Lark Skov Parents: Danielle and Michael Skov Are Family To Supermodel Cindy Crawford


Lark Skov, the niece of Cindy Crawford. ( Source : Enews )

Lark Skov is one of the contestants on Claim To Fame and she is related to Cindy Crawford, a supermodel.

Skov is supermodel Cindy Crawford's niece. A fresh clue just revealed Skov's celebrity relative on the show Claim To Fame. Her celebrity relative was revealed on the show's August 29 episode.

Lark revealed on an ABC show presented by Kevin Jonas and his younger brother Frankie that her tie to celebrity is as a catwalk model. Claim to Fame is a great new program in which 12 people with famous ancestors compete for a chance to win $100,000.

The objective of the game is for them to keep their famous relative hidden while attempting to figure out who their co-stars' famous relatives are. They must do it while living in the same house and unable to utilize social media to learn more about their co-stars.

Who Are Lark Skov Parents?

Skov was born to her parents Danielle and Michael Skov. However, she is recently trending after she revealed her celebrity ties with Cindy Crawford.

Lark Skov on Claim To Fame.
Lark Skov on Claim To Fame. ( Source : nydailypaper )

Lark's career began as a model and television personality. She rose to prominence as one of 12 candidates on the ABC television show. On August 29, 2022, Lark appeared on 'Claim To Fame.'

Her father earned a BS in communication studies from Northwestern University. Her father, like her, was a great student. However, no information is available regarding her mother. Danielle was also the vice president of Casey Industrial, and he and his family enjoyed a very luxurious life as a result of his success at work.

She is very close to her family. They support Skov's choices and she is trying to make it big in the entertainment industry, just like Cindy. She is a model and she has the looks and charisma that are needed to be in the entertainment industry. 

Who Is Lark Skov?

Lark Skov, 24, rose to prominence as a result of the ABC show. People enjoy and are interested in the show. The show has 12 participants who must figure out who their legendary forebears were.

Lark Skov during her rowing competition.
Lark Skov during her rowing competition. ( Source : usrowing )

Lark was a member of the University of Washington's women's crew squad. She was a member of the team from 2017 until 2021.  At the 2019 World Rowing Under 23 Championships, Lark took bronze in the American women's eight.

Lark studied linguistics as his major subject at the University of Washington. She graduated from college in 2020. It is unknown if Lark will follow in the footsteps of Cindy and Kaia and pursue a career in modeling. Cindy made the unusual decision of sharing a photo with her sisters in 2021.

She stood by her twin sisters Chris and Danielle, as well as her mother, Jennifer Sue Crawford-Moluf. 

Cindy Crawford, a famous model, is connected to Lark Skov. It was well known that they were aunt and niece. Skov stated on the broadcast that her aunt is well-known. Crawford was a 1980s supermodel. She is currently in her mid-fifties.

Cindy Crawford photographed during her modelling years.
Cindy Crawford photographed during her modelling years. ( Source : vogue )

When Instagram users noticed Cindy following Lark, they questioned if the two were linked. She used to dress in outfits similar to those worn by her aunt Cindy Crawford. Because of how she seemed, fans assumed they were related. One of the show's viewers afterward discovered that Cindy had been stalking the competitor.

Kevin and his younger brother, Frankie Jonas, presented her to the audience. They also made fun of her by claiming she was linked to a famous catwalk model. 

Lark Skov Is Still Doing Good In The Show

Lark is still in the running. Despite her concerns about her identity being revealed, she was not in the bottom two by the end of the August 29 show. Louise and Logan finished second and third, respectively.

Lark Skov during an episode in Claim To Fame.
Lark Skov during an episode in Claim To Fame. ( Source : thetealmango )

Logan finally guessed Louise's celebrity relative accurately. Louise's true name is Adria Biles, and she is Simone Biles's sister. Lark has made it through another week of the battle, but things will only get worse in the following weeks of the show Claim To Fame.

She came to the show to win it and she has been trying her best to win the show and take the prize home. She wants to make it big in the entertainment industry just like her aunts and her cousins. So far the fans love Lark's performance in the show and she has been getting good critic reviews. She has the potential to win the show and take the cash home.


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