Saruei Did A Face Reveal And Fans Can't Believe They Missed It!


Saruei is a female independent Virtual YouTuber and illustrator ( Source : Youtube )

Independent Virtual YouTuber and illustrator Saruei has not done any face reveal.

She started streaming regularly on Twitch on April 27, 2016, but her 2D debut came on August 7, 2021, five years later.

According to the number of views on her live stream, the Vtuberis highly well-known among her followers. She receives several fan works of her character and has a solid fan base.

Real NameRael
Birthday18 April
ProfessionIllustrator and Concept Artist

Has Saruei Done A Face Reveal?

Saruei is a well-liked and charismatic Twitch star who has not revealed her face.

The way that Saruei, a twitch community VTuber, concludes her stories with the mystery surrounding her digital artworks captures the attention of her audience. People are speculating as to whether Saruei has revealed her face. 

Saruei has not revealed her face as of 2022
Saruei has not revealed her face as of 2022 ( Source : artstation )

She eventually pulls a trick on someone or something amusing while teasing the unveiling of her face.

She has managed to keep her identity hidden for a long time now. Her fans around the globe are desperate to find out the true nature of her face, but they have got no luck as the VTuber is hell-bent on not revealing her face at the moment.

Most virtual YouTubers tend to hide their face and reveal it only on special occasions, reaching a 1 million mark on YouTube and Twitch.

Therefore, following the trend, She keeps her face hidden to keep some secrets about herself from her followers. She is active on social media platforms like Instagram, but her Instagram posts are all about her profession rather than a hint about how she looks in real life.

What Is Saruei's Real Name?

Virtual YouTuber and Illustrator Saruei’s real name is Rael.

She is well known for being incredibly direct and never holding back when expressing her opinions.

She doesn't think it's appropriate to be kind merely for being considerate. Although she occasionally has a chilly exterior, she genuinely cares about her friends and fans and wants them to reach their full potential.

Saruei's real name is Rael
Saruei's real name is Rael ( Source : youtube )

She also enjoys sharing her interests with her audience, including her favorite movies, music, and television shows. She may be primarily illiterate in English due to a failing neurochip, yet she is occasionally surprisingly innocent despite being obscene.

She works incredibly hard and is constantly working on a project, or numerous assignments, to advance her art and streams.

Her Instagram bio states that she was born on April 18. Like her face, The VTuber has kept her birth year a secret.

Saruei's Net Worth In 2022

According to glassdoor, The estimated pay for a VTuber and Streamer Saruei at Twitch is $76,909 per year.

She must have gathered a decent amount of money from her career as a VTuber and illustrator. In March 2016, she signed up for Twitter. On her Twitch channel before becoming a VTuber, Saruei mainly streamed art.

Saruei has been onTwitch since April 2016
Saruei has been onTwitch since April 2016 ( Source : danbooru )

She is well renowned for rendering her favorite video game and anime characters, particularly VTubers, in bikinis or sexy postures. In a tweet where she displayed her VTuber model face, Saruei formally announced that she would make her VTuber debut on June 26, 2021.

She posted a video to Twitter on July 11, 2021, showcasing more of her VTuber model, and announced the start of her debut Twitch stream in early August. She has over 190K subscribers on her YouTube account, which has gathered over 6 million views on the videos posted there.

She is also making money as an illustrator and concept artist. She still has a long career ahead of her. Thus, her income and net worth are expected to increase in the coming years.


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