Is Shula Leaving The Archers? What Happened To Judy Bennett? Plot Line Details


Charlotte Higgins on The Archers: St Shula has her doubts ( Source : Theguardian )

Shula Lloyd from BBC Radio 4 is not leaving the role of Shula in The Archers.

Hebden, Shula Lloyd, also known as Archer, is a fictional character from the BBC Radio 4 soap opera The Archers. In 1958, the character was introduced as the eldest daughter of Phil and Jill Archer.

Shula, a devout Christian involved in the Ambridge church and Parish Council, has appeared in some of the shoe's most contentious and high-profile storylines, including the demise of her first husband Mark, an affair with the village doctor, which eventually led to successful IVF treatment.

According to Archer's official website, Shula is a "pillar of the Church" and a "first love of horses." She has been married to Brian Aldridge co-star Charles Collingwood since 1975.

Quick Facts To Know About Judy Bennett

Real NameJudy Bennett
Date Of Birth5th October, 1984
Birth PlaceLiverpool, Lancashire, England
Zodiac SignGemini
SpouseCharles Collingwood

Is Shula Leaving The Archers?

Shula is not leaving the Archers as of 2022. She left the Ambridge in the drama, which had created many rumors about her quitting The Archer.

Judy Bennett plays Shula Hebden- Lloyd in The Archers
Judy Bennett plays Shula Hebden- Lloyd in The Archers ( Source : churchtimes )

Judy Bennett, a Liverpudlian actress, has played Shula since 1971. Bennett has been playing the role for 51 years since 2021, making her one of the world's longest-serving soap opera actors.

The Architechs Hebden, Shula Lloyd may be considering leaving Ambridge after a heartfelt conversation with her father-in-law, Jim Lloyd, on this evening's episode of the village-based drama.

The Archers is a BBC Radio 4 radio drama on the corporation's main spoken-word channel. It has been broadcast since 1951 & got famously billed as "an everyday story of country folk" before being rebranded as "a contemporary drama in a rural setting."

It is the world's longest-running drama by several episodes, having aired over 19,500 episodes.

What Happened To Judy Bennett? 

Judy Bennett appeared distracted as The Archers kicked off this evening, with her and Jill Archer (Patricia Greene) talking about coming across Leonard Berry (Paul Copely) painting horses in the drama.

The Archer's husband and wife stars, Charles and Judy Bennett
The Archer's husband and wife stars, Charles and Judy Bennett ( Source : thetimes )

While Jill remained with the amateur painter, Shula met with Jim (John Rowe) to discuss an incident at a recent Christening at the local church that caused the religious character to stumble and be unable to deliver a speech at the ceremony.

The pair had a tense relationship on the BBC Radio 4 soap due to their opposing religious beliefs. Still, Jim and Shula appeared to reconcile as the father-in-law tried to console the chaotic character.

However, after admitting to Jim that she wasn't sure what she believed in anymore, Shula teased that she could take a break away from the village at the end of the episode.

"I didn't know you would be there," Shula replied. "After the discussion," she continued before Jim interjected.

"It won't be the first time I've turned up and put people off their stroke," Jim said, adding, "I thought you'd be pleased to see me struggle like that."

When Did Judy Bennett Begin Playing the Role of Shula In Archer?

Judy Bennett has been playing the role of Shula Hebden-Lloyd since 1971.

Bennett is a Liverpudlian voice actor whose career in radio began with the long-running soap opera. She had played Shula's twin brother Kenton and youngest sister Elizabeth before assuming the role of Shula herself.

The actor rose to fame after playing the role of Shula in the drama The Archer. She had received lots of love from her fans and audience as of 2022.


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