Koko Iwasaki Boyfriend Kiki Nyemchek: Their Relationship Timeline, Are They To Be Married?

Dancers Koko Iwasaki And Her Boyfriend Kiki Nyemchek Captured By Los Angeles Photographer Chris Violette ( Source : Chrisviolettephoto )

Koko Iwasaki's boyfriend is former troupe member Kiki Nyemchekin who has been in Dancing With The Stars from Season 12 through Season 14.

She is a professional dancer native to Kanagawa, Japan, competing in the Emmy-nominated television show.

The 31st season of Dancing With the Stars will premiere on Disney+ this Monday; this season will mark the first live competition performance to air on the streaming platform. The show will showcase professional dancers and celebrity star pairs competing with other participants.

The 25 years old professional dancer Koko first met her current boyfriend when she joined So You Think You Can Dance Season 14. Her boyfriend Kiki taught her all about ballroom dancing, and now the dancer who started dancing at an early age of two-and-a-half years is obsessed with that dance style.

NameKoine Iwasaki
Nick Name / Stage NameKoko Iwasaki
Birth DateJune 26, 1997
Age25 (As of 2022)
Birth PlaceKanagawa ,Japan
Zodiac SignCancer
EthnicityJapanese , Asian
ProfessionProfessional Dancer
Net Worth$100,000 As of 2022
PetsTwo Dogs, Hash and Shuu
FatherTeruhiko Iwasaki
Best FriendSophia Ghavami

Native To Japan, Koko Started Dancing At Age Two And A Half

According to the Dance & Co. website (where she once worked), Koko was born in Kanagawa, Japan, as Koine Iwasaki on June 26, 1997. At age two, she travelled across the ocean with her family to settle in the United States. Koko started taking dance classes in South Florida when she was two and a half years old, and she remained a student there for the next 18 years.

Koko Iwasaki's Childhood Picture
Koko Iwasaki's Childhood Picture ( Source : instagram )

While at Dance & Co, Koko trained in ballet, jazz, tap, and hip hop. However, she did not have any experience with ballroom dancing. When she joined season 14 of So You Think You Can Dance at age 21, she met her current boyfriend, Kiki Nyemchek, who taught her everything she knows about ballroom dancing and has been obsessed with the particular dancing style since then.

Parents And Family

The Japanese native dancer took on Instagram on January 15, 2015, where she uploaded a snap of a memorial of Yuriko Iwasaki, who she mentioned as Baba. As per Japanese slang, Baba is a word used to say someone of elderly age, in most cases one's grandmother. According to her Instagram post, Koko's father's name is Teruhiko Iwasaki, and her grandmother's name is allegedly Yuriko Iwasaki.

Koko Iwasaki And Her Dad Teruhiko Iwasaki
Koko Iwasaki And Her Dad Teruhiko Iwasaki ( Source : instagram )

Her father and mother immigrated from Japan hoping to live the best life and provide a better future for their children. She, along with her brother, grew up in South Florida, and when she was six years old, Koko went from liking dance to wanting to dance for the rest of her life. Her father is the owner as well as the head chef of a Japanese restaurant. She recently made a Facebook post thanking her mother and father for supporting her and motivating her to pursue a career in her passion of dancing.

She Became Professional At Age Sixteen

Koko grew up in South Florida under the guardianship of her parents, who provided her with all the motivation and opportunities to pursue her childhood dream of being a professional dancer. She trained in almost all dancing styles throughout her learning days. 

Koko Iwasaki Performed At Starpower National Talent Competition in 2013
Koko Iwasaki Performed At Starpower National Talent Competition in 2013 ( Source : instagram )

Bred in South Florida, Iwasaki began her professional dancing career when she was sixteen. Throughout her professional career, she has worked with world-renowned artists such as Nicki Minaj, Jason Derulo, Luis Fonsi, and Camila Cabello. In addition to her projects with artists, Koko went on world tours with celebrities such as Luis Fonsi and Maluma.

She also took part in dance tours with other famous dancing professionals such as Val and Peta from Dancing With the Stars, So You Think You Can Dance and Maks. The Japanese dancer, Konie has also made her appearances in Grammys, Billboard Awards, and The Ellen Show.

She Meet Her Boyfriend Kiki Nyemchek At Age 21

According to Screen Rant, Koko participated in So You Think You Can Dance season 14 in 2017, where she met Kiki Nyemchek. The couple began to develop feelings for each other as they continued to collaborate,e and before long,g the duo officially announced as partners and had been together for more than five years. 

Koko Iwasaki Uploaded A Snap With Her Soul Mate  Kiki Nyemchek On The Occasion Of His Birthday
Koko Iwasaki Uploaded A Snap With Her Soul Mate Kiki Nyemchek On The Occasion Of His Birthday ( Source : instagram )

Kiki Nyemchek is a professional dancer and reality television personality who has appeared in both So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing With the Stars. The Koinie's life partner has participated in several international competitions and has won many national titles. 

They Might Tie The Know In Near Future

Considering the things between Koko and her beau Kiki remain the same, we might soon be able to hear the news of them tying the knot shortly. The duo seems happy in their relationships, as Koko regularly posts details and snaps about her relationships and work on her social media profiles. The couple periodically uploads photos of each other on their respective social media profiles.

Scrolling through their respective social media profiles, we can say for sure that Koko and Kiki will get married soon. Almost on all of their posts, they seem inseparable and never miss the opportunity to spend time with the family. The couple lives together in Los Angeles with their two adorable dogs, whom they consider their babies.

She Loves Company Of Dogs

Koko Iwasaki is an animal lover and owns a dog. Previously she also held a cat and dog together, per her Instagram post where she uploaded a snap of her dog and cat, mentioning them as her babies and best friends.

Koko Iwasaki With Her Soul Mate Kiki Nyemchek And Two Puppies Hash and Shuu On A Family Ride
Koko Iwasaki With Her Soul Mate Kiki Nyemchek And Two Puppies Hash and Shuu On A Family Ride ( Source : instagram )

The Dancing With the Stars contestant Koko has made a dedicated Instagram profile for her two dogs, Hash and Shuu. According to the post on her dog's IG profile, Kiki and his soul mate went to Utah to pick up Hash, the older brother of her other dog Shuu. 

Iwasaki and her partner love spending time with their dog, as most of the content on their social media includes the couple enjoying time together with the adorable cuddly little puppies.

Koko Enjoys Time With Her Best Friends

Koko Iwaski loves to hang out with close friends whenever she has free time from her busy work schedule. Her Instagram is filled with snaps and videos of her enjoying time with her best pals. 

Koko Iwasaki (far right) Enjoying A Day With Her Best Friend Sophia Including Other Buddies
Koko Iwasaki (far right) Enjoying A Day With Her Best Friend Sophia Including Other Buddies ( Source : instagram )

Recently on August 20, the American dancing star belonging to the Japanese ethnic group took on her Instagram to wish a happy birthday to her best friend, Sophia Ghavami. She cited Sophia as her's piece of Miami in Los Angeles. Like Koko, Sophia is also a professional dancer who almost seems to be around her buddy on basically every occasion.


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