Lizzy Musi Net Worth In 2022: Kye Kelley Girlfriend Earnings - Does She Have Kids?


Lizzy Musi is following her father's footsteps in keeping the drag racing legacy. ( Source : Dragillustrated )

Lizzy Musi, with a net worth of $1 million, also inherited her professional skills of drag racing talent from her father.

She manages enterprises in addition to making appearances on television which have definitely led her to have an increasing net worth. She has been actively involved in the automotive industry since she was a young child and has had drag racing experience.

Drag racing is a thrilling sport that is great for thrill seekers, and one of the ladies that has succeeded in this sector is Lizzy Musi. Since she was a teenager, she has competed in races and received numerous accolades.

She is also known as the to-be-wife of Kye Kelley. The race car driver is planning to get married to her.

Lizzy, the coolest drag racing queen of all times.
Lizzy, the coolest drag racing queen of all times.( Source : Instagram )

The first time Musi and Kelley met was during a PDRA competition that Kye was taking part in. He was scheduled to compete in a resentment race. Lizzy admitted that she was ignorant of Kye's identity at the moment. She didn't know then who the Street Outlaws were. 

His participation in the Discover program Street Outlaws: New Orleans is another notable accomplishment. Even before he obtained his license, he started competing in street races. He was a full-time employee of an oil refinery company before joining the show.

At the age of 15, he saved money from milking cows and grocery bagging to purchase his first vehicle. Along with Greg Champagne, he recently founded a performance store in Mississippi called Down South Performance.

Age31 years
Birthday1st January
Zodiac signCapricon
Height1.7 m
Weight56 kgs
Hair colourBlonde
Eye colourBrown
ResidenceMooresville, North Carolina, US
Net Worth1 million dollars

Lizzy Musi Net Worth In 2022: Kye Kelley Girlfriend Earnings

Lizzy Musi has a net worth of $1 million in 2022.

She has largely taken over day-to-day operations at Pat Musi Racing Engines (PMRE), which counts among its clients Pro Nitrous veterans John Hall, Tommy Franklin, and Robert Patrick, as well as 2013 ADRL Dragstock winner Jason Harris and defending NHRA Pro Mod World Champion Rickie Smith.

Her father has shifted away from front office duties to focus on building horsepower in the back. 

As Musi puts it, "This is actually a family team effort."Her sister and mum manage the paperwork, and her dad gets me the orders. She usually handles the parts of part orders, invoicing, and e-mails. Therefore, it's really a big collaboration thing.

Things get hectic and busy, especially while her dad is away serving customers. It takes a lot of work when he's gone because he travels the entire planet. At once, a lot is happening. Though most of the time they are able to handle it, occasionally we require more people just to finish the work at hand.

Lizzy Musi is one of the drivers featured on hit Discovery series Street Outlaws.
Lizzy Musi is one of the drivers featured on hit Discovery series Street Outlaws. ( Source : distractify )

Musi has been putting the same level of attention to the track for the past couple of years. She made her Top Sportsman debut at the 2012 ADRL season opener in Houston, five years after her last competitive drag racing run, which she completed at the age of 16 in a Jr. Dragster.

Then something happened that briefly elevated Musi to the status of one of the world's most well-known drag racers. At Tennessee's famed Bristol Dragway in April 2012, during qualifying for just her second Top Sportsman race, her car crossed over from the right lane and ended up on top of the left guard wall, where it performed a flawless pirouette before destroying the top-end TV camera as it ended up on the wrong side of the wall. The perfect viral video was created by the camera capturing all the action, even after its operator hopped over the wall to safety on the track.

Within days, Musi's name and image spread over the globe. Instantly gaining millions of views on, the crash footage attracted the attention of numerous major television, print, and online news organizations, including Fox News, USA Today, and The Daily Mail in Britain.

Musi will not be the only member of the family to represent the PDRA this year; Tricia, Musi's younger sister, will make her racing debut in yet another of their father's vintage vehicles. Tricia, 21, will compete in the Top Sportsman division in Pennsylvania's Don Ream's 1997 "Popeye" Firebird.

With the hard work and dedication in her field over the years, Lizzy Musi has a net worth of around $1 million dollars. However, as she is handling the family business, the entire family owns a lot more. 

Does Lizzy Musi Have Kids With Boyfriend Kye Kelley?

To date, Lizzy Musi does not have children. Kye, her boyfriend, though, is the father of two kids and is her lover. Kenadeigh Alexa Kelley is the name of Kye Kelley's daughter from his first marriage. He also has a child with an ex-girlfriend, Sarah, named Haleigh.

Regardless, Lizzy has appeared to be spending time with his daughter and has posted some images of the two of them on Instagram.

