Konstantin Koltsov and Aryna Sabalenka Relationship Timeline, Are They To Be Engaged?


Aryana Sabalenka with her partner Konstantin Koltsov ( Source : Instagram )

Konstantin Koltsov cheered for Aryana Sabalenka for her win on Monday. He uploaded an IG story congratulating his partner and the team for the victory. 

On Monday, Aryana triumphed over Danielle Collins to advance to the U.S. Open quarterfinals, where she will face Karolina Pliskova. The fans are early waiting for the match, reports Japan Times. 

In the meantime, some netizens are also curious to find out details about her current lover, Konstantin, who is always there to root for her. He was a former ice hockey player and currently works as a coach. 

Konstantin Koltsov and Aryana Sabalenka Relationship Timeline

Konstantin Koltsov always supports Aryana Sabalenka whenever she is out for a match. They were spotted together in Paris following Sabalenka's third-round exit from the French Open 2021.

The two seem to have a good relationship, but there was a time when Sabalenka fell under media scrutiny because of her connection to Koltsov. 

It was alleged that the athlete had an affair with the former ice hockey player. Koltsov was a married man with a family until 2020. According to some sources, he shared three kids with his wife, Yulia. 

All of his children are sons- Daniel, Alexander, and Stefan. When filing the divorce, his wife hinted at the reasons and said, "Appeal to all girls hanging on other people's husbands with kids in the family! It's vile! It may happen that you will be there someday".

Konstantin Koltsov shared first picture of him and Aryana Sabalenka in his instagram
Konstantin Koltsov shared first picture of him and Aryana Sabalenka in his instagram ( Source : instagram )

Her words had caused Sabalenka to fall under public criticism. Many people asked if she dated a married man. But neither she nor Konstantin provided clarification on the matter.

Later, when asked if she communicates with her partner's children, she said she enjoys talking with kids. Now, she often posts pictures of her partner on her IG handle. 

Their first picture together appeared on June 2021 on each IG handle.

Is Konstantin Koltsov Engaged To Aryana Sabalenka?

Aryana Sabalenka had once shared that she was engaged. During a Tv interview in 2019, she showed a ring on her finger and admitted that she had a fiance. 

However, she did not share his name in public. When asked if he was from Belarus, she did not answer anything related to him. But, there were rumors that Matvei Bozhko was her partner then. 

Aryana Sabalenka broke her engagement news in 2019
Aryana Sabalenka broke her engagement news in 2019 ( Source : essentiallysports )

She never confirmed anything related to those rumors. But in 2021, she started posting pictures with Konstantin Koltsov on her IG handle, publicizing her relationship. 

It is still under the covers if Konstantin is the person to whom she admitted to having an engagement or if she was proposed to by someone else at that time and broke up with him later. 

He Is A Former Professional Ice Hockey Player

Konstantin is a former professional ice hockey player from Belarus. He last competed in the Kontinental Hockey League with HC Dinamo Minsk (KHL).

He started his career during the 1997–98 season when he played for Junactva Minsk in the Belarusian First Division. The following year, he switched to Russian Severstal Cherepovets.

He was often called the "Russian Rocket II" because of his remarkable speed and stick handling and how much he played like Pavel Bure, a legendary Russian player, as per his Wikipedia.

Konstantin Koltsov was called Russian Rocket II
Konstantin Koltsov was called Russian Rocket II ( Source : instagram )

His career took a new high when the Pittsburgh Penguins selected him in the first round, 18th overall, of the 1999 NHL Entry Draft. Thus, between 2002 and 2006, he spent three seasons with them. 

On July 1, 2006, he became an unrestricted free agent after the Penguins did not issue a qualifying offer. Following that, he returned to Russia and signed a contract to play with Salavat Yulaev Ufa in the Russian Super League. 

Thus, he represented Belarus at nine World Championships, the Winter Olympics in 2002 and 2010, and other international competitions. In 2016, he announced his retirement from professional hockey. 

In his professional career of over a decade, the honors and awards he received are Kubok Spartaka, Kubok Presidenta Respubliki Bashkortostan Kubok Romazana, Kubok Polesya, and Russian Super League. 

Konstantin Koltsov Retired At Age 33

Konstantin Koltsov was born on April 17, 1981. He is currently 41 years old. It has been eight years since he announced his retirement. He was 33 years old at that time. 

Konstantin Koltsov with Aryana Sabalenka in Paris
Konstantin Koltsov with Aryana Sabalenka in Paris ( Source : instagram )

On the contrary, he has 17 years of age difference from his partner. Aryana is 24 years old, whereas he is 41. The tennis player was born on born May 5, 1998. 

Despite the big age difference, one common thing that connects them is their love for sports. The pair have been happily together for a long time. Some of their fans even wait for the wedding bells to ring soon. 

Who Are Konstantin Koltsov Parents? Details About His Family

Konstantin Koltsov has yet to share details about his parents. He is active on Instagram and often shares pictures of him spending time with his fiance. However, he has not shared any images related to his family members. 

Thus, he has remained confidential regarding his father, mother, and siblings (if any). However, some information on the internet suggests that he was once married to a woman named Yulia, with whom he had three sons- Daniel, Alexander, and Stefan.

Aryana Sabalenka with her sister
Aryana Sabalenka with her sister ( Source : instagram )

But, his spouse filed for divorce in 2020, hinting that he had an alleged affair with Sabalenka that caused their separation. 

On the other hand, his partner Aryana has been open about her family members. Her dad, Sergey Sabalenka, was also an ice hockey player until he was 19.

Unfortunately, she lost him in 2019 as he passed away because of transient meningitis, wrote Tennis Times. Likewise, her mom is Julia Sabalenka. 

Konstantin Koltsov Early Life

Konstantin Koltsov is from Minsk, Byelorussian SSR, Soviet Union. It has been eight years since he retired from ice hockey, but he has not mentioned any information regarding his early life or childhood. 

While his partner, Aryana, had shared that her love for tennis developed at a young age, Koltsov, on the other hand, has kept every detail private. 

Aryana Sabalenka with her late father
Aryana Sabalenka with her late father ( Source : instagram )

Sabalenka's father saw a tennis court one day while driving with his daughter in his car. He took her there, and she enjoyed how it was. When National Tennis Academy in Minsk opened in 2014, she started her training and has progressed much in her career and life. 


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