Has McNasty Done A Face Reveal? Here's How He Really Looks Like


McNasty is a YouTuber and internet celebrity ( Source : Youtube )

McNasty is one of the most celebrated and YouTube's Gold Creator Award recipients. McNasty, aka Eric, is an American YouTuber and Twitch streamer. 

He is known for his funny gaming videos and streams. He is a part of the podcast or content group, "The Goons," including Blarg, TheDooo, and Soup. 

He has a Twitch channel. It has nearly 227k followers as of September 2022. In addition, he is a TikTok star as well. His TikTok page has amassed 500.1k followers and 5.7 million likes so far. His short gaming videos are shared on this platform too. 

Besides that, he has a YouTooz figure, a Canadian company that creates figurines of popular YouTubers. One fact about McNasty is he is the oldest out of the Goons.

DOBDecember 16, 1999
Real nameEric
Known forComedy gig and streamer

Has Streamer McNasty Done A Face Reveal?

From the first day of launching a YouTube channel, McNasty has been faceless, by hiding his face behind the avatar has made the fans curious. After all, What does he look like in real life? 

People surpassed hateful comments on his Twitter page as he became a victim of trolls for being anonymous to his fans, while some tweets positive comments. 

McNasty made a decision to reveal his face
McNasty made a decision to reveal his face ( Source : twitter )

On October 16, 2018, McNasty thought to reveal his face on Twitter by ending the post, "Here's the real name." Sadly, there is no image of him. His followers replied to his tweet, "You look different from what he thought." Another replied to his tweet, "yeah, some people don't usually have the same face as their voice." There is a long thread of tweets on the post. 

If you check out his verified Instagram post, there is not a single photo of him with a full face. He has managed to keep his identity secret thus far, which is laudable.

YouTuber Dallas Soup has uploaded a video titled McNasty done a face reveal on TikTok Bruh Moment in 2020.

McNasty Age And Real Name

McNasty's real name is Eric. People recognized him by the moniker "MCNASTY."

The 29-year-old McNasty was born on December 16, 1992. He will turn 30 years old at the end of this year. 

McNasty's little brother
McNasty's little brother ( Source : instagram )

According to YouTube Fandom Wiki, he first launched his YouTube channel with the username McNasty on September 30, 2016. In his first video, McNasty played a character named "Ainsley" during a game CS: GO with Fitz.

He first gained notoriety after collaborating with CallMeCarson, when he was a CS: GO streamer and YouTuber. Nevertheless, Eric stopped making content with him as he moved to Minecraft and Discord videos.

He mainly plays first-person shooters, most notably CS: GO and Rainbow Six Siege.

How Much Fortune Did McNasty Make In 2022?

With 2.04 million subscribers on YouTube, McNasty has earned a decent sum of money from his entertaining gaming content.

Mainly, his source of earnings is from YouTube and games in which he competed in events. Also, he has launched merch products like a hoodie, T-Shirts, and many more, which you can buy online.

McNasty merch products are now available online
McNasty merch products are now available online ( Source : instagram )

Per our research and findings, the average YouTuber salary for those YouTubers with at least 1 million subscribers is 60,000 US Dollars per year. Well, in that case, McNasty has over two million subscribers. His earnings are perhaps over one million. 


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