How Old Was Kristen Zang When She Dated Leonardo Dicaprio?


Kristen Zang attended Giuseppe Zanotti Design Beverly Hills Store Opening cocktail reception held on February 4, 2011 in Beverly Hills, California. ( Source : Gettyimages )

Kristen Zang was 21 years old when she dated Leonard Dicaprio. She broke up with him after her 25th birthday. 

She spoke out about ageist headlines and comments following Leonardo Dicaprio these days on the internet following his separation from his girlfriend, Camila Morrone, 25. 

How Old Was Kristen Zang When She Dated Leonardo Dicaprio?

Leonardo Dicaprio is currently in the news headline as he has separated from his girlfriend, Camila Morrone. Over the years, netizens have noticed that the actor has not dated women above 25 years old. 

And he also recently broke up with Morrone, who turned 25 this year. As a result, ageist headlines and online comments are circulating about him. 

And it has compelled his past lover, Kristen Zang, to speak up. According to People, Zang and Dicaprio met casually through friends. 

She was 19 years old at that time. But, they started dating when both of them were 21. 

Kristen Zang and Leonardo DiCaprio spotted together in Romeo & Juliet Premiere in 1996
Kristen Zang and Leonardo DiCaprio spotted together in Romeo & Juliet Premiere in 1996 ( Source : gettyimages )

She shared that it was a different time back then when they could enjoy small moments in their lives as paparazzi would not follow them everywhere. They could go to concerts, movies, amusement parks, and museums together without worry. 

She added that it was an innocent time, and they were nerds with glamorous jobs. Her friends knew his friends, and she would visit him on various sets in different countries. 

They had difficult times as every other couple does. They had broken up for a while in 1997 but got back together. But Zang said that Leo was a sweet and caring boyfriend. 

The pair then split after Zang's 25th birthday. But, she admitted that it was she who decided to break up. She thought she was ready for their relationship to be done. But, she felt like she had outgrown that version of herself and had wanted to figure out what she wanted in her life. 

Kristen Zang Wikipedia and New Relationship Detailed

Kristen Zang defended her ex-boyfriend Leo, who is labeled an ageist for not dating women over 25. She shared how she was the one who decided to split from Leo after her 25th birthday. 

She expressed her views on his recent breakup as well. No one knows what happened between the couple, but she thinks Morrone may have cared deeply for Leo, but she may be ready for the next chapter of her life- just like how she was. 

Kristen is now married to her husband Shea and lives a quiet life with him in the countryside of Oregon. He is a builder who is younger than her in age. 

Kristen Zang lives in Oregon with her pet and husband Shea
Kristen Zang lives in Oregon with her pet and husband Shea ( Source : people )

She met him when she was 38 and married when she was 40. She did some modeling and appeared in commercials in her 20s, but she found her true passion not until she was 30. 

She was passionate about dog nutrition and started her own company when she was 33. She now runs a locally-sourced dog food company and lives a happy life with her spouse. 

Thus, she commented about Leo's breakup and said that it could be temporary or maybe it is not something people should be concerned about. However, people on the internet should stop with ageist headlines and comments while keeping the funny memes coming. 

Kristen Zang Net Worth

Kristen Zang started her career as a model and later appeared in a few movies. She was at the age of 17 when she began working as a model. 

She featured in movies named Hollywood in 2006. She accompanied Leo when he made Romeo & Juliet, Titanic, and The Beach. 

She left the industry a long ago and is now a businesswoman running a dog food company in Oregon. She has yet to share details about her net worth, but she said she is living a quiet and peaceful life with her contractor husband. 


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