Gavin Drea Age and Career After He Appears On Wedding Season As Stefan


Gavin Drea Portrait By Ste Murray ( Source : Flickr )

Gavin Drea is an Irish actor known for his portrayal of Eadric Streona in the popular Netflix show Vikings: Valhalla. Working towards mapping himself in the mainstream, he is bagging one after other good roles in big projects. 

He has suddenly grabbed eyeballs after headlining major tabloids for his smashing performance in the Wedding season as the main lead. The show is all set to hit the screens on September 8 for audiences with mixed reviews. Although the show's not being criticized without any hesitation, Gavin's portrayal has been unanimously praised. RTE says he has been offered the perfect role. 

On the other hand, The Guardian says, "The grandiose project Wedding Season might fall short in its goals but still manages to be amusing. Those who enjoy fast-paced entertainment and resist the urge to declare Katie nisi the moment she shows up will undoubtedly have an even better experience."

Gavin Drea Age and WikiBio

Drea has appeared in a number of dramas in recent years, most notably in the 2019 RTÉ One series Resistance as Michael Collins. But he had an opportunity to showcase his comedic skills thanks to his role in Wedding Season.

Gavin Drea is around 30 years old in 2022. With his debut in 2010 as a grown-up, audiences have literally seen him mature on screen. With brief appearances and short roles, he has made a name for himself to finally land up being cast as the protagonist in Netflix's most talked about venture, 'Wedding Season.'

He dived into the world of acting as Christian Tracey in the Tv series Jack Taylor. Further, in 2011, he was Luke in Love/Hate. Irish drama, it is a television program that aired on RTÉ. The program ran on RTÉ One and RTÉ Player from 2010 to 2014 and featured made-up individuals in Dublin's criminal underworld.

Still of Gavin Drea as Andrew in Origin
Still of Gavin Drea as Andrew in Origin ( Source : imdb )

In 2012, he was Richard in 'What Richard Did,' in 2013, Michael in 'Beirt Le Cheile,' and in 2014, Jude in Cruelty. 

Then came the year where he worked in three series. The first one was Mick in Éirí Amach Amú. It was a story of Three 1916 rising re-enactors in Dublin who experience the shock of their life as they land in an extremely realistic situation.

Then he appeared in Barbarians Rising as Alaric. He had an episodic role in it. Towards the other half of the year, he was Barney Quinn in 'My Mother and Other Strangers.'  It is a British television drama series written by Barry Devlin and produced by BBC Northern Ireland with support from Northern Ireland Screen. The plot takes place in a small village in Northern Ireland in 1943, during World War II.

Drea's career-defining project came in 2017 when he played Sergeant Cooper in 'Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets.'

Who Is Gavin Drea Girlfriend? Wedding Season Actor's Love Life Explored

Gavin Drea is typically Irish when it comes to sharing his personal life. As classy as he may come off as this actor is least bothered about his social media presence as well. He has constantly been striving to make a mark as a capable actor and completely away from controversies and giving out his details. 

Serving the industry for over a decade now, the media is completely unaware of his love life. Gavin Drea's girlfriend is still a mystery, so much so that we assume that he is single for now. 

Gavin Drea in Barbarians Rising
Gavin Drea in Barbarians Rising ( Source : m )

He is, however, the love interest of Rosa Salazar in the upcoming show. They are expected to have a great chemistry off-screen as well, considering their onscreen romance. Roza was previously linked to a guy named Sam Setzer.

The wedding of Katie and Hugo Delaney is disrupted in the opening scene of "Wedding Season" by Katie's ex-lover Stefa. Stefan thinks Katie is in love with him after she leaves him a voicemail and tries to avert the wedding.

But Katie belittles Stefan and tells him to go. After the Delaneys are discovered breathless during the wedding, and Katie disappears, Stefan is later detained by the police. The main suspect is Katie, and inspectors Metts and Donahue question Stefan about his friendship with Katie.

Gavin Drea and Rosa Salazar in Wedding Season
Gavin Drea and Rosa Salazar in Wedding Season ( Source : hollywoodreporter )

Flashbacks show that Katie and Stefan first met at a wedding and fell in love right away. They kept running into one another at weddings and got together. As the series portrays him so well in a romantic role, it is obvious people would want to know more about his love life in real as well. Alas! the actor has managed to keep it private.

Who Are Gavin Drea's Parents?

Gavin Drea is who he is because of his parents. He has played the role of a son in several movies and TV series, but in real life, he likes to keep it a secret for himself and for them as well. 

With time, the popularity the actor has been gaining is immense, and then he is making sure that his personal life doesn't get revealed. He is a London-based Irish actor, and his family is originally from Dublin, Ireland. 

Gavin Drea on the set of Wedding Season
Gavin Drea on the set of Wedding Season ( Source : theubj )

Gavin Drea's Net Worth Is Slowly Increasing

With one after another, good movies and TV series in his name, the actor is constantly increasing his worth in monetary terms. An actor like him in London gets paid around £40,502-£44,093 by Netflix. 

There is no such thing as an "average" unless you refer to the Screen Actors Guild industry scale, which is what day actors are paid.

Gavin Drea has walked the red carpet for the premiere of his show
Gavin Drea has walked the red carpet for the premiere of his show ( Source : zaptv )

The compensation packages for the top performers are negotiated by their counsel. This can be in the millions for actors like Will Smith and Sandra Bullock or in the five- or six-figure range for a well-known actor in a supporting part. Simply said, it depends on what the management team of the actor can secure.

As 'Wedding season' is his first venture with the platform, he was previously gaining a decent amount. Hence, he certainly has around 500k euros net worth in 2022. 


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