Ray Jimenez Net Worth 2022


Ray with his wife Eilyn Jimenez at the pool in his property ( Source : Instagram )

Ray Jimenez's net worth has been estimated at $2 million based on his salary as real state agent and reality TV personality. 

If you've ever been interested in interior design, Netflix's 'Designing Miami' this article is for you. The reality program centers on Eilyn and Ray Jimenez, who aspire to be the best interior designers in Miami and across the world.

Well, despite their happy marriage, they run separate design firms and enjoy healthy professional competition. However, the show also provides us with a glimpse into the couple's personal life, and we see the difference as the couple strives for success.

While Eilyn and Ray's intriguing professional connection heightened interest in their life, people have been curious about their current net worth. Don't worry, since we're here to help!

Quick Facts About Ray Jimenez

NameRay Jimenez
Full NameRaymond Jimenez
ProfessionInterior Designer
Age39 Years old
Birth DateNovember 17, 1982
Birth PlaceMiami, Florida
WifeEilyn Jimenez
MotherPaula Caraballo
Net Worth$ 2 Million
HobbiesSkiing, Traveling
UniversityMiami International University of Art & Design The Art Institutes

Ray Jimenez Net Worth 2022

Ray Jimenez has an estimated net worth of $2 million from his famous clients, his reality TV and real state value.

He is a fearless business owner and respected interior designer; with his creative mind and talent, he has managed to build up a whole franchise at such a young age.

Ray and his wife chilling during their luxury vacation.
Ray and his wife chilling during their luxury vacation. ( Source : instagram )

Along with being the Founder and Creative Director of his company Raymond Nicolas, he is all set to make his TV debut in Netflix's first-ever designing show, "Designing Miami," which follows the lives of interior designers in Miami, who go around transforming South Florida homes from drab to fab.

This program depicts how designers balance the wants of their rich clientele while managing their team to bring out the best in everything; it's going to be a fun unscripted reality TV show; let's get to know the primary actors a bit better.

What Is Ray Jimenez Net Worth?

Despite the fact that an interior designer's income is determined by the number of jobs they can complete in a year, a top-tier expert in Miami makes between $55,000 and $60,000 each year.

Furthermore, because Eilyn and Ray work with famous clients at times and sometimes take on many projects at the same time, we may estimate their annual revenue to be in the $70,000 level.

Ray in front of his newly built house
Ray in front of his newly built house ( Source : instagram )

As a result of their annual income, ownership of their separate agencies, the Miami Shores mansion, and their present status as reality TV stars, Eilyn and Ray Jimenez have a combined net worth of around $2 million as per the reports.

Additionally, Ray left his employment in May 2010 to co-found RS3 Designs with Shannon Scott. He worked as an interior designer there, but the reality star had always wanted to create his own firm.

Ray and Eilyn in a sky scraper while they were out for traveling
Ray and Eilyn in a sky scraper while they were out for traveling ( Source : instagram )

Thus, despite the fact that Ray's interior design firm, Raymond Nicolas, was founded in May 2021, he left RS3 Designs in June 2022 to take on the responsibilities of a Creative Director at his own firm.

Furthermore, readers should be aware that, in addition to their own businesses, the husband and wife possess a home in Miami Shores valued at around $500,000.00.

Ray Jimenez Designing Career And Job

Raymond Jimenez was always clear about his career choices; he was interested in arts and focused entirely on it; he was drawn towards fashion but kept it as a hobby; surprisingly, he got his first job in the high-end fashion industry.

There he worked as a Sales Associate for the famous brand, "Guess," spending two years of his life, increasing the brand's sales activities and frequently exceeding his set goals; he was quickly promoted to Visual Designer. Nonetheless, he was aware that his attention and affection were elsewhere, and he was unsatisfied with his actions.

Ray Jimenez luxorius kitchen design
Ray Jimenez luxorius kitchen design ( Source : instagram )

At the age of 23, Jimenez founded and became co-owner of RS3, an interdisciplinary recognized interior design and architecture studio; it was here that he mastered and nurtured his passion for high-end private residential and commercial design; this was what he had been waiting for all those years.

Moreover, he was motivated and inspired to do better, and after giving 12 years of his life to this company, he took the risk of venturing out and founding his own company, Raymond Nicol.

