Kimberly Sustad Husband and Net Worth: 10 Facts To Know About The Actress


Kimberley Sustad made an impression as Brooke Etheridge on Wedding Every Weekend ( Source : Hallmarkchannel )

Kimberly Sustad, a beloved wife of entrepreneur, Scot Sustad, is a Canadian actress. 

Kimberly is an actress recognized for her work in Travelers, Unspeakable and The Twilight Zone. She made her first debut in the short movie Live Henry Live in 2009. She made her impression in the television movie Thunderball as Nikki in 2011. 

Afterward, Kimberly gave her back-to-back impression in the entertainment world. She played the role of Charlotte in the television series Alcatraz in Clarence Montgomery in 2012. In the same year, she appeared in the television movie A Bride for Christmas as Vivian Patterson. 

Some Quick Facts

Born27th May 1987
Birth PlaceOttawa, Ontario, Canada
HusbandScot Sustad
ChildrenVienna and Ari Sustad
Recent MovieNorth to Home

Meet Kimberly Sustad Husband, Scot Sustad

Sustad married her loving husband, Scot. The couple made their marriage vows after a long-term relationship. They finally tied the knot in 2004. Talking about Scot is a business person and the CEO of a reputed company in Vancouver. 

Scot is a 5x Start-up entrepreneur and a member of Inbox Booths, a Soundproof Office Phone Booth. He is a speaker and community builder in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. In 2000, the entrepreneur joined Covenant Bible College Ecuador and earned Biblical Studied Certificate 2001. 

 Kimberley Sustad with her husband Scot Sustad on left and child in their lap
Kimberley Sustad with her husband Scot Sustad on left and child in their lap ( Source : twitter )

In 2001, Scot joined Trinity Western University and completed his graduation bachelor's in International studies in 2004. In May 2002, he joined as co-founder of Student Lawn Services Inc. The entrepreneur worked with his friend Nick Stewart and converted the lawn accounts and grew up into a business. 

They served 100 homeowner's lawns, 2-3 landscaping & yard clean-up projects, and several commercial accounts per week before they sold the company in 2005. In December 2005, they sold it but got a low amount. 

Scot wished he knew more about valuations so he could acquire more money. The entrepreneur worked in Peggy English School as an English language teacher for seven months in Taipei City, Taiwan. He used to teach English as a second language to school-aged children. 

Afterward, Scot arrived as a full-time teacher in Welton School, Kids College, for around two years in Gyeonggi, South Korea. He used to teach kindergarten kids in various capacities. Later he served for more than five years in The Arrival Store Inc. as CEO and Co-Founder. 

In 2008, Scot was the co-founder of Adventure Teaching. He worked for ten years in Vancouver, Canada Area. In April 2018, he occurred as co-founder of Brands For Better in Vancouver, Canada Area. 

Scot joined Digital Hot Sauce and Strategy & Growth Marketing Agency as co-founder and CEO at 228 W 5th Avenue Vancouver. He had later conscripted as a visionary and marketing Strategist in British Columbia, Canada. He served there for more than eight years. 

Scott is the advisor at Inbox Booths in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He was self-employed in November 2020. 

Scot Sustad with his two ladies friend in Vancouver On September 15, 2015
Scot Sustad with his two ladies friend in Vancouver On September 15, 2015 ( Source : twitter )

Actress Husband Scot Involved In Voulnteeering Work

Scot emerged in Brands For Better Foundation as Co-founder and community engagement in May 2019. 

Scot played a key in developing the initial concept for the Brands for Better Foundation and the Brand Battle for Good. As a co-founder, he contributes to the overall process and administration of the organization, and he leads the sales, sponsorship, and community arrangement efforts.

Scot worked as Volunteer Mentor and Program Development at Trinity Western University Alumni Association for nearly two years. He guided the development and wrote the content. Also, the builder recruited and trained more than 100 mentors and students for the association mentorship program. 

In January 2014, Scot joined Ronald McDonald House, BC as a volunteer coordinator. He served for more than eight-year and still contributes to the same department. 

Kimberly Sustad Net Worth; How Much Does The Actress Make?

According to some sources, Sustad's net worth ranges from $500,000. She made her first guise through the short movie Live Henry Live and started working on various television movies and series.

Sustad worked in Thunderballs, Alcatraz, A Bride for Christmas, and more in her carrer phase. In 2012, she materialized in the television series Primeval: New World as Brooke Cross in sequence Truth, Fear of Flying, and The New World. 

YearEstimated Net Worth

In 2013, Sustad arrived in six shows, including Motive as Kate in Framed. Continuum as Pasty in Second Truths. The Nine Lives of Christmas as Marilee, Super Buddies as Joanne, Baby Sellers as Bethany, and Down River as Christie. 

Sustad was part of A Bit of Bad Luck as Sandy in 2014. Nonetheless, she does not receive credit for the movie. Later, she arose in five episodes of the TV series Spooksville as Madeline Templeton, including Stone, Run, and The Hunted Cave. 

