Inside The Life Of Actor Ben Kissel and Girlfriend Brooke Rogers With Their Child


Ben Kissle and Brooke Rogers ( Source : Instagram )

Ben Kissel is a comedian and podcaster best known for being one of the co-hosts of The Last Podcast on the Left, a well-liked true crime and supernatural podcast. Fox News and HLN have also featured Ben Kissel as a political pundit.

With Marcus Parks and Henry Zebrowski, he has co-hosted the horror/comedy podcast The Last Podcast on the Left since 2011. Additionally, the group performs live events across the country and can be seen on Adult Swim's The Last Stream on the Left.

Ben Kissel and Girlfriend Brooke Rogers Relationship Timeline 

Brooke Rogers has been Ben Kissel's long-term partner for a very long time. The actor has always kept his personal affairs quiet, and Brooke, his girlfriend, has never been mentioned.

The tale of how the two met and fell in love hasn't been shared. Ben frequently shares pictures of himself and his fiancĂ©e on social media, and they appear content. There has never been any word of Rogers and Kissel's separation; instead, Rogers has always been a caring and supportive partner. He posted a photo of his wife on Instagram and a heartfelt caption to respond to the body-shamed abuse directed at his wife.

Ben Kissel with his girlfriend
Ben Kissel with his girlfriend ( Source : instagram )

He wrote, "To those sketchy haters I'm not ashamed my girlfriend is confident in her own skin and I'm endlessly proud of what a great mother she is! She's stronger than all of us. Let's all keep crushing it and truck along!"

This shows that he doesn't endure any hateful comments toward his wife and is always ready to save her from those harsh criticisms. Their fans enjoy seeing them together and wish for them to remain content and wed soon. There are no immediate plans for the pair to wed. They will reveal their wedding date once they're ready.

Ben Kissel & Brooke Rogers Age Gap 

Ben was born on July 21, 1981. He is thus 41 years old right now. Likewise, it looks that his partner is in her late 30s. We think that their age difference is maybe 4 to 5 years.

He stands about 6 feet 7 inches tall and carries an average weight for his height of 197 pounds. The actor appears to have brown eyes and medium-length hair. He has two brothers; his father is said to have moved to the United States from Germany & worked as a truck driver for 25 years. He also grew up in a home that housed numerous foster children and provided assistance to scores of neglected youngsters.

At his school, Kissel was known as the "class clown" because he constantly made an effort to make other pupils laugh.

Politics, rather than performing, was his first area of interest, which started in 2001 and 2002 during the Iraq War. Ben studied political science at the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee and earned a bachelor's degree there. He identifies as an atheist, which means he does not believe in either God or Satan.

What Is Brooke Rogers Net Worth? 

According to Idol Net Worth, Brooke Rogers' partner, Ben Kissel, has a net worth of $3 million. 

Ben began performing stand-up comedy in 2005 because he had always wished he could. He was excellent at it, and he continues to practice it. He produced a documentary on his campaign for government in New York called Hail Yourself, America! Ben once appeared in a TV show's Bigfoot auditions. He is a huge wrestling fan, which inspired him to start the wrestling podcast Kinda Fun.

Ben Kissel in the frame
Ben Kissel in the frame ( Source : instagram )

He rose to fame after he joined Marcus Parks and Henry Zebrowski as co-hosts of the horror comedy program "The Last Podcast on the Left" in 2011. The program received a Webby Award in 2017. Henry, Marcus, and Ben were close friends before they began their comedy show. The hour-long episodes of "The Last Podcast on the Left" are released every Friday. Now, most of Ben and his co-host's conversations center on the natural and imagined horrors of the world.


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