This might be the first firm to mix architectural, interior design, and fashion services under one roof; Raymond has managed to unite all of his passions into one large company; his clientele can now live, use, and wear his brand.

Miami Host Ray Jimenez Wife Eilyn Jimenez and Family

Ray Jimenez is married to beautiful Eilyn Jimenez; also an interior designer and the owner of Sire Design; the couple met at an Art Basel and connected over their shared interest in fashion, design, and style.

Even though both have entirely different personalities, they still manage to complement one another and have been there supporting each other in all their ventures, the duo tied the knot on 17 October 2019.

Ray with his beloved family members on his wedding day
Ray with his beloved family members on his wedding day ( Source : instagram )

Moreover, they may be seen together on the program "Designing Miami," and they are fortunate to be in it together since they like each other's company and are enjoyable to work with.

Ray Jimenez Family Background

Raymond Nicolas Jimenez, aka Raymond Jimenez, was born on November 17, 1982, in Maimi, Florida, to his mother Paula Caraballo, and for as long as he can remember, art has been a part of his life.

Ever since he was in elementary school when he began drawing sketches of cartoons and even portraits of his family members, his interest shifted to fashion, and he would find himself ripping up jeans and tagging book bags.

Eilyn with his father walking down the isle.
Eilyn with his father walking down the isle. ( Source : instagram )

Nonetheless, he never desired a profession that was out of date. This pastime was inspired by his mother, who immigrated to the United States from the Dominican Republic and made a fortune by selling worn clothing by the pound overseas; Raymond grew up seeing his mother labour until 2 or 3 a.m., shipping and packaging garments to get enough money to feed the family.

Furthermore, He expresses gratitude to his mother, who motivated him to become the man he is today. As Ray entered high school, he became interested in architecture since it allowed him to merge his love of style and design into a professional path.

Ray Jimenez Education Background

Ray Jimenez enrolled at Miami International University of Art & Design after finishing high school and began taking a variety of classes later to discover interior design; he then majored in Bachelor's in Fine Art, Interior Design at The Art Institutes and began his long successful journey of being one of the top Interior Designers in Miami.

While still in college, Ray was offered a job at Domus Design Studio; he began as a drafter for kitchen cabinet designs; it wasn't much, but he was happy with the experience, and his first boss, now a long-time client, taught him everything there was to know about the industry.

Ray is a talented interior designer.
Ray is a talented interior designer. ( Source : instagram )

Furthermore, Raymond learned the ins and outs of making a kitchen functional and beautiful, and he gradually upgraded to bathrooms, and commercial offices as well. Ray Jimenez, on the other hand, earned two Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees in Interior Design from Miami Dade College and The Art Institutes before turning his passion into a career.

Interestingly, while still at the latter, he worked as a project manager and designer at Domus Design Studio before interning at TSAO Design Group. Ray joined the Avant Design Group as a project manager and interior designer shortly after graduating but quickly recognized that the firm would not provide him with many opportunities for advancement.

Ray Jimenez's Wife Eilyn's Educational Background

Despite her desire to be an attorney, Eilyn Jimenez attended a business course at the Universidad Latina de Costa Rica after graduating from high school. However, during her second year, she became acquainted with architectural studies and quickly discovered that it was more her forte.

Nonetheless, after changing majors to architecture, Eilyn concentrated on internal design rather than outer appearance. She soon discovered her affinity for interior design and realized it was her actual calling.

Ray and his wife both are into designing.
Ray and his wife both are into designing. ( Source : instagram )

As a result, after graduating from university, Eilyn accumulated her knowledge and launched her Miami-based interior design firm, Sire Designs, in January 2007. Sire Designs has been dedicated to precision and quality from its start, which has helped Eilyn's reputation grow in a short amount of time.

Moreover, Sire Designs is one of Miami's most sought-after interior design firms at the time of writing. Eilyn has worked as an interior designer at Kid Sanctuary Campus in addition to establishing her firm.

Some FAQs

What Is Ray Jimenez’s Net Worth?

Ray's net worth is around $2 million USD.

Who is Ray Jimenez married to?

He is married to his beautiful wife Eilyn.

What is Ray's career and job?

Ray is an interior designer and a successful entrepreneur and CEO.

How Old Is Ray Jimenez?

He is currently 39 years old.

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