Is Manuela Arbelaez On Price Is Right Pregnant and Is She Leaving The Show? Her Husband & Children


Manuela Arbelaez, a model and a television personality. ( Source : Instagram )

Manuela Arbalaez from Price is Right is pregnant again in 2022.

She is a television personality who is best known for the reality television show, Price Is Right. She is a model by profession but has been getting a lot of recognition ever since she appeared in Price Is Right. For decades, the game shows The Price Is Right has been a household fixture.

So many of us like watching someone's face light up when they find out they've been chosen to be a contender. And nothing beats guessing among them to see if we could have won all of the rewards. Not to mention that announcer George Gray brings a lot of enthusiasm to each program.

Those who have watched The Price Is Right on a regular basis will be familiar with Manuela Arbeláez's visage. She has been a model on the show for more than ten years. Fans adore Manuela but recently they are speculating if Manuela is expecting a baby. Here is what we know about her life.

Quick Facts

NameManuela Arbelaez
Age34 Years Old
BornSeptember 9, 1988
Birth PlaceMedellin, Colombia
ProfessionModel Actress
First AppearanceApril 1, 2009

Is Manuela Arbelaez On Price Is Right Pregnant?

According to our research, Manuela Arbelaez is pregnant again. Manuela revealed that she was pregnant through an Instagram post where she is seen holding her baby bump.

On their first wedding anniversary, February 17, 2019, the couple revealed on Instagram that they were expecting their first child, a baby girl, in August 2019.

Manuela Arbelaez posing for a picture while showing her baby bump.
Manuela Arbelaez posing for a picture while showing her baby bump. ( Source : instagram )

Since February 17, 2018, Manuela, a Colombian-born American performer, has been married to Matthew Doherty. Matthew, her life partner, was born in Boston and celebrates his birthday on April 21.

Recently fans had been suspecting that Manuela is expecting a baby, but Manuela laid the pregnancy rumors to rest after she posted a baby bump on her Instagram account and said she only has four weeks left.

Arbelaez appears to be very happy to be a mother once again and she has been sharing her pregnancy journey among her followers since several months.

Is Manuela Arbelaez Leaving the Show?

Manuela has not been seen on the show for quite some time now. Most of her fans are worried and are speculating if she is leaving the show or if something happened to her. 

Manuela Arbelaez posed for a picture on a Yacht.
Manuela Arbelaez posed for a picture on a Yacht. ( Source : instagram )

Nothing has happened to Manuela as far as we know. Actually, she appears to be having the time of her life. We know she's on vacation because of some Instagram pictures. On September 22, 2021, she tagged herself in an Instagram photo taken at the Goodtime Hotel in Miami. She had previously shared another selfie on the app and tagged One Hoteles, a Mexican hotel company.

Arbelaez is still modeling for The Price Is Right, and she doesn't appear to be ready to quit. She mentioned the show's sound stage in an Instagram photo on August 30, 2021. She is in her 50th season.

Manuela may not be on The Price Is Right right now since she is on vacation. She hasn't made any public statements about quitting. Furthermore, all of her social media biographies and IMDb page reflect that she has not left the program.

In reality, The Price Is Right celebrated Manuela's birthday on Instagram in September 2021. So she could be on vacation to enjoy the big day. She has not directly talked about leaving the show anytime soon. Considering how big of a part the show has been in her life, she would announce her leaving it.

So we might see Manuela back on the soon again as it appears that she is on a break. 

Who Is Manuela Arbelaez?

Manuela Arbeláez was born in Medelln, Colombia to parents Luis Carlos Arbeláez and Gloria Correa. Manuela gathered her belongings and moved to the United States in 2006, hoping to make it big in the profession.

Manuela Arbelaez in one of her Instagram post.
Manuela Arbelaez in one of her Instagram post. ( Source : instagram )

She originally settled in West New York, New Jersey. Arbeláez became a contestant in the 2008 season of Nuestra Belleza Latina, a beauty contest/reality show hybrid that aired on the US Spanish-language television channel Univision. She finished sixth in the competition.

