George Lazenby Net Worth and Earnings As Former James Bond Star In 2022


George Lazenby was the 2nd actor to portray fictional British secret agent James Bond ( Source : Instagram )

George Lazenby played the role of fictitious British secret agent James Bond in On Her Majesty's Secret Service, making him the second actor to do so in the Eon Productions film series.

Prior to starring parts in Gettysburg and The Man from Hong Kong, Lazenby declined to appear in subsequent Bond films and claimed to have been shunned by the film business at this time.

Later on, Lazenby played parts that parodied the James Bond persona. He recounted his life story and Bond persona in the 2017 Hulu documentary Becoming Bond. Continue reading to learn more about him and the recent controversy about him. 

Quick Facts

Full NameGeorge Robert Lazenby
Birth Date5 September 1939
Age83 years old
Birth PlaceGoulburn, New South Wales, Australia
Years Active1965-present
SpousesChristina Gannett ​(1971-1995)​, Pam Shriver ​ ​(2002-2011)
Known ForJames Bond in On Her Majesty's Secret Service
Net Worth$20 million
kids5 (1 deceased)

What Is George Lazenby Net Worth and Earnings As James Bond Star?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, George Lazenby has a $20 million net worth.

To follow a woman he had fallen in love with, Lazenby relocated to London in 1963. He started selling used vehicles in Finchley and then sold new automobiles in Park Lane, where a talent scout noticed him and convinced him to become a model.

He rapidly made £25,000 yearly (equivalent to £515,00 today). He was well-known for appearing in a Fry's chocolate bars commercial, and he was named Top Model of the Year in 1966.

Producer Albert R. Broccoli and Lazenby first crossed paths in 1968 while getting their hair trimmed at the same barbershop after Sean Connery had retired from the James Bond role.

George Lazenby is into business and has invested in real estate
George Lazenby is into business and has invested in real estate ( Source : instagram )

Nevertheless, even before the film's release, Lazenby had made up his mind he would not return to the Bond franchise, despite numerous people in his life urging him to do so. He did, however, occasionally reprise the role of Bond in various parodies and unofficial Bond productions, though not in full-length James Bond movies.

After Bond, he abandoned acting in favor of a variety of commercial and real estate ventures, presumably where the majority of his $20 million net worth comes from.

George Lazenby Wife- All We Know About His Family 

Lazenby married Chrissie Townson, a member of the Gannett family, his girlfriend of three years, in 1973. Zachary and Melanie were their following two children.

Zachary was afflicted with a malignant brain tumor at the age of eleven and passed away at the age of nineteen. In New York, Melanie graduated as a real estate broker.

Lazenby wed Pam Shriver, a former tennis player, in 2002. According to reports, Shriver and Lazenby filed for divorce in August 2008. The couple's six-year marriage ended due to "irreconcilable differences," according to documents filed in Los Angeles Superior Court.

George Lazeny's first wife Chris, his late son Zach, and Melanie taken at their home in Sydney 1979
George Lazeny's first wife Chris, his late son Zach, and Melanie taken at their home in Sydney 1979 ( Source : instagram )

The couple gave birth to three children, including twins born in 2005. In May 2011, their divorce was legally formalized.

George Edward Lazenby, a railroad worker, and Sheila Joan Lazenby, a Fossey employee, were his parents. Barbara Lazenby was an exceptional dancer. He had surgery when he was young that left him with only half a kidney, and he spent 18 months in the hospital.

Lazenby's family relocated from Goulburn to Queanbeyan when he was approximately 14 years old, where his father had a store. After serving in the Australian Army, he worked as a mechanic and car salesperson.

George Lazenby Recent Controversy Regarding His Comments on Recent Interview 

George Lazenby took part in The Music of James Bond, an Australian tour. It was the third show of a multi-city tour.

The 83-year-old Australian actor has been dropped from the concert tour's last leg after a significant response resulted from the tribute to the film franchise veering into unsettling terrain.

Perth audience members were offended by remarks and vivid anecdotes that they deemed "homophobic." Lazenby expressed his sadness at learning that his stories had offended some of his fans.

Only simply wanting to "share some anecdotes" and "entertain," he claimed. A second caller backed the actor to 6PR, who claimed that his stories were purposefully "exaggerated" for comedy effect.

The West Australian Symphony Orchestra provided live musical accompaniment for Lazenby. Lazenby's recollections, according to WASO, were "personal beliefs" that were "completely unacceptable."


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