Meet Actor Jayden Revri From Netflix's Fate: The Winx Saga


Jayden Revri, an English actor. ( Source : Instagram )

Jayden Revri is a Netflix star who has recently starred in the role of Devin in Fate: The Winx Saga. However, that is not the only project he has been a part of.

The young actor has spent quite some time in the entertainment industry. He started acting early on in his life and at such a young age, he has already been a fan favorite.

From different movies to television shows, Jayden has been a part of many renowned projects. However, fans are most excited about his upcoming Netflix show Fate: The Winx Saga. The show has many recurring actors and among them, Jayden is also a solid addition to the talented cast.

He also has gained quite a following on his social media accounts and has become one of the major heartthrobs in the entertainment industry right now. Fans are dying to know more about the actor and his personal life. 

Who Does Jayden Revri Play On Fate: The Winx Saga?

Actor Jayden Revri plays the role of Devin in Fate: The Winx Saga. The Winx Club was an Italian animated television series developed by Iginio Straffi and his firm Rainbow S.r.l.

The movie that Jayden Revri was a part of.
The movie that Jayden Revri was a part of. ( Source : instagram )

Originally planned in 2003 as the third edition of the Rainbow S.r.l./Telecom Italia franchise, Animazing anthology series alongside Karmina, Kirikou and the Sorceress, and Totally Spies!, it was eventually canceled because of licensing concerns and the creation of Totally Spies! The Winx Saga's Fate.

Jayden had his professional debut in the play Once Upon a Time, which led to his casting in Fate: The Winx Saga. Jayden portrays Riven, a wicked fairy in love with Bloom in Fate: The Winx Saga. He exacts revenge on her after discovering she is engaged to Sky.

However, there is more to Devin's story in the show. His character perfectly suits him and he has done a very good job delivering his performance on the show. The actor also amassed many fans and a following after starring in The Winx Saga. He has become a common celebrity crush among the viewers of the show. 

Jayden Revri Is 23 Years Of Age In 2022

Jayden Revri, the British 23 years old actor, is an actor with a wide range of abilities. Jayden has been showing off his great singing and dancing talents in the brilliant new adolescent drama, The Lodge, in addition to being a budding actor.

Jayden posed beside Will Smith during a shoot.
Jayden posed beside Will Smith during a shoot. ( Source : instagram )

The series, which airs exclusively on the Disney Channel, follows 15-year-old Skye who is played by Sophie Simnett, who hopes to find herself by returning to a vacation lodge with her father.

Revri, a Londoner, plays Noah in the live-action musical shot in Northern Ireland. He is currently 17 years old and already a recognized name in the entertainment industry. The English actor explained that he was very happy to be a part of Disney. The actor explained that he grew up watching Disney and being a part of the franchise is a huge deal to him.

He is very grateful for the opportunities he was provided by Disney. The actor wishes to grow more in the industry and work on larger projects in the future.

Who Are Jayden Revri Parents?

Jayden was born to his parents in the United Kingdom. His mother's name is Natasha Jacobs in a loving British family. 

Jayden's ancestry dates back to India. His father's mother is Jamaican, while his mother's mother is English. He is therefore half Indian, a quarter Jamaican, and a quarter English. So the actor is a bit of a mishmash. He began performing in elementary school when he appeared in a year 6 performance of The Lion King as Simba. He hadn't given it any consideration before I did it. He has four siblings and he is close to all four of his siblings. 

Jayden Revri enjoying time with his family.
Jayden Revri enjoying time with his family. ( Source : instagram )

Everything just started for the actor from there, and he was discovered by a lady who came to watch him, and his career took off from there. His family has always been very supportive of his career choices and they always supported his acting career as well. 

He is very blessed to be raised in a supportive household and he explained that his mum is his biggest fan. The actor believes that without his parent's support, he would not be where he is today. 

Even though he comes from a mixed ethnic background, sometimes it might affect him from getting roles. Some production look for a specific look and sometimes Jayden's mixed ethnicity comes in the way. However, some projects love his ethnic background and it works in his favor. 

What Is Jayden Revri Net Worth?

The English actor's exact net worth has not been released to the public. However, judging from his career so far as an actor, he must be earning a decent amount through his acting career.

Jayden Revri posed in front of his car.
Jayden Revri posed in front of his car. ( Source : instagram )

The actor has been a part of movies such as The Lodge which came out in 2016, and Boy Detectives and Fate: The Wings Saga which came out in 2021. 

So it is no doubt that the actor is earned a decent sum of money throughout his career. Judging from his lifestyle, he also appears to be living a good life. He is often seen driving expensive cars to vacation in different places. 

His career earnings should be enough to fund the lifestyle that he is living currently. 


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