Spencer Josephs - Jan Josephs' Son Age And Family Details


Jan Joseph's had a son, Spencer Josephs ( Source : People )

Spencer Josephs was often mentioned on the Real Housewives of New Jersey. Jan Josephs and Margaret Joseph's son are all grown up now and are currently working on making his own identity. 

He is suddenly in the limelight after his father, Jan, passed away at the age of 74, leaving behind him and his three other siblings. Twitter has now shifted focus and is reminiscing the RHONJ days when his mother talked about him.

Margaret has been vocal about her feelings for her current husband, which ruined her relationship with Jan in the past. Things did fall apart for the family when she decided to move on in life, divorcing Jan but eventually, they came together and have remained a solid block over the years.

Who Is Spencer Josephs? Jan Josephs' Son

Jan Joseph's son, Spencer Jones, is the only biological son of the RHONJ star Margaret Joseph. As the man makes headlines, it is obvious that people are trying to find out more about him. 

However, apart from a few mentions here and there, she has just chosen to keep her son away from the media light. Neither her Instagram features him nor her other social media. A bunch of people tracked her following list only to find out about a travel enthusiast named Spencer Jones but all in vain. 

Margaret Joseph and Jan Joseph
Margaret Joseph and Jan Joseph ( Source : insta )

In 2021, she was on a talk show where she revealed that her memoir had details about the children she tried to hide from the media all these years. This was the time when everyone got a sneak peek into her children's lives, most importantly, their names. 

Jan has a total of four children and one of them with Margaret. She was a mother to all of them and made sure that none of their lives were exposed to the forefront, and protected them like her own. When she messed up her relationship with an, she revealed that a huge spat took place between her and the children. Later on, everybody could empathize with her and continued being a family. 

Spencer Josephs, along with his three siblings, are the heart of the Josephs family and are currently mourning their father's demise.

Spencer Joseph's Age And Family Details

Spencer Joseph's age is probably in his mid-30s in 2022. He was born between 1994 to 2012 when his parents had a beautiful relationship, and everything was sunshine and flowers for them.

As mentioned above, Spencer's name got disclosed much later in life. Despite his mother putting her life out for the world to see, she knew what a harsh reality it was. Hence, the television personality made sure that nothing of any sort gets revealed about her family. 

Before she eventually joined the cast, Margaret nearly joined RHONJ in 2013. Margaret claims in her book that the RHONJ casting staff contacted her and thought she would make a "great fit" for the program.

Jan Josephs in his younger days ressembles his son Spencer Josephs
Jan Josephs in his younger days ressembles his son Spencer Josephs ( Source : instagram )

Sadly, she already had a contract for her own show, which she was hopeful a network would pick up. It was titled Marge In Charge and would have focused on her personal and professional life. When they watched a tape Margaret recorded for Bravo, the casting team fell in love with her and even chose her to join the cast, but the timing wasn't right.

In her book, 'Caviar Dreams, Tuna Fish Budget,' she discusses how to build a lifestyle business, how to collaborate with family members, and how to be an uncompromising woman in a man's world.

She also shares personal anecdotes about her son, who Real Housewives viewers are unaware of, the best advice she ever received from Joan Rivers; a chance encounters with a famous rock star, and the affair with her contractor that led to the dissolution of her marriage but ultimately led to her happily ever after.

Spencer Joseph's Parents

At the age of 44, Jan Josephs married Margaret in 1994. The couple had a 20-year-old age gap, and the husband had full custody of his three children, who were 8, 14, and 16 years old at the time of their marriage.

Even though Margaret Josephs is currently happily married to Joe Benigno, she still maintains a strong relationship with her ex-husband Jan Josephs. In the Real Housewives of New Jersey episode, she even gave viewers a close-up glimpse of how her friendship has evolved since her divorce.

Young Margaret Joseph's with her step son.
Young Margaret Joseph's with her step son. ( Source : realityblurb )

Margaret jokingly compared her and Jan, who she believes to be quite similar to Larry David, to "The Bickersons."

During their 17-year marriage, she claimed that these days they were far better friends than a couple. She called him one of her best buddies. Their Saturday morning routine included bagels and coffee by the window. 

It is an emotional moment for the entire Josephs family currently; Margaret made an emotional Instagram post about her husband's passing away. "Today would have been Jan’s 75th birthday, he passed away unexpectedly last week, and a piece of us went with him. We are heartbroken." 


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