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David Visentin potrait ( Source : Instagram )

David Visentin, a well-known realtor, TV host, and actor from Canada was born in 1965. The actor is recognized since he co-hosts the 'Love It or List It' television show with Hilary Farr. The program draws viewers from both North America and Canada and is carried on the W and HGTV media networks.

While assisting his father in the real estate industry at a young age, David made his career choice. He gained an understanding of the business during his formative years and then refined his abilities as he matured. David has established a reputation as a trustworthy realtor serving a variety of clientele in Southern Ontario over the course of more than a decade.

He began his professional career in 1999 with Country Living Realty Limited, where he is still employed today and continues to provide the highest level of service to his clients. David has mastered his craft, and although being primarily associated with Love It or List It, many people are unaware that he had to interview for the role.

The professional side of David Visentin
The professional side of David Visentin( Source : Instagram )

There were many qualified applicants for the position, but David's charisma and his working relationship with Hilary Farr won the job.

The realtor lends his voice to a variety of other projects, including morning news broadcasts and conversation shows like The Today Show. He is thought to be worth $6 million and receives $300,000 for each episode of Love It or List It.

Meet David Visentin's Wife, Krista Visentin

David Visentin's wife, Krista Visentin, is a real estate broker born in Canada.

Not many of us know about her apart from her connection with the popular HGTV personality. Regardless, she is quite successful in her field with her amazing skillset and required hard work. 

How much time does it take to become well-known? Depending on your situation. For spouses of famous people, popularity is a necessity. Thus, the most one can hope for is to lead a discreet life away from the press. But for one reason, they will appear in the rumor sections. Krista Visentin, David Visentin's wife, has made efforts to keep her life private, but given her husband's notoriety, information about her has been leaking out.

The Internet says this is Krista Visentin
The Internet says this is Krista Visentin ( Source : instagram )

In Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Krista Visentin was born under the name Krista Grycko. Krista received her degree from Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology, according to her LinkedIn profile.

Just like their husband, she is making it big without the help of TV promotions. On the other hand, David is a multitasker; being an actor, presenter, and realtor, he is doing it all.  

How Old Is Krista Visentin?

Krista Visentin was born in 1970, and she is 22 years old. Canada's Toronto, Ontario, is where the realtor was born. She is of Caucasian origin and has Canadian citizenship despite her popularity increasing after she wed the well-liked television host.

Explore David Visentin And Krista Visentin's Married Life

David and Krista Visentin have been together for more than 16 years. On October 7, 2006, they were married in a small, privately organized ceremony that was only attended by close relatives and friends.

David Visentin with his cohost
David Visentin with his cohost ( Source : instagram )

The couple spent around a year residing in their hometown of Toronto after their marriage. They eventually moved to Barrie in northern Ontario, and the reason behind the relocation was that David adored its scenic beauty. David's passion for such beauty led the couple to sell their home in Toronto Beach and purchase one in Barrie.

David Visentin's Son Logan Visentin, Where Does David Visentin Live?

The child of David and Krista Visentin, Logan Visentin, was born on March 30, 2011. He hasn't had long enough to engage in any fame-making endeavors, yet he is well-known due to his renowned parents.

The Canadian child, who made his public debut at an early age, has garnered a lot of interest from fans of the family.

His father, David, is found on Instagram unofficially. Without a verified tick, it is difficult to declare it as his own. Otherwise, there is the account under the handle @davidvisentin1. It has over 20k followers and mostly promotes his work-related pictures, specifically with his cohost, Hillary Farr. Similar to this, he has a Facebook account with 3.8k followers and again without a verified mark.

Both the accounts do not feature his wife and child. This is again more suspicious regarding the authenticity of the account. 

Love it or List It
Love it or List It ( Source : starcasm )

How Old Is David Visentin's Son Logan Visentin?

Logan Visentin is 11 years old in 2022. However, his parents have made sure that none of his pictures come out to the media until he reaches his legal age, and rightly so. While he was really young, there were some of his photos the media got hold of, but in the latter years of his life, he totally disappeared from the media. 

Where Do The David Visentin Family Live?

Visentin is of Italian and Jewish descent and currently resides in Barrie, Ontario, with his wife and son.

As a result of his Love It or List It co-hosting audition, Visentin was hired by Big Coat Productions (now Big Coat Media) as one of the hosts, competing against Farr. Visentin's job on the show is to persuade homeowners to sell their homes while Farr tries to renovate them at a predetermined price. Visentin accomplishes this by displaying to them a number of houses that might persuade them to leave.

Visentin and Farr concurred in a People interview that "their good-natured bickering is what has contributed to their series' success."

David on the sets of 'Love it or List It'
David on the sets of 'Love it or List It' ( Source : instagram )

David Visentin's Relationship with Hilary Farr

The camaraderie between Hilary Farr and David Visentin, stars of HGTV's Love It or List It, has attracted and kept viewers for more than ten years. In fact, Hilary and David are essentially the king and queen of TV reality because of their protracted relationship. Naturally, given this context, you might be surprised to learn that the veteran co-hosts were never in a romantic relationship.

In Hollywood, there have been countless examples of famous couples. Most celebrity relationships develop through shared work experiences. Similarly, after seeing the hosts' relationship on-screen, viewers assumed David Visentin and Hilary Farr were dating as well.

Additionally, Hilary Farr and David Visentin, two well-known television personalities, first crossed paths in 2007. The pair was introduced as Love It or List Its co-hosts at the time. Their on-screen chemistry was, therefore, evident right away.

The amazing chemistry between David and Hilary
The amazing chemistry between David and Hilary ( Source : efocus )

Viewers have long questioned whether the most well-known real estate figures in America are more than just co-hosts. But the response is no.

Gordon Farr, a TV producer, and Hilary were wed from 1982 to 2008. They have a son together. And David and his wife Krista Visentin have been together since 2006; they have a son.

Although Hilary and David have chemistry and a strong sense of camaraderie, their arguments often remind viewers of an old married couple. They also like making fun of how they got together, which, incidentally, didn't happen until the audition for Love It or List It.


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