was in a relationship with the musician, Blackbear. He was her boyfriend from 2017 to January 2019. 

Quick Facts: 

NameSydney Carlson
BoyfriendBlackbear (2017-2019)
SisterDevon Carlson
FatherDave Carlson
MotherMichelle Carlson

Devon Carlson and Sydney Carlson are prominent social media infleuncers
Devon Carlson and Sydney Carlson are prominent social media infleuncers( Source : Vogue )

Sydney Carlson and Boyfriend Blackbear Relationship Timeline

Sydney Carlson once dated Blackbear. The musician, whose real name is Matthew Tyler Musto, was in a relationship with the influencer from 2017-2019.

She often posted pictures of them together on her IG handle. However, she removed it following their breakup. So it was the first relationship for Sydney that was publicly known. 

Sydney Carlson with Blackbear
Sydney Carlson with Blackbear ( Source : pinterest )

Fans have not heard of her dating anyone after her separation from the musician. Instead, it seems the young star wants to focus on her career. 

However, Blackbear has moved on in his life and is already a father to two children. 

Blackbear Was With Bella Thorne Before Sydney Carlson

Blackbear was seen together with Bella Thorne in 2017 for a brief time. While some think they dated each other, Thorne denied the rumors and said they never dated, indicating they were makeout buddies for each other. 

Blackbear Is Engaged To Michele Maturo

Blackbear is now engaged to Michele Maturo. He announced in September 2019 that he and his girlfriend were expecting a baby in January 2020. He had broken up with Carlson by January 2019. 

Blackbear with his fiance Michele Maturo
Blackbear with his fiance Michele Maturo ( Source : instagram )

While it is yet to be disclosed how the musician met Maturo, he seemed sure about their bond and even formed a family. He proposed to Maturo in April 2021. 

In March 2022, they welcomed another son into the world. Both of them are often seen parenting their kids together. However, the couple is yet to share details about their wedding. 

More About Sydney Carlson Sister Devon Lee Carlson

Devon Lee Carlson is the elder sister of Sydney Carlson. Both sisters are famous on the internet as a fashionista and businesswomen. She is also a Youtuber who vlogs about her life, her cute puppy Martin, and her clothes.

She was ranked in the first place when New York Magazine questioned kids in the city who their style icons were, surpassing celebs like Kendall Jenner and Rihanna, as per 

Devon Carlson is a fashionista
Devon Carlson is a fashionista ( Source : instagram )

When she and her sister started their company, Wildflower Cases, they were teenagers. The two co-founders have won hearts for many years, but there is a bit of a story behind their fame.  

Devon Lee Carlson Attracted Attention When She Encountered Miley Cyrus 

An unexpected encounter with Miley Cyrus led Devon Lee Carlson to get public attention. Her family was out for dinner after they finished shopping. The sisters were on their way to the washroom, where they met Miley Cyrus.

Devon, 17 at that time, was her biggest fan for years and wanted a picture with her. So Sydney took a photo of them with a phone with a case made by their mom. Cyrus loved it and asked them where they got it. 

Devon Carlson and her sister Sydney Carlson
Devon Carlson and her sister Sydney Carlson ( Source : instagram )

The sisters explained that their mom made it for them. Cyrus met their mom, and the sisters offered her the cases that they had for the singer. Miley also asked them to start a business, and Carlson's dad, a graphic designer, told her that the website would be ready by morning. 

Miley returned to her seat and tweeted the pictures of the cases thanking the Carlson sisters. That is how the sisters got fame, and their business started overnight. 

Who Are Sydney Carlson Parents?

Sydney Carlson was born to Michelle and Dave. Her parents have been supportive of her entrepreneurial career since her younger days. 

The sisters were teenagers when their father, Dave, agreed with Miley Cyrus's idea of starting a business of handmade phone cases. As mentioned in Forbes, he had a background in graphic designing and product marketing. 

He created the website of wildflowers overnight and started their business without any stocks. When the site was ready the following day, they had already started getting inquiries from the people- thanks to Cyrus's tweet. 

Miley Cyrus helped Carlson's sister to jump start their company
Miley Cyrus helped Carlson's sister to jump start their company ( Source : twitter )

Likewise, their creative mother looked after the production part and made the phone cases using her skills. Now, the talent is passed on to the sisters who design the phone cases. They argue that they have skills to complement each other. 

Devon claimed that she could communicate well, whereas Sydney is tech-savvy and can quickly figure out things on the computer. 


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