She and Kye have been dating for more than two years. Lizzy first disclosed on her Facebook page in 2017 that she was dating Street Outlaw's actor Kye Kelley.

Lizzy Musi also frequently shares images of the two on her Instagram. She recently shared a picture of them on Instagram. Attending Drag Illustrated, Lizzy and Kye appeared to be a match made in heaven. Furthermore, there are no immediate plans for the couple to be married despite the fact that her boyfriend was wed to his ex-wife Alisa.

Lizzy Musi and Kye Kelley are engaged
Lizzy Musi and Kye Kelley are engaged ( Source : dragzine )

Who Is Kye Kelly's First Wife, Alisa Mote?

Kelly's first wife is Aisha Mote, with whom he shares a daughter. She has been in the spotlight for a while, but she has never wanted to make her personal life known to the world. As a result, details concerning Alisa's early years, such as her parents' names and birthdates, are few. She has, however, disclosed some information about her early life.

Daniel Mote and Crystal Simmons were Alisa's older brothers and sisters. Furthermore, Alisa is a smart woman who earned a nursing degree from Walden University, one of the top universities. In a neighborhood in Gillsburg, Mississippi, she was born. 

The reports claim that Alisa Mote received her primary or early schooling at the nearby Parklane Academy. So, after graduating from high school in 2017, she enrolled at Walden University.

She then decided to pursue a career in nursing. She worked as a nurse for a while after graduating from college. She, therefore, worked for the North Oaks Health System in Hammond, Louisiana, as a young nurse. She currently works as a Flex-Ability nurse in that hospital.

Kye Kelley announced his relationship with Lizzy Musi on his Facebook.
Kye Kelley announced his relationship with Lizzy Musi on his Facebook. ( Source : starcasm )

The former pair was said to have been dating for a very long period in 2014. They eventually got married in 2015 to seal their love formally. Only their closest friends and relatives were invited to their intimate wedding ceremony. Their union, however, was unable to endure for very long.

Due to her busy work, Alisa is anticipated to be single as of 2022. She hasn't made news about getting married. She also never portrays herself with a male on social media.

Lizzy Musi Dad Pat Musi Is A Street Racing Legend

At the 2015 PRI Trade Show, one of the greatest drag racing engine builders of the past fifty years and his record-breaking racer-daughter were the featured speakers of an exclusive lecture. The pairing of Lizzy Musi and Pat Musi has turned out to be extremely fruitful.

Pat Musi is a drag racing superstar who was raised and born in the little town of Carteret, New Jersey. At the age of 18, Musi founded a modest speed shop behind his father's business in 1970 after getting his start in street racing before transitioning to the drag strip.

Along with Musi's success on the track, Pat's Speed Shop would lay the groundwork for a championship-winning enterprise that would span the US and, in fact, the entire world. From coast to coast, as well as from the Middle East, the Caribbean, and other places, his clientele has come over the years.

Musi Racing Engines has thoroughly earned its spot among the elite in doorslammer racing, having dominated NMCA Pro Street in the 1990s and the 2014 Extreme Outlaw Pro Mod Series, PDRA Pro Nitrous, and NHRA Pro Modified.

Lizzy Musi has a great bond with her father Pat Musi.
Lizzy Musi has a great bond with her father Pat Musi. ( Source : instagram )

Lizzy Musi, who is proudly carrying on the family legacy, has a long list of successes. Among them is the PDRA Rookie of the Year awards from 2014 for her achievements in Pro Nitrous, where she broke the 200 mph barrier in 1/8-mile doorslammer racing for the first time ever. Lizzy manages day-to-day operations as president of Mooresville-based Musi Enterprises, in addition to her on-track accomplishments.

Musi has won numerous titles throughout his career, including the Pro Street World Championship. He also holds a lot of records. He will now carry on his pursuit of a Pro Nitrous World Championship in Lizzy Musi's Edelbrock-sponsored "King Kong 7" Dodge Dart.

Edelbrock Corporation recently hired Pat Musi as a consultant for product development. He specializes in motor products like nitrous systems, racing cylinder heads, and high-horsepower EFI devices. He has a solid understanding of racing products.

His mechanical abilities helped Edelbrock create several new items. Most recently, he posted on social media an evaluation of a new set of Edelbrock DR-23 when it arrived at Musi Racing Engines, which he and Edelbrock Cylinder Head Product Manager Matt Gamble conducted.

Some FAQs

What Is Lizzy Musi' Net Worth?

Lizzy Musi's net worth is 1 million dollars.

Does Lizzy Musi Have Kids With Kye Kelley?

No, Lizzy Musi does not have children with Kye Kelley

Is Lizzy Musi Married To Kye Kelley?

No, Lizzy Musi and Kye Kelley are not married.

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