Ross Smith's Famous Grandma Gangster Granny Was Recently Diagnosed With Cancer


Ross Smith's grandmother during her visit to Petland Lewis Center ( Source : Instagram )

Ross Smith calls his grandma a Gangster Granny. She is a cool lady who many people around the world love. 

He has recently shared that there were some problems with her health. The 96-year-old grandma, who celebrated her birthday just a month ago, is now in hospital.

Who Is Ross Smith Grandma Gangster Granny?

Ross Smith's grandma is called gangster granny. She and her grandson make videos on Tiktok, gaining millions of followers worldwide. 

The duo has 22.9 million people who follow them on Tiktok. Likewise, Ross also has a Youtube channel where there are 2.69 million subscribers. They do crazy things like pranking people, scaring them in public, or asking funny questions to them. 

Gangster Granny on her way to work at the bomb factory in 1944 during WW2
Gangster Granny on her way to work at the bomb factory in 1944 during WW2 ( Source : instagram )

In one of the posts, Smith mentioned that his grandmother worked in a bomb factory during world war II. She has a son named Mike Smith, who is also Ross's father. Mike's wife is named Diane Kana. 

On the other hand, Ross is a former footballer who was a wide receiver for Dayton Flyers from 2011-2014. He played college football at the University of Dayton, where he was majoring in business. 

Likewise, he completed his high school studies at Olentangy Orange High School, where he served as captain for two years. Smith also participated in lacrosse and was a sprinter on the track squad.

What Is Her Real Name?

Ross Smith as well as all of her fans worldwide call her Gangster granny because of how cool she is even at her age. 

How Old Is Ross Smith Grandma?

Ross Smith's grandma is 96 years old. She celebrated her birthday on August 1. 

Ross Smith's grandmother celebrated her 96th birthday on August 1
Ross Smith's grandmother celebrated her 96th birthday on August 1 ( Source : instagram )

Despite her old age, grandma always looks energetic and makes people laugh through her videos. She can be seen joking around with people in many of her videos. In one of the clips, she was seen pranking bodybuilders and models. 

On the other hand, Ross recently turned 30 on September 2, 2022. He was born in 1992. He lives in Ohio, United States, with his family.

Ross Smith Grandma Recent Cancer Diagnosis

Four days ago, Ross Smith posted a video on his social media handle sharing the news of his grandma's cancer diagnosis. He had said that grandma would have surgery to remove cancer and asked everyone to keep her in their prayers. 

Celebrity figures like Mike Tyson, Demi Bagby, Chuck Norris, Steve-O, Howie Mandel, and many others wish her a quick recovery and express their love for her through their kind words. Ross said that the video made her so happy and thanked everyone. 

Ross has not provided details about her diagnosis. He has not updated anything related to grandma for the last four days. Some of her fans have been worried about her health. 

Is She In The Hospital?

The last time Ross provided information about his grandmother's health, she was in the hospital. She was going to have surgery to remove cancer that day. 

However, following that, there has been no update about her health. Thus, fans can only pray that she is doing fine and will return soon. 

Ross Smith Grandma Health Update

Ross Smith has yet to provide an update about his grandma's health. Their fans were heartbroken to hear that she had cancer. Nonetheless, they have been sending encouraging messages in the comments. 

One user said he was celebrating five years of survival after battling Triple Negative Breast Cancer. Likewise, another user wrote, "The world loves you! We are praying for you! What a beautiful video of all the stars pulling for you!". 


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