Is Director Paul Tarantino Related To Legendary Quentin Tarantino?


Paul Tarantino is the filmmaker and writer ( Source : Imdb )

Even though Paul Tarantino is not related to legendary Quentin Tarantino, the latter has surely influenced the director's work.

The Big Ugly (2020), Courting Courtney, and Fear the Walking (2015), are some of the best-known works from writer-director Paul Tarantino.

People have wondered whether he has any connection to Pulp Fiction filmmaker Quentin Tarantino because of his last name. His movies are known for their repeated allusions to popular culture and cinema genres, nonlinear plots, grim comedy, stylized violence, lengthy conversation, widespread use of foul language, cameos, and ensemble casts.

Quick Facts

Full NamePaul Tarantino
ProfessionWriter and Filmmaker
Birth PlaceNew Jersey, USA
Known ForThe Big Ugly (2020), and Courting Courtney
AwardsNominated for Emmy Awards

Paul Tarantino is from New Jersey, USA
Paul Tarantino is from New Jersey, USA( Source : Paultarantino )

Paul Tarantino is not related to Qunetin Tarantino. They only share a common last name. However, both the artists come from the film industry, due to which many people confuse them to be related to each other. 

According to Wikipedia, the Italian word "Tarantino" means "originating from Taranto," a town in the southern Italian region of Apulia.

With the 1992 release of the crime movie Reservoir Dogs, Quentin launched his independent filmmaking career. His second movie, Pulp Fiction (1994), a darkly comic crime thriller that won multiple honors from critics and audiences, including the Palme d'Or and the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay, was a critical and commercial smash.

Quentin Tarantino directed his first movie Reservoir Dogs in 1992
Quentin Tarantino directed his first movie Reservoir Dogs in 1992 ( Source : faroutmagazine )

Paul has directed numerous commercials, reality shows, web series, and documentaries. He authored the script for the 2020 film The Big Ugly. As a result of London crime lords investing in a West Virginia oil deal to launder their dirty money, it depicts the story of how Anglo-American ties become sour.

Facts About Paul Tarantino 

  1. Paul Tarantino relocated to Los Angeles to attend USC after growing up in New Jersey.
  2. His engagement with the renowned Groundlings theater helped him learn and gain respect for acting and writing when he finished school. He worked his way up in the film and TV industry on advertisements.
  3. Paul has produced and directed entertaining, humorous, and exciting commercials, television promotions, behind-the-scenes documentaries, reality shows, and online series for over 15 years.
  4. In addition to being nominated for an Emmy Award, he has received honors (Promax, Gracie, and Telly Awards).
  5. Paul enjoys a unique position in a developing sector at the nexus of content development and marketing thanks to his comprehensive history in all areas of media creation, including writing and acting.
  6. He is active on Instagram under the username @toastfilm. There, he has amassed more than 400 followers. Each post on his Instagram has a tale to share.
  7. According to his Instagram post, Paul doesn't have any kids. However, he is very close to his best friend Bart's kids. He wrote, "I don't have any children; the closest I have would be my best friend Bart's kids. I've watched them grow up into truly amazing adults. I am so thankful for Bart and his family."
  8. He was the director of Courting Courtney. It concerns a filmmaker named Nick, who has chosen to create a documentary about the love life of his closest friend Courtney. Courtney, a teacher, has been in an on-again, off-again relationship with a man for two years. She has also attempted video dating and joined a women's club.
  9. He has worked on projects for networks like AMC, ABC, BRAVO, Fox Television, FX, TBS, HGTV, USA, Lifetime, and OWN in the past.

Paul Tarantino was interested in movies since young age
Paul Tarantino was interested in movies since young age ( Source : instagram )


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