How Rich is Author Di Morrissey As She Promotes Her Brand New Novel On TV?


Di Morrissey book The Night Tide, featured in Apple book. The photo clicked by Linda Bryant. ( Source : Facebook )

Author Di Morrissey is in the process of launching her new book, The Night Tide.

Morrissey is one of Australia's most successful writers. She is known as the best-selling novelist in Australia. Perhaps, she used to count Chips Rafferty, an Australian actor, as her close mentor and colleague. Also, the renowned actor provided help to her and her mother after the demise of her family member. 

Some Quick Facts

Full NameGrace Diane Cairns
Birth placeManning Valley, New South Wales
ParentsKay and Len Cairns

How Rich is Author Di Morrissey?

Morrissey may be rich and earn husk cash from her books. She started her journey as a journalist at a young age. She began writing in The Australian Women Weekly magazine as a cadet when she was only 17. 

Afterward, Morrissey served on Northcliffe Newspapers as a journalist on London's Fleet-street. She worked there for several years. Later she married Pete and stayed in Hawaii. The author had her morning television show in the city for KGMB. 

Morrissey emerged in several episodes of the series Hawaii Five-O on CBS TV. Before she returned to Australia, she lived with her spouse in South East Asia and Guyana. The author became part of Good Morning Australia and later left in 1989 to continue her writing. She wrote her first novel, Heart of the Dreaming. 

In 1991, the novel was published and became a best seller. The book established the high demand for Australian-based stories, and her novel was inspired by geographies with environmental, cultural, and political issues. 

 Di Morrissey announced her new novel, THE NIGHT TIDE, come out on September 13
Di Morrissey announced her new novel, THE NIGHT TIDE, come out on September 13 ( Source : facebook )

Author Di Morrissey's Net Worth 

According to some sources, Morrissey's net worth is estimated at $3 million to $5 million. However, she may earn husky cash from her book. The author is best selling novelist. However, she faced financial problems while growing up. 

Morrissey grew up assuming that women could do anything. She wanted to tell stories and write books from her childhood. However, for her education, her mother couldn't afford the University fee. Her wise correspondent uncle asked her to learn journalism. 

Morrisey's uncle inspired her to work in a newspaper and be a copygirl. She got the best advice from her uncle. However, her career took her to the fleet street, London, in the 60s. It was a lot of fun for Australian single women. The author interviewed the rolling stones, and she had a great experience during that period. 

After four years, Morrisey could not adjust to the weather and moved back to Australia. After her marriage to Peter, she traveled to various countries and didn't give up her journalism career. She was a writer for the local newspapers. The author worked on the radio and interviewed people. Also, she did odd television things. Morrisey had an adventurous and wonderful life.

Di Morrissey signed a few copies of her new book, 'The Night Tide.' People can pre-order them at QBD Books, Booktopia, Dymocks Books and BIG W.
Di Morrissey signed a few copies of her new book, 'The Night Tide.' People can pre-order them at QBD Books, Booktopia, Dymocks Books and BIG W. ( Source : facebook )

Di Morrissey Best Selling Books Detailed

Morrissey's first novel, Heart of the Dreaming, was a best-selling book in the 1990s. According to Amazon, her books cost $15.93. The book paperback of January 1, 2008, is the cost equation. However, the two used prices are $ 14.99. Even we can read the book from the free app, which price around $7.99. 

The book was launched by Australia's renowed female novelist, Morrisey. Also, the book's length is 600 pages. The author worked on the new book, The Golden Land. The book was published in 2012. Later, in 2015, she published a monthly newspaper covering local news, The Manning Community News. 

Morrissey is currently working on her new book, The Night Tide. The book launched on September 13, and the book was featured on Apple Book. People can preorder the novel through the apple site. 

Where Does Di Morrissey live?

Morrissey returned to live in her birthplace, Manning valley, on the New South Wales Mis-North Coast. Also, she is one of Australia's most prolific authors writing dozens of bestsellers. She spent decades traveling the country and the world. Her adventure stories are inspiring. 

According to ABC News host Rosie Batty, Morrissey works harder than ever to give her society a voice. She gave an interview about her life details on the show One Plus One. In the first episode, they described the author. 

