How Old Is Paige From Farmer Wants A Wife? Everything To Know About The Farmer Looking For Love


Farmer Paige From Farmer shares her unsual journey in becoming cattle and sheep farmer, she is looking for a partner now ( Source : Nvi )

Meet Paige, the show's only female farmer, who is looking for her Mr. Right hopes to find her only missing puzzle in life. Farmer Wants A Wife's 15th season aired on Channel 7 and 7 Plus, just about a week ago. Farmer Paige lives in Cassilis, NSW, and leads a peaceful farming lifestyle. She wants to have someone to accompany her in her everyday routine. 

1. Paige Is A Self-taught Cattle Farmer

Paige Marsh is a cattle and sheep farmer born in Brisbane in 1995. She currently resides in Cassilis, New South Wales farming on her 12,500-acre property. She is independent and feels confident in what she does.

2. Farmer Paige Had An Unusual Beginning

Born in Brisbane, Paige led a city lifestyle growing up until she was 15 when she had a gut feeling that farming was something she wanted to pursue. As a result, she moved to a regional place in Australia, i.e. Cassilis, New South Wales. The town only had around 3 to 400 residents. Paige actively started working on farmland in 2017.

3. Her Partner Doesn't Have To Be A Farmer

Farmer Paige made it clear that her partner doesn't have to be a farmer. She wishes to accept her other half to be in any field; however, she has set some ground rules. Paige wants her partner to understand her profession as it is not like any other 9-5 gig; her work could need her any time round the clock. So, she expects someone who can understand her schedule and fit into your farming lifestyle.

4. She Doesn't Have Usual Type

Marsh doesn't have any ideal picture of who she wants in her partner. But she wants her potential partner to understand that she values honesty and respect, and lastly, a good sense of humour wouldn't hurt.

Paige Marsh from Farmer Wants A Life is looking for someone to share her farm life with
Paige Marsh from Farmer Wants A Life is looking for someone to share her farm life with ( Source : tvtonight )

5. Paige Marsh Is 27

Brisbane native was born in 1995; she is now 27 years old and wants to settle down with her Mr Right. Paige grew up in Brisbane but moved to rural Australia to self-teach farming. At this age, she wants someone she can get along with quickly and share her everyday life with.

6. She Loves Outdoor Activities

Besides working on her farm, Paige loves outdoor activities. She enjoys rock climbing, hiking, going to rodeos, camp drafts, and sometimes training her dog. Not to mention, horse riding is what she spent the most time in. Furthermore, she does have an interest in baking and cooking as well.

7. She Is A Private Person

Despite getting a ton of media coverage, Paige has done a great job putting her personal life out of the spotlight. She has yet to share about her family, siblings, and friends. This section will be updated if any information comes to light.

8. Does Paige Have A Boyfriend?

Paige Marsh isn't dating anyone at the moment. She is currently single; however, going into the show, she already has five men vying for her attention. It's only a matter of time before Paige will choose the one that could potentially fit into her lifestyle.

These six farmers are looking for love, Look at the only female farmer, Paige Marsh, who will she choose among these five
These six farmers are looking for love, Look at the only female farmer, Paige Marsh, who will she choose among these five ( Source : lismorecitynews )

Living in Cassilis, Paige found it harder to find the best suitor for her. Leaving the city has made it harder for her to find a partner. In the show, Paige felt the connection with a Sydney gym owner named Spiros, but as she came to know he didn't want to have children, she immediately called it off. However, other fellow farmers have eyes on her. Ben Scowen, Harry Lloyd, and Will Simpson; let's see who will be the lucky guy. 

9. Paige Marsh Has A Net Worth of...

Paige has an estimated net worth of $170k. She works as a station handler in a vast area. Not that she has made her TV debut, we can expect she'll be earning more in the coming days. Her net worth is only going up.

10. The Only Female Farmer In The Show

Paige is the fourth female to ever star in the show as a female farmer. Jenny in 2009, Becky Cassanova in 2010, Melia Brent-White in 2011, and now her in the 2022 season. She is starring in Farmer Wants a Wife as the only female farmer. She specializes in cattle and sheep farming.


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