Margaux Lignel Net Worth As One Of The Real Girlfriends Of Paris Cast: 5 Facts To Know About Her


Margaux Lignel appears as one of the six girls in the reality show Real Girlfriend in Paris ( Source : Instagram )

Margaux Lignel is one of the contestants on the reality television series Real Girlfriends in Paris. 

Lignel made her impression in the show to find true love. The Real Girlfriends in Paris included six twenty-year old women who embark on a thrilling adventure in the most beautiful city in the world, Paris. They experience a new city. They set an experience to find a lover and forge friendships for life. 

Margaux Lignel Net Worth As A Real Girlfriends Of Paris Cast

Even though some websites mention that her annual income of around 65,000 euros, she hasn't yet confirmed the amount yet. She made her guise in the reality show to find her mate. On September 5, 2022, the show premiered in the United States by Goodby Pictures production company.

Victoria Zito, Emily Gorelik, Anya Firestone, Kacey Margo, and Adja Toure are the cast. Also, Lignel had experience in other fields, including an internship. In January 2013, she joined as a styling intern in Giovanna Battaglia for three months. 

Margaux Lignel choose her own path and figured out her career line
Margaux Lignel choose her own path and figured out her career line ( Source : bravotv )

On March 2014, Lignel joined the internship program in BUREAU BETAK in New York for more than one year. Perhaps, she has no experience in other fields. As a result, Lignel may have saved some amount in her account. 

Anya Firestone estimated net worth is around $5 million. She is also the cast of the reality show Real Girlfriends in Paris. However, she is involved in various works related to the arts. The contestant is Art & Culture Theorist, creative strategist, and leading specialist on different brands.

Margaux Lignel Job Entails Her To Be Involved in The Fashion Industry

Lignel has served in an internship program in her previous days. She has made her path currently in the way to find love in the show Real Girlfriends in Paris. She completed her education at several best schools in the world. 

Lignel completed her education in Paris in American School. She was part of a FIT and the Conde Nast College of Fashion and Design. Her father is the financial supporter who brought her a brand new apartment. 

At a young age, her family supported her financially. So currently, she wants to make her path and stop asking for money from her dad. She claims to have millions of business plans in her mind. 

Margaux Lignel Career Details

Lignel is exploring her career after she thought it was wrong to ask for money from her parents. According to her, she had business plans that she had listed but not yet utilized. She felt committing to the project would be the initial step and the right decision. However, she is scared of failure. 

Margaux Lignel exploring New York City on April 25
Margaux Lignel exploring New York City on April 25 ( Source : instagram )

According to Lingel's profile at BravoTv, She is a free spirit looking for love, fun, and long-lasting friendship. She completed her studies in the best school and colleges while spending her life traveling back in Paris in her formative years. 

Currently, Lingel shifted to her new apartment gifted by her father in the 5th arrondissement. She is making her way on her terms and pathway and figuring out what she wants to do in her life. After the show, she may make her career in the Fashion line as she is interested in those platforms. 

Meet Margaux Lignel French Parents

Lignel was raised by her parents in America, despite her parents being French. Also, she mentioned her family history in the premiere of RGIP in September, including her father, Jean Lignel. 

Even Lignel's father was present on the Monday episode while having a meal with her daughter. Even though she was born and raised in New York, she chose to move to Paris. Her whole household is at Paris in 2022. 

Lignel decided to move back to Paris as her whole family resided here, and she felt it was time to face them after a long time. In the premiere episode, she even mentions her parent's divorce. 

Margaux Lignel father Jean Lignel with her  adopted sister in Paris, France in 2021
Margaux Lignel father Jean Lignel with her adopted sister in Paris, France in 2021 ( Source : instagram )

Her father and mother split seven years ago. However, they both live in Paris. Although her parents are French, she flourished between New York and Paris. Nonetheless, she is bilingual.

Her father, Jean, and his backstory about the newspaper industry and as an art collector was revealed by his daughter in the premiere episode. He was the owner of the newspaper for some period of his life. Currently, Jean is 80 years old. 

When Jean was 40 years old, he used to sell newspapers. He is the owner of a newspaper based in London, France, named Le Progrès. From the money he earned from the company, he invested in different entertainers, including Andy Warhol and Keith Herring. 

Jean's investment turned into massive profits. Lignel's father was the person who brought her a new apartment in which she lived with her dog.

Margaux Lignel Family In Paris

Lignel's family is from Paris. However, she grew up in New York City, United States. After spending her young age in America, she decided to move back to her home country, where her parents live. 

Lignel is currently 26 years old. She has been depended on her father financially from a young age.

Margaux Ligne footed in Cipriani Downtown (New York)  resto every Sunday from 3 years old onwards
Margaux Ligne footed in Cipriani Downtown (New York) resto every Sunday from 3 years old onwards ( Source : instagram )

She posted being a lazy bum in Paris strolling in PJs on Wednesday. The 26-year old shared her traveling records on her social page. She toured Vendredi sur Mer, Écoute Chérie, Spétses, Greece, Cannes, France, Gardone Riviera and La Guérite - Cannes. 

Lignel had great time in South of France in Bon Entendeur, Mouloudji, L'amour. On June 6, she documented her time in Hotel Cala di Volpe, a Luxury Collection Hotel in Costa Smeralda. Lignel dropped out early from college. During her studies, Sophia was her only college friend.

Margaux Lignel Sibiling On Instgaram 

Lignel had an adopted sibling named 𝙼𝙰 𝚁𝚄 𝚂𝚂𝙸𝙰. She is active on Instagram under the username @mariadobrovskaya and gathered 2576 followers as of September 2022. The cast sister shared her travel diaries on her social sites.

Maria visited Bukchon Hanok Village in August. She shared the photoshoot for Bourse de Commerce - Pinault Collection. Her sister had thanked KOMONO for sending her a pair of glasses from their new collection. She mentioned she would wear these babies every day from now on. 

@mariadobrovskaya is the adopted sister of Margaux Lignel
@mariadobrovskaya is the adopted sister of Margaux Lignel ( Source : instagram )

Lignel's sister shared a short clip from Tailoring Project Video on January 18. She even thanked her grandfather for starring in the video and inspiring her for this project. 

On March 22, 2021, Maria celebrated her birthday and pinned, 'Thank you to everyone that made the week of my birthday so special. ' She is grateful to have been surrounded by so many great people this year, old friends and new ones. 

On July 7, Lignel posted the backside picture walking on the street with Mary Kendall. She mentioned her as her sister in the caption. She even had a day out with Mary in Jardin du Luxembourg. 


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