Lil Kim Daughter Royal Reign Has A Eye Condition Called Congenital Ptosis, Here Is An Update On Her Health


Lil Kim is an American rapper who has a daughter with eyelid drop condition ( Source : Nationaltoday )

Lil Kim is a renowned female rapper and her daughter, Royal was born with an eye condition called eyelid drop.

The American rapper has been a prominent figure in the hip-hop industry and has contributed a lot to the industry. Her exceptional rapping abilities propelled her to the height of hip-hop glory, with a double-platinum record under her credit.

Lil Kim has been influential in everything she does and throughout the years she has amassed a huge fanbase. People love and adore her and they also keep updated about Lil Kim's personal life. Recently, fans are wondering what is wrong with Lil Kim's eye condition.

What Is Lil Kim Daughter Royal Reign's Eye Condition Called?

Lil Kim shocked the world when she gave birth to her daughter at the age of 40. Unfortunately, her daughter was born with an eye condition called eyelid drop. 

Lil Kim's eight year old daughter, Royal Reign.
Lil Kim's eight year old daughter, Royal Reign. ( Source : instagram )

The rare eye condition is called Congenital Ptosis. The condition is distinguished by the lower location of the upper eyelid, which is present at birth. It is a clinical condition that, if left untreated, will endure. It might have happened as a result of damaged nerves or weakening muscles.

Even though eye surgery for the eye condition is available, the child should wait till they are three years old in order to get it done. However, in extreme situations, it is preferable to do surgery as soon as possible to avoid lazy eyes.

Royal Reign's eyes are normal, but her asymmetrical left eye looks to be a birth defect that has no effect on her vision. The public has taken this out of proportion and Royal's eyes do not look that bad.

While Lil Kim is unbothered by the trolls online, she has not spoken in on the situation and concerns regarding her daughter's eye condition. 

How Old Is Lil Kim And Her Daughter?

Lil Kim, better known by her stage name Queen Bee, was born in 1974 and is now 48 years old. Lil's professional career began in 1994. Her daughter, Royal Reign is currently 8 years old.

Lil Kim along with her daughter, Royal Reign on one of her Instagram posts.
Lil Kim along with her daughter, Royal Reign on one of her Instagram posts. ( Source : instagram )

Kim is the daughter of Ruby Jones and former U.S. Linwood Jones, Marine, both of Brooklyn, New York. Her older brother's name is Christopher. Her parents split when she was nine years old, and she moved home with her father.

Her father booted her out when she was a teenager, and she dropped out of school to live on the streets. Notorious BIG then approached her and offered her to join his squad. She then started getting involved in the hip-hop industry and she found her groove as a rapper. It did not take her time to showcase her talent among the people and the public loved it. 

Who Is Royal Reign Father?

Mr. Papers is the biological father of Lil Kim's daughter Royal Reign (Jeremy Neil). Lil Kim and Mr. Papers divorced in 2012, two months after their daughter was born.

Lil Kim wearing a designer dress on her Instagram post.
Lil Kim wearing a designer dress on her Instagram post. ( Source : instagram )

However, Mr. Papers allegedly physically abused Lil Kim in addition to being unfaithful. Royal Reign's custody battle lasted a while but was eventually resolved.

Lil Kim has been a great mother to her daughter and she is always there for her daughter. She loves to spend time with Reign and the mother and daughter are often seen enjoying their time out during vacations. So there is no doubt that Kim has given her daughter everything as a co-parent. 


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