Manuela began working at THE PRICE IS RIGHT in 2009. She was a finalist in The Price Is Right Model Search in 2008, which drew the show's producers' notice. She was eventually added to the regular model rotation.

Arbelaez has also starred in The Bold and the Beautiful and in the film Jack and Jill, in addition to her work on TPIR. She appears in Diddy/Dirty Money's "Loving You No More" music video, as well as Robin Thicke's "It's in the Mornin'" music video. She was a Trophy Model at the 54th Grammy Awards earlier this year, and Complex Magazine ranked her the number one Hottest Game Show Eye Candy.

She has had a quite successful career so far as a model. She has the looks and the confidence for it and has won the hearts of many people worldwide. 

Manuela Arbelaez Time On Price Is Right

Manuela, who was still a new citizen in the United States, proceeded to audition for various TV acting and modeling jobs. Manuela learned of a Model Search contest for the television game show called The Price is Right during its 37th season shortly after becoming a finalist on Nuestra Belleza Latina and decided she wanted to audition.

Arbeláez was one of five lucky finalists picked from hundreds of women to appear on-camera as a model for one episode of the game show as the winner was decided by an internet fan vote and the opportunity to tape five extra episodes. The event was also held in four other locations: Los Angeles, Detroit, Birmingham, and Miami, with winners from those towns flying to Los Angeles.

Manuela Arbelaez during a photoshoot.
Manuela Arbelaez during a photoshoot. ( Source : instagram )

Along with Manuela, who represented New York City, the other finalists were Annilie Hastey of Miami, Lindsey Kelley of Los Angeles, Ekima White of Detroit, and Amanda Shiflett of Birmingham.

The complete week of episodes aired from October 20th to October 24th, 2008, with Manuela's episode airing on Monday and Amanda's episode showing on Tuesday. Viewers submitted their ballots in an online poll that began on the 24th and ran through the 31st. After the votes were counted, Amanda was declared the winner, with her extended week of shows airing from January 12 to 16, 2009.

Although she did not win the model contest, Manuela made a lasting impression on the show's producers, and a few months later, she was employed as a regular model for the show, replacing ex-model Brandi Sherwood-Cochran, who was fired from the show due to her pregnancy and later filed a lawsuit as a result.

Arbeláez made her formal Price is Right debut on April 1, 2009 (airdate), and she will continue in the current season.

More On Manuela Arbelaez Career

Manuela has been on numerous TV series, including the CBS serial opera The Bold and the Beautiful, and in the film, Jack and Jill, in addition to joining The Price is Right as their new model.

She also appeared in Diddy/Dirty Money's Loving You No More music video and Robin Thicke's It's in the Mornin' music video. She was also among the 54th Grammy Awards Trophy Models, which aired in February 2012.

Manuela became so famous with game show viewers that Complex magazine named her one of the 25 Hottest Game Show Eye Candy, placing first on the list along with  Lanisha Cole, Rachel Reynolds, Lisa Gleave, Jennifer England, and many more.

Manuela was injured during an episode that aired in February 2016 after modeling a trampoline during one of the things up for bid rounds, injuring her ankle and putting ice on it, and as a result, she was gone for the balance of the program, leaving Rachel Reynolds modeling the rest of the show alone.

As of currently, Manuela, along with other models from the show such as Reynolds, Amber Lancaster, and male models James O'Halloran and Devin Goda, continue to model on The Price is Right as October 2018 will highlight 10 years since her initial appearance during the model tryout.

Some FAQs

Is Manuela Arbelaez Pregnant in 2022?

Yes, Manuela Arbelaez is pregnant in 2022 with her second baby.

Who Is Manuela Arbelaez Husband?

Manuela Arbelaez has been married to Matthew Doherty since February 17, 2018.

Is Manuela Arbelaez Leaving Price Is Right?

No, Manuela Arbelaez has not confirmed or stated that she is leaving Price Is Right.

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