John Mangos and Wife Tanny Have Two Beautiful Kids Together, Here Is A Look At Their Family


John Mangos and Tanny have a happy marriage. ( Source : Dailytelegraph )

John Mangos is one of the most adored television personalities in Australia. He is known for his intelligence, friendliness, and professionalism, but his wife Tanny is currently the subject of much speculation.

In his illustrious forty-year career as a journalist, John Mangos has achieved a number of notable feats, including presenting news and politics in Australia, serving for three years as the bureau chief for Channel Nine in the United States, working with Graham Kennedy, Australia's "King of TV," on Coast to Coast, and hosting his own chat show, At Home With John Mangos.

In 1978, Mangos started working for National Nine News at the Melbourne newsroom GTV 9. In order to become Mangos the first Greek-Australian face on mainstream commercial television, renowned news director John Sorrell engaged him.

Who Is John Mangos Wife Tanny and How Many Kids Do They Have Together?

John Mangos and his wife Tanny have been together for many years and are well known in the journalism community. Previously, Mangos worked as a newscaster for Sky News Australia.

Additionally, he has made cameos on the Australian comedies Pizza, Swift, Shift Couriers, and Housos. He is a well-known journalist from Australia.

They have been wed for several years. Unfortunately, Mangos hasn't revealed the couple's official wedding date to any of the mainstream media.

John Mangos, a television personality, poses with his wife at the Variety.
John Mangos, a television personality, poses with his wife at the Variety. ( Source : gettyimages )

Mangos resides in Sydney and owns and operates Megisti Media, a media consultancy that has the name of Kastellorizo, the Greek island where his ancestors were born.

Additionally, he oversees media relations for the global financial corporate communications agency FTI. The pair is currently enjoying their time together, and their careers have helped them become well-known online.

The Couple's Children

Kosta and Apollo Mangos' parents, John Mangos and Tanny, are delighted. Due to their highly educated parents, the two children are presently pursuing their education even though actual information about them hasn't been released to the general public.

The parents' only social media activity is on Twitter, where they occasionally share photos of their children. Their children may be between the ages of 10 and 15 based on their outward appearance.

Who Is Tanny Mangos?

Tanny Mangos joined Australia Post in December 2021 with more than two decades of experience in government affairs, top ASX100 companies, investor relations, corporate affairs, environmental, social, and customer advocacy.

Tanny has been in charge of organizing organizational responses to significant industry, regulatory, and economic trends against the backdrop of shifting public and consumer expectations.

She most recently oversaw the Bank of Queensland's Customer Advocate function while holding a number of senior positions there.

John Mangos And His Wife Tanny's Career & Net Worth

John Mangos began his career as a journalist for National Nine News in 1978 at the GTV 9 newsroom in Melbourne.

In order to make Mangos the first Greek-Australian face on mainstream commercial television, renowned news director John Sorrell hired him.

Before becoming the United States correspondent, he covered State and Federal Politics during his 14 years with the Nine Network. He replaced Ken Sutcliffe on Graham Kennedy's late-night news and current affairs program Coast to Coast in 1989.

John Mangos, a TV host, is a well-known journalist.
John Mangos, a TV host, is a well-known journalist. ( Source : dailytelegraph )

Mangos has also worked as an international reporter for The Midday Show, an Eyewitness News newscaster for the Ten Network, and the host of his own daytime talk show, At Home with John Mangos, for two years on the Seven Network.

In 2008, he signed up to compete on the variety program It Takes Two. On the program, professional singers are paired with celebrities, and each week, the contestants compete in a sing-off to win over the judges and avoid elimination.

John Mangos' contract with Sky News was not extended in June 2011 as a result of his contentious remarks on the Paul Murray Live program. The Human Rights Commission received a complaint as a result of the remarks.

Mangos took over for Lee Lin Chin on SBS World News for a month in September 2011.

Mangos began working for the Seven Network in December 2011 as a stand-in newscaster for the Seven Morning News and Seven 4.30 News. Additionally, he frequently appeared on The Morning Show and Sunrise.

His Net Worth In 2022

According to the source Net Worth, John Mangos' successful career has contributed to his $300,000 net worth. The majority of John Mangos' income comes from his work as a successful journalist.

He's an Australian native. The journalist is therefore enjoying a luxurious lifestyle thanks to his income.

John not only became the first Greek newscaster on Australian television, but he also served as one of the first senior anchors at Skynews Australia, where he reported on news and current events for 15 years.

His Wife Net Worth In 2022

In the family, John Mangos is the well-known journalist, making his wife Tanny well-known online and giving rise to rumors that she has a net worth of about $100,000.

With years of experience managing risk, reputation, crises, and stakeholders, Tanny is passionate about bringing about positive change for businesses and the sector.

She also brings to the position considerable experience working in government to produce strong results for clients and the neighborhood.


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