Rish Shah Parents As The Indian-American Actor Keeps Making His Name In The Industry


Rish Shah and Iman Vellani attend 'The Alchemist's Feast', the inaugural summer party & fundraiser for the National Gallery's Bicentenary campaign, NG200, on June 23, 2022 in London, England. ( Source : Latestly )

Rish Shah is an actor who gained fame and name from his appearance in Ms. Marvel. However, he started his acting career in 2017. 

Rish appeared in the movie The Long Goodbye in 2020, where he played Karim. Likewise, in Ms. Marvel, he played the role of Kamran. He will also appear in the movie Do Revenge as Russ in 2022, which will release on September 16, 2022. 

Over the years, he had been a part of big projects like "Emmerdale" and "To All The Boys: Always and Forever." 

What Is Rish Shah Ethnicity?

Rish Shah was born and raised in London. However, his roots belong to India. His father and mother are Indians who moved to Enfield, England. 

Thus, his ethnicity is that of a British Indian. Some sources said that his family ran a shop, and he even helped them when he was young. He also has an elder sister, but her information is not available on the internet yet. 

The actor commented on how happy he was to see his culture represented in Ms. Marvel. 

Rish Spoke About Bollywood Being A Big Part Of His Life While Growing Up

Rish shared about how he loved watching Bollywood movies when he was growing up. Although he was born and raised in Britain, his heritage always takes him back to where he originally came from. 

Kamran and Kamala bond over their shared interest in Bollywood in Ms.Marvel
Kamran and Kamala bond over their shared interest in Bollywood in Ms.Marvel ( Source : thedirect )

He even shared that he feels proud that a part of his culture is depicted in the show too. In the series, he also talks about his love for Bollywood. 

He added that he never thought that he would be able to see that part in MCU. 

He Plays Kamran In Ms. Marvel

Kamran is introduced as a senior who just moved to Jersey City from Texas. After officially meeting Kamala at a party, the two quickly become friends. The lovely young man is supposedly introduced in the show as the main protagonist's love interest.

Rish Shah As Kamran In Ms Marvel
Rish Shah As Kamran In Ms Marvel ( Source : marvel )

He shows up to prevent DODC agents from kidnapping Kamala, who has special abilities. He saves her from them and introduces her to his mother, Najma, who Kamala had seen in her vision. 

Later, Najma passes away when trying to close the Veil but not until she transfers her power to her son, Kamran. 

Who Are Rish Shah Parents?

Rish Shah's parents are from Mumbai and Vadodara. He has not revealed their names yet, but he said his dad and mom were proud of him. 

Besides, they could also relate to the movie as an immigrant parent who tried to provide the best life for their children. Rish also added that his grandmother still lives in Mumbai and how he felt happy that Ms. Marvel even touched on the part regarding The Partition, which he was never taught even in school. 

Nimra Bucha Plays The Role Of Kamran Mother In Ms. Marvel

His reel mother, Nimra Bucha, portrays the role of Najma in Ms. Marvel's sacrifices of her life to close the Veil in the series. In Ms. Marvel, she is a being from the Noor Dimension who was exiled to Earth along with Aadam, Aisha, Fariha, and Saleem. 

Nimra Bucha potrays the role of Najma (Kamran's mother) in Ms. Marvel
Nimra Bucha potrays the role of Najma (Kamran's mother) in Ms. Marvel ( Source : tribune )

They form the Clandestine and search for a pair of bangles that can transport them back home. She is the one who discovered one of the bangles in a Temple of India in 1942 and gave it to Aisha, Kamala's great-grandmother, for safekeeping. 

Who Is Rish Shah Dating In 2022?

Rish Shah is said to be single since he has not revealed anything related to dating. The 24 years old actor keeps his life private. 

He has not shared much about his personal life on social media. But, he has admitted in interviews how he became close friends with his cast members during the shoot of Ms. Marvel. 

He added that he used to listen to Bollywood songs with other cast members when they were in the shoot. He and Iman Vellani also share a good friendship. 

He Was A Love Interest Of Kamala Khan In Ms. Marvel

In Ms. Marvel, Rish played the role of Kamran, who became the love interest of the main lead, Kamala Khan. They became close over their shared interest in Bollywood and Riz Ahmed's Sweet Shop. 

Rish Shah with Iman Vellani During London premiere of Ms Marvel
Rish Shah with Iman Vellani During London premiere of Ms Marvel ( Source : instagram )

Later, it is revealed that Kamran is a part of the group of enhanced beings known as Clandestine, who claim to be Djinn that was exiled from the Noor dimension. The group was aware of Kamala's power and needed her so that she could help them to return. 

Despite being a love interest, there is no real ending to Kamran and Kamala's relationship at the end of the series. 


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