After some time, the host talked about her birth and growing up in Manning Valley in northern NSW. Also, they discussed experiencing family tragedy and demisse at a young age, Di's early career in journalism, marriage, and children, and the difficult decision to leave her family. 

Morrisey is thrilled to meet Rosey in the One Plus One. She interviewed the author in her wonderful home. Manning Valley is a beautiful place in Australia.

Rosie Batty puts  Di Morrissey under the microscope in ABC TV + iview
Rosie Batty puts Di Morrissey under the microscope in ABC TV + iview "One Plus One ( Source : facebook )

She grew up in a little country town down the road named Wiggum. Even Morrisey's mother was born in the same house. They shared the beautiful old dairy farming area with a history. She was flabbergasted by the magnificent delta of the Manning river. 

Morrisey's grandfather used to carry her down the track through the mill. She hasn't been to her hometown for many decades. Nonetheless, her grandparents are long gone. She returned to her place to set a book, but she felt the pool and moved to the valley. 

Morrisey's birthplace is the location that holds her first memories. She remebers being surrounded by cows and horses. When the author was five, her family moved to Lovett bay in Sydney's pit water. 

Di Morrissey Moved With Her Family To Remote Area

Morrissey was a child when their family moved to remote surrounds of semi-mature tide-dominated drowned valley Pittwater, north of Sydney. She was born to her parent Kay and Len, in Wingham, New South Wales, in 1943. 

Morrissey's birth name is Grace Diane Cains, and she is currently 78 or 79 years old. The author holds the nationality of Australia. Also, she used to count Australian actor Chips as her friend. The artist helps her and her mother in need. 

Morrissey lost her stepfather and half-brother when she was a child. As a result, Chips helped them to raise funds to send her to California to reside with her family member. Later, Kay Roberts became first Australia's female commercial television director. 

Di Morrissey old picture with her partner. She look stunning in her young age.
Di Morrissey old picture with her partner. She look stunning in her young age. ( Source : facebook )

Kay used to work at different agencies, including Artransa Studios, the Australian government agency Australian Film Commission, and Film Australia. She grew up under the love and care of her mother. The author faced a lot of difficulties in her childhood. 

The Morrissey family was financially broke during the 1950s.

Di Morrissey Live With Partner Boris Janijc

Morrissey tied the knot with her partner, Boris. Before him, she took marriage vows with Pere Morrissey US diplomat. The pair used to tour a lot as their job requirement. The author lived with her ex-husband in various countries in Southeast Asia and Guyana. 

Morrissey later returned to Australia. She was the first woman to host Australia's first national current affairs television show. She was the anchor of the breakfast program Good Morning Australia alongside co-host Gordon Elliot. The show first started in 1981 on Network Ten. 

After several years, the couple parted from each other after realizing they could not continue the relationship. However, Boris was Morrissey's childhood buddy. The couple met each other when she was only 15. 

Boris was the photographer of the author's mother. At that time, she had a crush on the shutterbug. However, they couldn't make it and later split. After she divorced her first husband, the couple reunited. 

Currently Boris and Di has a blissful married life in their house in Manning Valley of New South Wales. 

Lovely family picture of Di Morrissey with her daughter and two grandchildren
Lovely family picture of Di Morrissey with her daughter and two grandchildren ( Source : facebook )

Di Morrissey Has Two Children

Morrissey has two children with her first partner, Peter. During her married life, she explored many countries alongside her kids. In the process, her child have been exposed to different languages, food, culture, and poverty. 

Morrissey's children are altruistic. She felt them as caring people of their travel to various countries. After the divorce, the kids stayed with Peter, and they studied at a brilliant international school. 

Peter was in Jakarta, and she came back to Sydney. She felt judged after leaving her child to Peter. The author made a hard decision in her life. Nevertheless, they both used to visit each other from time to time for three months of summer vacation and on Christmas. 

Morrisey was very close with her children after her partition. Her children had been exposed to many interesting, cultural, and awareness. They were extraordinarily generous and well-adjusted and amazing kids. 


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