Lifetime Movie Charmed and Cheated Cast: Meet Actors Cameron Cipolla, Le’Priesh Roman and others on Instagram


Charmed and Cheated is releasing on 22nd September on Lifetime Network. ( Source : Al )

 In the age where Netflix and HBO Max are bringing the kind of content that is hooking the audiences, Lifetime network is bringing a teen thriller, "Charmed and Cheated" coming neck to neck with the competition around. 

The plot of the movie revolves around a high school student Annie. She is working hard to keep up her marks so she may keep her lacrosse scholarship. A clique that spends more time partying than studying but still receives invitations to attend the best institutions is introduced to Annie by popular student Delia, and Annie quickly joins.

She quickly realizes that the clique is a cheating ring. Under the influence of the clique, Annie begins a connection with her lacrosse coach, Mitch, but she is paralyzed by fear of being discovered. Delia uses extortion to stop Annie from trying to leave the group and from telling the other students about the ring. To thwart the evil plan and save her reputation before it is permanently tarnished, Annie desperately seeks the assistance of her best friend and mother.

The movie is a triller set in highschool.
The movie is a triller set in highschool.( Source : Instagram )

While dramas and movies set in high school are not new in today's day and age, this now has the challenge to be unique in its own way. As far as the cable network associated with the film is concerned, A&E Networks, a division of Lifetime Entertainment Services, a company owned by Hearst Communications and The Walt Disney Company, is the parent company of Lifetime, an American basic cable channel. It includes programming that caters to women or has female protagonists.

This is directed by Ted Campbell and produced by Catch Henson. 

Meet The Director Ted Campbell

Screenwriter and filmmaker Ted Campbell, who is from Boston, Massachusetts, is known for his intelligent, character-driven thrillers. For MarVista Entertainment, Ted authored and directed the independent thrillers "A Dangerous Defense," "Killer Profile," and "Student Seduction."

Ted Campbell has directed 'Charmed and Cheated' with utmost conviction and dedication.
Ted Campbell has directed 'Charmed and Cheated' with utmost conviction and dedication.( Source : Imdb )

Ted will then team up with producer Ellen Wander of Film Bridge International to helm the robbery thriller "Underground." The Your Script Produced screenplay competition's Grand Prize went to his tightly wound crime thriller "Blue Motel." Doval Bacall Films will produce "Blue Motel," which Ted will direct. Ted is a participant in the ISA Development Program. And was included in ISA's list of the Top 25 Screenwriters to Watch.

Meet The Cast of Lifetime 'Charmed and Cheated'

Charmed and Cheated has an exciting line of actors, with a complete mixture of experienced actors and debutants. Looking at the trailer, everyone seems to have given their best and is expecting a masterpiece out of their hard work. 

The Lead Actor Cameron Cipolla

Cameron Cipola is playing the role of Annie, and the story revolves around her. In real life, the actress was raised in Los Angeles, California, and started acting in plays and musicals at a young age. In addition to taking singing, acting, and dance lessons throughout her infancy, she seized every chance to perform on stage, eventually appearing in more than forty musicals.

Her passion for narrative grew significantly as she started high school, and she was motivated to advance her career and move beyond the musical theater. She placed second in the monologue competition at a Shakespeare festival as a sophomore, competing against around 70 other kids. Soon after, she was given a chance to work with renowned actor Tina Cole in a short film.

Cameron Cipolla started off from stage and landed to the movies.
Cameron Cipolla started off from stage and landed to the movies. ( Source : cameroncipolla )

Although Cameron had previously enjoyed performing on stage, she was now more eager to appear in front of the camera. Cameron had the chance to discover a new love when her undergraduate studies took her to Nashville, Tennessee: speaking into a microphone.

With a degree in commercial voice, Cameron is qualified to perform in a wide range of musical genres, including opera, country, pop, folk, alternative, musical theater, and more. She participated in the Pops group at Belmont University, where she experimented with arranging, backing singing, and choreography. She worked on a television and film composer's new music when she went back to Los Angeles for the summers, recording demos and taking part in an industry table read.

The actress is available on Instagram as @cameronalexis16. She is currently growing on the platform, and we believe that she will get the necessary push required after the release of the movie. 

Meet Jonathan Stoddard

Jonathan Stoddard plays the role of Coach Mitch in the movie. Northern California's Marin County is home to the actor. In more than 40 productions, he played a leading or supporting part. Some of the many characters he has played on television may be familiar to viewers, such as his recurrent role as young John Abbott on "The Young and the Restless" on CBS and his part in Season 2 of "Black Monday" on Showtime.

