How Rich Is Adja Toure From Real Girlfriends Of Paris?


Adja Toure calims that her poses, fits, and sass are not beleiving ( Source : Instagram )

Adja Toure participates in Real Girlfriends of Paris. Fans are curious to find out how rich she is since she has a lot of work experience.  

The reality Tv show was released on September 5, 2022. Some viewers are glued to their Tv screen as the story unfolds. 

How Rich Is Adja Toure From Real Girlfriends Of Paris?

Adja Toure has several years of experience. Above that, she has recently featured in Real Girlfriends In Paris. In the reality Tv series, there are six bold women, i.e., Anya Firestone, Emily Gorelik, Margaux Lignel, Kacey Margo, and Victoria Zito.

The ladies in their 20s go around the city of lights hoping to find true love. They also get to make long life friendships and enjoy the best moments of their life. 

Adja Toure features in Real Girlfriend in 2020
Adja Toure features in Real Girlfriend in 2020 ( Source : instagram )

One contestant who grabbed the audience's attention is Adja, a businesswoman who says she fell in love with Paris when she first visited the country as a child. However, some netizens wonder whether she is rich or not. 

Adja Toure Net Worth

Adja Toure started her career as a head of marketing at Gymtegrity, but she had prior experience at her hand by working with several employers. She had worked with U.S. National Archives and Records Administration, Engaged Learning and Research, and Julie Lundy Event Design. 

In 2017, she took on the position of an Institutional Client Business Summer Analyst at the New York City-based company BlackRock but did not continue for a long time there. Next, she took on the role of an External Relations Associate at Cornell SC Johnson College of Business.

Adja Toure and Real Girlfriend in Paris Cast
Adja Toure and Real Girlfriend in Paris Cast ( Source : instagram )

But she changed sooner to join Walmart as a Beauty Buyer and Merchandiser. But, in early 2020, she left Walmart and joined The Cookware Company as a Senior eCommerce Analyst, as per LinkedIn.

She worked with CPG 3rd Party Merchant and Multicultural Hair Care Company before she started her own business. Currently, she is looking after the Senior Brand Operations Manager venture and works as a Senior Brand Operations Manager in an Ecommerce Solutions Company. 

She has worked for several companies over the years, making people think she may have earned impressive net worth. While this may be true but she has not mentioned details regarding it. 

Adja Toure Is A Businesswoman

Adja explored various fields and worked in several positions while gaining experience. In the show, she shares how she fell in love with Paris. 

And because of that, on July 2022, she relocated to France and established Atelier Toure LLC. The company aims to assist businesses in various ways, including SEO copywriting, digital marketing, and paid search strategy. Moreover, she has also expressed her interest in entering the beauty industry. 

Who Are Adja Toure Parents?

Adja Toure's parents live in Annandale, Virginia, Her father's name is Chamesou Toure, and her mother's name is Anne Marie Toure. The Tv personality has not shared information about them on her social media handle, but some sources on the internet have provided a sneak peek into her private life. 

Her Father Chamesou Toure Job

Adja Toure's father, Chamesou Toure, is a Senior Business Analyst. As mentioned in his Linkedin handle, he is an MBA graduate from John Hopkins University. 

He started his career by working as a Senior Requirements Analyst at Intelsat. Then, in 2004, he took the role of Requirement Analyst at Fulton Associates, Inc. 

During that time, he also started teaching as a Corporate Finance Professor at John Hopkins University. From 2006- 2010, he was a Senior Business Analyst and Product Manager at Convergys. 

After that, he worked as a Director of System Planning inBringcom Inc for one year. Then, in 2014, he landed a job as General manager at Caurix Paiement Mobile. He has been continuing his job for almost a decade now. 

Adja Mother Is Anne Marie Toure 

Adja has a loving mother named Anne Marie Toure. She is a Language Arts teacher and Language Training Supervisor at the Department of State Development/Foreign Service Institute.

Who Are Adja Toure Family?

Adja Toure family consists of five members. Besides her parents, there are two people related to her. They are possibly her childcare who has two siblings, Sidy Toure and Ndeye Dieynaba Toure. 

Sidi Toure

Sidy Toure graduated from the University of Virginia and completed his majors in economics and politics in 2008. He works as a Project Manager & Founder of Lexeme LLC but has prior work experience at several places, including Bristol-Myers Squibb, Princeton, and New Jersey. 

Adja Toure with her friends at Cornell university
Adja Toure with her friends at Cornell university ( Source : instagram )

He also has a job at Booz Allen Hamilton as a Project Management Consultant and Functional Business Analyst at HPT. He is currently based in Washington, Dc, U.S.

Ndeye Dieynaba Toure

Ndeye Dieynaba Toure is a physician at Lehigh Valley Health Network. She received her bachelor's degree in biology at Praire View A&M university. Likewise, she went to Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine to earn her Doctorate in Osteopathic Medicine. 


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