In 2014, Sustad emerged as Melissa in Singed, Sealed, Delivered in the sequel Dark of Night. She played a Gorgeous Young Woman in Witches of East End in Poe Way Out. She appeared as Sally Aldridge in the TV mini-series The Gourment Deceptive. 

Kimberly Sustad Lead Cast In Weeding Every Weekend

Kimberly played a lead role in the romantic television movie Weeding Every Weekend. She played alongside Paul Campbell and appeared as Nate Thomas in the movie. The film had directed by Kevin Fair and written by Julie Sherman Wolfe. 

Kimberly appeared as Brooke Etheridge in the movie. During the wedding season, they knew each other. Brooke is a physical therapist, and Thomas is a high-end classic car restorer. They joined four weddings in four weeks row and knew each other from the bride and groom's side. 

Kimberly Sustad as Brooke in the movie Weeding Every Weekend
Kimberly Sustad as Brooke in the movie Weeding Every Weekend ( Source : twitter )

Brooke has a breakup history with Colin previously. Nate was recovering from his long-term relationship. As a result, they tried to avoid romantic relationships. 

Currently, Sustad rose her fame after playing the second lead role in the drama North To Home. The audience praised her remarkable performance in the film. She worked with Lyndsy Fonseca and Erica Durance in the series as sisters. In her recent movie, she appeared as Beth. The character and her two adopted sisters came to a family function. 

The movie shared the challenging movement after the arrival of siblings. Sarah Morgan and Steven Sessions is the writer, and Ali Libert direct it. 

Actress Kimberly Sustad Is 35-Year-Old

Sustad is currently 35 years old. She was born In Ottawa, Canada, on May 27, 1987. She was a self-professed tomboy who grew up riding horses. However, her skills are unused in her movie roles. She makes her acting gigs as a supportive sister. 

She emerged as Vivian Patterson in A Bride for Christmas, a Hallmark Channel Original Movie. Hallmark Channel Christmas By Starlight starred Paul Campbell and Kimberly Sustad.  

The movie had named the number one cable program on Thanksgiving Day. Also, it received 3.11 million viewers and 41 in the 18-49 demo. The film is the highest demo finish this season for Hallmark.

Kimberly Sustad Supportive Parents Details

Sustad was born to caring parents named Graham Starmer and Sylvia Starmer. She was born in Ottawa and later raised by her family in Winnipeg, Canada. The actress flourished riding horses. She was a tomboy in her childhood. 

Although Sustad is not active on social sites, she shared the picture with her mother. On her Instagram, she frequently shared about her cast member and friends. However, she made her parent's dream real in 2017. 

On August 18, 2017, Sustad shared the picture with her mother. She pinned, 'Had the pleasure of making my mom's dreams come true last night. She's been helping make mine come true my whole life. Thank you, Mom.'

Kimberly Sustad made her mother's dream true on August 18, 2017
Kimberly Sustad made her mother's dream true on August 18, 2017 ( Source : instagram )

Kimberly Sustad Career

Sustad started her career in the filming industry in 2009. She worked in various movies, series, and mini-series. She contributed 13 years to the acting field and still working in it. In 2016, she worked in the television movie All Things Valentine as McKenna. 

Sustad appeared in The Romeo Section as Kelly Hadler in ten episodes, including The Official Narrative, A String of Pearls, Dragon Fruit, Whiskey Jack, Mandate of Heaven, and more. She made guise as Isabel in Hearts of Christmas, Delia in Walking the Doa, and Interviewer in The Real Stephen Blatt.

Paul Campbell and Kimberly Sustad in Hallmark Channel's Christmas By Starlight
Paul Campbell and Kimberly Sustad in Hallmark Channel's Christmas By Starlight ( Source : twitter )

Moreover, Sustad played the Perry Quinn role in the television mini-series Past Malice in seasons 2017 to 2018 in Past Malice: An Emma Fielding Mystery and Site Unseen: An Emma Fielding Mystery. 

Further, Sustad worked in Cooking with Love, Chesapeake Shores, A Godwink Christmas, Travelers, Unspeakable, The Twighlight Zone, Morning Show Mysteries, Sense, Sensibility & Snowmen, You Me Her, Supernatural, Christmas by Starlight, Spotlight on Christmas, The Nine Kittens of Christmas and more. 

Kimberly Sustad Has Two Children

Kimberly married Scot and had two children together. On Scot's social handle, he shared numerous pictures of his family members. On Instagram, the actress announced her pregnancy in May 2015. He mentioned having twins in the coming year. 

Kimberly Sustad with her twin child and husband Scot Sustad in a car
Kimberly Sustad with her twin child and husband Scot Sustad in a car ( Source : mixedarticle )

On June 14, 2017, Sustad had a twin daughter. Vienna and Ari Sustad are the beautiful princesses of the actress. Scot shared numerous pictures of his wife and children on his Facebook. Currently, the account is unavailable. 

Both Kimberly and Scot's Facebook account is unassessable. In their previous picture, they shared the memories of their family and friends. 


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