Is Lee Asher Married To Luke Barton? A Look At The Dog Rescuers and Their Relationship


Lee Asher And The Pack Getting The Sanctuary Ready For Some New Family Members. ( Source : Kickstarter )

Many wonders if lee Asher is married to Luke Barton based on their friendship of many years, but no the two are not married.

Lee Asher and Luke Barton are well-known people who have rescued shelter dogs and placed them for adoption.

While Luke is more active behind the scenes, Lee has made an appearance on the Animal Planet/Discovery+ show My Pack Life.

Furthermore, Asher and Barton travel the world in an RV, where they have adopted 500 dogs and will continue to do fantastic work in the future.

Is Lee Asher Married To Luke Barton?

Less Asher is currently single and has yet to marry. He previously dated Ana Rubiolo, but they did not get married.

Lee Asher And Luke Barton Talking About Their Non Profit Organization
Lee Asher And Luke Barton Talking About Their Non Profit Organization ( Source : youtube )

Lee and Luke meet each other while working for RV Traveller. Since their first meeting, the two have collaborated on numerous projects traveling and rescuing the dogs.

Asher and his partner Barton seem to be made for each other. They both have the same vision for the RV tour. They teach the local people how to train their dogs and encourage them to adopt instead of purchasing pets.

Neither of them has talked about their relationship on social media and on television, but they appear together on the Ellen Show. A clip of them went viral on Ellen's Youtube channel, where 511k people have watched it.

Both of them are seen traveling across the country promoting their work with animal rescue. They also partner with animal shelters and hold special events to showcase rescued dogs.

Lee Asher and Luke Barton's Relationship Explained

Lee Asher and Luke Barton are the amazing duos collaborating on the mission to rescue dogs from shelters.

Lee and Luke were neither high school friends nor revealed how they met or how long they had known each other; however, Asher and Luke rose to prominence after appearing on Ellen's show.

They were featured on the show, and the video was posted on Ellen's official YouTube channel on April 15, 2019. Furthermore, the 5-minute video has received 511k views to date.

They've been working together ever since while traveling in their RV. They've also shared a video on their YouTube channel to give their fans a look at their RV.

Lee Asher Recevied Lots Of Support For His Dog Rescue Program
Lee Asher Recevied Lots Of Support For His Dog Rescue Program ( Source : unitedshowbiz )

This event also helps the street dogs to find homes. They are also supported by Shutterfly, which supports the charity The Asher House. Despite their busy lives, they have time to volunteer for animal rescues.

He has a Facebook page called @theasherhouse and an Instagram account where he has many photos of dogs.

See Lee Asher's Instagram Photos

Lee Asher's images can be found on Instagram under the handle @theasherhouse. He has a total of 2035 posts on his official social media account.

Lee Asher Showing Best Breed Of His Dog Collection
Lee Asher Showing Best Breed Of His Dog Collection ( Source : discovery )

He also makes money from his social media accounts by endorsing brands and selling commercials. He has over 908k Instagram followers. His social media account got verified with a blue tick as of 2022.

Asher's recent post was uploaded on September 14, 2022. He uploaded a short video of a Big ol Pollie dog on his Instagram handle.

Rather than family photos, he has the most images with his pets. His portrait photos are rarely seen on his social media accounts.

Is Lee Asher And Luke Barton Still Together?

Lee Asher And Luke Barton are still together as of 2022. They are related by heart and not by blood; they are not brothers but partners traveling the world together in an RV.

Lee and Luke are neither biologically related nor come from the same family; however, they share a big heart and a similar vision of getting more people to adopt shelter animals.

Asher gave up his 9 to 5 corporate job to achieve what he has today. Similarly, Barton was always behind the camera and met the Asher house's founder through his job. The photographer revealed that he met the animal rescuer while photographing his dogs. Both clicked and manifested in rescuing shelter dogs because he was a traveler with an RV, and the rest is history.

Asher House Dog For Adoption

The Asher House is a registered non-profit sanctuary in Estacada, Oregon. They rescue the dogs and provide them with a comfortable life with lots of love.

Lee Asher Feeding Healthy Diet To His Dog
Lee Asher Feeding Healthy Diet To His Dog ( Source : instagram )

For over two years, our Founder, Lee Asher, traveled across 49 states to promote dog adoption and highlight various shelters and rescues.

Lee was determined to realize his lifelong dream of establishing a sanctuary where animals could feel treasured, protected, and free after his Pitbull Stella passed away. Asher discovered a large parcel of property in late 2020 that was the ideal setting for his vision to become a reality.

Are Lee Asher and Ana Rubiolo Dating?

Lee Asher Asher and Ana Rubiolo were dating previously, but they are no longer together.

Lee Asher Taking Picture With His Dog
Lee Asher Taking Picture With His Dog ( Source : crossover99 )

Ana Rubiolo has had a relationship with the animal rescuer. He has not addressed any rumors about their relationship status, and he no longer posts photos of Ana on social media like he used to.

On the internet, some claim that the two are no longer together. Lee posts photos of his dogs and animal rescue activities on Instagram.

In a 2020 interview with Insider, Asher noted that the most complex muscle to train is avoiding attachment to his animals.

Lee Asher Net Worth: How Much Is He Earning?

Lee Asher's net worth is estimated to be $1.6 million. He made his money as a corporate trainer, earning a six-figure salary.

"My Pack Life," a new Animal Planet and Discovery+ series about animal carers, has premiered. The Dodo assisted in the creation of the show.

As his career progresses, Asher expands his space for his animals and begins to live with them regularly. Lee talks about his own bullying experiences and how caring for animals has become a passion and a way for him to cope with his grief.


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