You may also be familiar with Jonathan from his leading theatrical roles, including Jonathan Lyman in "Rome In Love," Liam in "The Wrong Prince Charming," and William in "The Voices," among many more. Jonathan is a skilled musician and songwriter, in addition to his work in film and television, as well as a talented cook, photographer, and educator.

Jonathan Stoddard is 38 years old.
Jonathan Stoddard is 38 years old. ( Source : tvovermind )

He was raised playing the piano and became passionate about music at a young age. Jonathan switched from playing other instruments to the guitar at the age of 13 as a result of strong inspiration from bands like The Eagles, B. B. King, Billy Joel, and Stevie Ray Vaughan, to mention a few. Jonathan suffered a severe cut to his left hand as an adult, which prevented him from playing any instruments for a while.

Jonathan, however, saw a resurgence in his love for music, and as a result, he produced and cut numerous musical tracks for other musical artists.

Further, his ancestry is primarily Irish and Mexican, with Old English Horse Hearders and Venustiano Carranza among his forefathers (Stoddard). With his mother being Mexican, Native American, and Scottish, and his father being Irish, English, and European, Jonathan has a rich ancestry full of tales that he is turning into a book to celebrate the families that came before him.

He is on Instagram as @jonstoddardofficial with over 22k followers.

Le’Priesh Roman As Camille

Le’Priesh Roman is an emerging actress in the show business. She started off in 2021 with 'Pom Poms and Payback', where she plays the role of Jessie. This project contributed to bringing her to the limelight. This one was also a Lifetime Network broadcast. 

It shows that after being betrayed by their boyfriends, a gang of high school cheerleaders seeks retribution. However, they soon learn that their coach may be to blame for their misery.

Le Priesh Roman debuted in 2021 with Lifetime Network.
Le Priesh Roman debuted in 2021 with Lifetime Network. ( Source : youtube )

After this, she appeared in 'The Burned Photo' in the same year. This one is a drama podcast. 

You can find the upcoming star on Instagram under the handle @leprieshroman. You can follow her while she is trying to make it big. 

Jazlyn Nicolette Sward Is Also A Part of The Movie

Jazlyn Nicolette Sward is ready to woo us with her presence in the movie as Delia. She is an actress known for Pom Poms and Payback, 4/20 (2020), and The Teenage Vampire.

The 26 years old actress, and the director is almost like the cover girl for Lifetime Network as her maximum acting chops have been with the cable. 

Jazlyn Nicolette Sward is currently Insta famous.
Jazlyn Nicolette Sward is currently Insta famous. ( Source : imdb )

She was born on August 19, 1996, and her star sign is Leo. People of this star sign take pleasure in challenging themselves mentally and physically. Before they select where to focus their efforts, they may go through a few awkward years, but once they do, there is no stopping them. They try to concentrate their efforts on lofty goals.

Sward can be found on Instagram as @jazlynnicolettesward. She is one of the most followed cast members of the show, with over 52k followers. Her bio says, "better in real life."

'Charmed and Cheated' Filiming Details

The movie is set in a high school. It is a mystery thriller that has all characters justifying the roles. As far as the venue selected by the production team, Lifetime has kept it for themselves. It is unknown if it is a built set or a real location. 

It follows Annie, a high school student who is working hard to keep up her academics so that she can keep her lacrosse scholarship.

She is eager to join the clique that Delia, a popular student, presents to her when she says that they spend more time partying than studying but are still offered admission to the best universities.

How Can You Watch 'Charmed and Cheated'?

On Thursday, September 22 at 8/7c, the Lifetime Movie Network will broadcast the world premiere of Charmed and Cheated. People who have already cut the cord but still want to watch the premiere live can still access it through DirecTV Stream or Philo.

On the sets of 'Charmed and Cheated'
On the sets of 'Charmed and Cheated' ( Source : imdb )

One of the more affordable live streaming services, Philo offers over 60 live and on-demand channels for just $25 a month. The majority of the networks' movies are also available to watch with Philo for Lifetime or Hallmark viewers in general.

In addition to Lifetime, the streaming service also includes popular networks, including the Hallmark Channel, AMC, HGTV, History Channel, Discovery Channel, CMT, and others.

With an enormous selection of channels, DirecTV Stream is one of the greatest alternatives to traditional cable.

For $64.99 a month, subscribers can stream content and access live channels on demand. There are alternative bundles available, meanwhile, that come with more expensive channel options.


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