Jessica Sipos's Chespheare Shore Character Sarah Mercer Is Pregnant As The New Episode Leads To An Intervention


Jessica Sipos's Chesapeake Shores Character Sarah Mercer Shars She Is Pregnant To Kevin ( Source : Youtube )

The latest season of the drama television series Chesapeake Shore brings a lot of drama to life and times of the O'Brien family. The Chesapeake Shore production announced that season six would be the series' final season.

With the season approaching the broadcast of its final episode, viewers are curious about how well the show will conclude the story. Likewise, the Hallmark viewers are interested to see what climax plays out as Chesapeake Shore Season six continues to the series finale.

Sarah Mercer Shares Important News With Kevin

On September 5, 2022, Hallmark Channel uploaded a video showcasing a teaser clip of one of the episodes. As we know, the production team does this kind of activity to skyrocket the viewers' anticipation. With the series coming to its final days, the show's writers are grinding their brains out to bring out a perfect ending story.

"Luke just texted that Dad's with him," Kevin informs Sara as she exchanges gage with her husband. Kevin continues, "I've never seen him like that before; it's like no matter what we said, dad wasn't just hearing it." Sarah inquires, "what's next?" as she keeps away the book she is studying.

She Reveals The Good News

As the video uploaded by Hallmark Channel continues, Jessica Sipos's Chesapeake Shores character realizes there is never a perfect moment to share some important news with Kevin.

"One of the best parts of the trip was how we took the time to talk to each other," she continued as she held Kevin's hand," agreeing always to tell each other the truth." Kevin acknowledges her saying, "I agree with the agreeing."

Sarah Shares She Is Pregnant -Chesapeake Shores
Sarah Shares She Is Pregnant -Chesapeake Shores ( Source : youtube )

The wife takes a long sigh and continues, "I've also come to realize sometimes there just isn't the right time to share certain news," confused, Kevin nods along with her, asking if it is good news. Sarah smirks a smile as she reveals she is pregnant.

Kevin Is Delighted With The Blessing

After watching Sara's Big News - Chesapeake Shores, it is clear that Sarah Mercer (played by Jessica Sipos) is pregnant. As we continue with the sneak-peak clip of the new episode to be released, Sarah and Kevin exchange a conversation remembering the time they spent on Maui.

Delighted with the news of welcoming a kid to the family, Kevin leans forward toward the mother-to-be and shares a passionate kiss. Then, Kevin nods with his partner to be positive and hope for the best.

The Start Of Romantic Relationships

Hallmark's Chesapeake Shores spectators fell in love with the story building of the eldest O'Brian son, Kevin, and the spirited firefighter, Sarah. Seasons two and three of Hallmark's hit drama series hint at Kevin and Sarah's future love story development.

Kevin, a veteran with PTSD, and Sarah's love story haven't been easy. According to the information from Silver Petticoat Review, Kevin might not be over his ex-fianceĆ© much as Sarah interests him. Additionally, the beginning of the season revealed Jessica Sipos's character was not ready for anything serious either. 

Sarah And Kevin Shares A Romantic Evening
Sarah And Kevin Shares A Romantic Evening ( Source : silverpetticoatreview )

The couple shares a light and fun relationship development until the emotional secret of their past interrupts them, and both agree to move in separate ways.

However, fate does not agree with the pair's choices, and instead, the couple comes back together and continues their long-distance relationship. The episode ends, leading the couple to realize that they love each other and are committed to making the relationship work.

Romantic Moment: The Beach Proposal

During the opening of the fourth episode, Kevin approaches his eldest sister, Abby, to ask how she'd like to be proposed to. Hearing this, Kevin's three additional siblings appear to chip in their ideas.

Kevin takes the idea of one of his sisters, Bree, who mentioned that the most important thing is the emotions, not the place of the proposal. So Kevin plans to go down on one knee while visiting sister Jess's new bed and breakfast.

Romantic Moment: Kevin And Sarah From Chesapeake Shores
Romantic Moment: Kevin And Sarah From Chesapeake Shores ( Source : silverpetticoatreview )

Jess, Kevin's baby sister, plays spy throughout the episode as he decides to pop the question by sending out group texts detailing the events leading up to this momentous occasion. Kevin realizes the proposal moment does not have to be perfect. It just had to be true.

With the failed proposal attempt, Kevin and Sarah pack up and head out. On their journey back home, a flat tire interrupts their journey. Lost in thought while watching the beautiful beach scene, Kevin bends down on one knee, realizing it is the perfect moment to propose to Sarah.

Jessica Sipos: The Actress Who Plays Feisty Firefighter In Chesapeake Shore

Jessica Sipos (born August 14, 1989) is an actress native to Canada. The Canadian actress is best known for playing Sarah on Chesapeake Shore. Her other notable on-screen work is as Hayley on UnREAL and Cassandra Savage on The CW's Legends of Tomorrow.

The talented actress was born in the westernmost province of Canada, British Columbia. Her Hungarian parents from Croatia raised Jessica and her older brother Shaun Sipos in the capital city of British Columbia, Victoria.

Who Is She Married To? Meet The Spouse Dr. Lendvoy

The versatile Canadian actress Jessica married Dr. Lendvoy on June 19, 2013. Professionally her husband is a neuro-musculoskeletal specialist and works as a clinician, per Healthy Celeb. The couple has been sharing their life as husband and wife for almost a decade.

Jessica Sipos in December 2020 merry and bright with her family that is what matters the most (Jessica Sipos / Instagram)
Jessica Sipos in December 2020 merry and bright with her family that is what matters the most (Jessica Sipos / Instagram) ( Source : healthyceleb )

On December 2020, Jessica announced her pregnancy with her husband. Later the couple welcomed their firstborn child in April 7. The Croatian-decent actress manages time to look after her son Wood Theoren Sipos Lendvoy despite her busy schedule as an actress.


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