How Are Treshaun Ward and Charlie Ward Related?


Treshaun Ward is a FSU star. ( Source : 247Sports )

Treshaun Ward outperformed everybody in the recent NCCA football, and the Internet finds his skills similar to Charlie Ward. This has instantly raised questions if he is the son of a former basketball player. 

Teshaun is the running back for Florida State Seminoles and is one of the top players on the roster for 2022. With his jersey number 8, this time, Twitter is completely in awe of him. The praises do not seem to stop anytime soon now. 

Leah van had predicted before the game, "Treshaun Ward with a big-time run, tackle made by Jay Ward, but looks like it's getting called back on a holding penalty. Ward led the Seminoles last week with 127 yards rushing. He averaged over 6 yards per carrying last season." 

Is Treshaun Ward Charlie Ward's Son?

As Treshaun is the hot topic today, the curiosity around his father has gone the extra mile among his admirers. As he shares his last name with a college basketball star cum footballer Charlie Ward, everyone thinks that they share a father-son relationship. 

Charlie, after his professional basketball career, went on to commit his life to the sports world in his own ways. In March 2021, he received the All-Big Bend Coach of the Year award. Ward was also elected to the Tallahassee Community College District Board of Trustees in March 2021. In his web series "Chalk Talk with Charlie Ward," Ward discusses coaching in addition to FSU sports. He frequently appears on shows and podcasts about sports.

Charlie Ward with his son Caleb Ward and other family memebers.
Charlie Ward with his son Caleb Ward and other family memebers. ( Source : charlieward )

Even though everyone is talking about Treshaun being Charlie's son, this is untrue. Charlie's son, who was at FSU, is Caleb Ward. In the 2019 roster, he was listed as a wide receiver. There was even news about his father dropping him to his college for the game. 

Mixing up the two news and adding confusion to the scene with the same last name, the rumors about the current running back and the former quarterback began. However, in reality, it has no truth. 

Charlie Ward has two sons, Caleb Ward and Hope Ward. Treshaun Ward is not his son.

FSU Player Treshaun Ward Parents & Family

Treshaun Ward's mother's name is Carlena Ward, and she has been his biggest support system over the years. Several news sites have covered her enthusiasm and happiness whenever her son achieves anything significant in life. 

Going back to a time when her son got a scholarship, mommy Ward can't recall how she received the message, but she will never forget the three words that her son Treshaun spoke last spring while attending Florida State: "I got it."

After two years of paying for tuition, books, and lodging as a walk-on running back for the Seminoles, her son was able to secure a full scholarship. More than the burden getting out off her shoulder, it was the shine on her child's face that made her forget everything for the moment. 

Treshaun Ward's family is proud of their son.
Treshaun Ward's family is proud of their son. ( Source : theosceola )

While this interview was going on, Treshaun's father was not present, and there was little to no information available about him. However, currently, the false rumor about Charlie has skyrocketed. Both the players have not come forward to clarify the rumors. Similarly, Caleb and Treshaun share similar facial features, which has resulted in people getting confused about them being the same. Many call them brothers as well. But this is also completely baseless.

Present as showwtimee8 on Instagram; his parents are yet to get a spot on the platform. It is more about him trying to flaunt his professional life rather than personal pon his account. Apart from his football career, neither his family nor his girlfriend or love life has managed to get a place on his social media.


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