Is Ziggy aka Sophie Dillman from Home and Away Pregnant In Real Life? What Happened To Her Character?


On a first date, Sophie Dillman from Home and Away was taken to the hospital. ( Source : Ra-Apparel )

The cutest couple on and off-screen, Sophie Dillman and Patrick O'Connor from Home and Away, has a dramatic beginning to their dating life because of the pregnancy rumors that are currently going around the internet.

The first date Sophie Dillman had with her co-star and boyfriend in real life Patrick O'Connor was not as passionate as she had hoped.

Sophie Dillman is known for her roles in Home and Away (1988), Sherbrooke Down: The Road to Cataract (2021), and Home and Away: Christmas in Summer Bay.

The 29-year-old Home and After actress was taken to the hospital right away after her excruciating endometriosis flared up. She was forced to sit on the pavement when terrible agony struck as the couple enjoyed burgers at Mary's in Newtown.

Is Ziggy aka Sophie Dillman from Home and Away Pregnant In Real Life?

Currently, Sophie Dillman doesn't seem to be pregnant in real life. However, there is a rumor going around online. Until Sophie openly announces the information, we cannot believe it.

Sophie Dillman was enthralled by the people she watched on television when she was a youngster. She then tried to imitate their behaviors in her own life, like other girls her age, by duplicating lines and experimenting with new fashion trends. As a result, the heartbreaking break-up moments between Dean and Ziggy were played by Sophie and her real-life partner Patrick O'Connor.

Real-life pregnancy rumors surround Sophie Dillman.
Real-life pregnancy rumors surround Sophie Dillman. ( Source : stuff )

While many fans were struggling with their breakup, Sophie claims that they were able to keep their personal lives apart from the fictional plot.

The couple, whose on-going drama characters Ziggy and Dean are presently expecting a child, aren't ready to commit just yet, according to now To Love. While approaching her 30th birthday, Sophie is still figuring things out.

As per Jiggy, She quips that the day she reached her goal was "black." It all added up, and I felt completely overwhelmed. After 29, am I now dead? I wondered. Which, of course, is untrue, but before it, I was anxious! "I'm absolutely going through a crisis, but many people have experienced the same thing, and all of a sudden you have a different attitude and things start to take priority in your thinking.

I'm currently attempting to figure out what the hell is going on, which makes me chuckle.

Her Character As Ziggy: What Happened To Her?

Ziggy was portrayed by Sophie Dillman on Home and Away. In the series Home and Away, Ben and Maggie Astoni's eldest child and Coco Astoni's older sister is Ziggy "Zig" Astoni (formerly Morgan).

She is also the ex-wife of Brody Morgan and Diana Walford's grandchild. She was also Jarrod McGregor's and Tane Parata's ex-girlfriend. Dean Thompson's current girlfriend is her.

In a major new tale, Home and Away star Sophie Dillman discusses Ziggy's predicament.In  Home and Away scenes that run in Australia, Ziggy announce that she is pregnant, but the news is not as happy for her as you might anticipate. After receiving a sponsorship, Ziggy's dream of becoming a professional surfer appeared to be on track to materialize. However, Ziggy is fully aware that having a child will cause the opportunity to pass her by.

Ziggy struggles with what is right and whether she can say goodbye to her surfing after deciding that it would be better to keep the pregnancy a secret from her partner, Dean, for the time being.

Ziggy Backstory In Home And Away

As per Home and Away, before relocating to Summer Bay four years ago, Ziggy and her ex-boyfriend Pete broke into a school where Maggie teaches.

Unaware that Maggie was still working, Pete knocked Maggie out cold and Ziggy escaped with him while she was still asleep. Due to this incident, Maggie suffered from trauma, and Ziggy felt responsible.


Sophie Dillman Husband, Children & Family

In December 2017, Sophie and Jackson Heywood announced their engagement. Brody Morgan was portrayed by Jackson Heywood in the television sitcom Home and Away. In the period from 2016 until 2019, he played Brody.

But before they could wed, the pair split apart. After divorcing her ex-fiance Heywood, Sophie is now seeing her co-star Patrick O'Connor. Patrick O'Connor portrays Dean Thompson, her love interest in the TV show Home and Away. 

Cast of Home and Away In regards to the wedding, Sophie speaks up.
Cast of Home and Away In regards to the wedding, Sophie speaks up. ( Source : nz )

In the past six or seven years, Patrick O'Connor and Sophie Dillman have become friends. They had not spent much time together despite the fact that they claimed to have known one another since elementary school and to have met at their university.

Similar to the actress, she is not yet a parent.The names of Sophie Dillman's mother and father are unknown. This page will be updated with information about Sophie Dillman's parents, siblings, and other relatives.

Her Real Life Relationship 

Nothing excites Home and Away viewers more than an on-screen romance that manifests in real life. 

We were all in for a wonderful treat when Sophie Dillman, a fan favorite from Home and Away, began dating Patrick O'Connor, who plays her character Ziggy's boyfriend. 

While sharing a home and working together for 12 hours a day might seem like a recipe for relationship trouble, Sophie claimed that it has never been a problem. 

According to Dailymail, she claimed that the foundation of their friendship was what made their relationship work, and that as a result she now has the opportunity to spend every free moment with her closest friend. 

When they first started dating and were living apart, O'Connor produced a "pain packet" at his house just in case Dillman needed it. According to Dillman, O'Connor was the most helpful partner she could have had.

Dillman claimed that having individuals in her life who are like O'Connor makes the excruciating condition a little bit easier to bear.

Meet Sophie Dillman On Instagram

Sophie Dillman, a well-known actress, is very active on Instagram under the handle @sophiedillman.An Australian television actress named Sophie Dillman is best known for playing Ziggy Astoni in the hit show Home and Away.

In Home and Away, she shared the screen with Ray Meagher. She started playing the role of Ziggy in 2017. For her work on Home and Away, Sophie Dillman received a Graham Kennedy Award nomination for Most Popular New Talent.

She has also appeared in Romeo and Juliet as a nurse.She was frequently active on Instagram, where we could see what she was doing each day. She currently has 538 posts and 286k followers on Instagram.


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