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Gabriele Bonci is a chef from Rome, Italy who was recently featured on Netflix's Chef's Table: Pizza ( Source : Pmq )

Gabriele Bonci is a chef from Rome, Italy who recently starred in Netflix’s original television series called ‘Chef’s Table: Pizza.

Netflix's 'Chef's Table: Pizza' takes on the mission to locate the greatest spots to savor the famous dish throughout the world. Aside from focusing on the cuisine, the series also provides a glimpse into the lives of the chefs involved, making the experience much more delightful.

Netflix featured one of Italy's renowned chefs, Gabriele Bonci. He is a well-known TV personality in Italy, and there is even a documentary on him.

Quick Facts

Full NameGabriele Bonci
Originally FromRome, Italy
OccupationChef, television personality
Specializes inBreads and pizzas

Who Is Chef Gabriele Bonci Wife?

Gabriele Bonci is an Italian chef who has always kept his personal life private. The chef has never discussed his romantic relationships or his marriage.

Gabriele Bonci photographed outside his pizzeria.
Gabriele Bonci photographed outside his pizzeria. ( Source : thetraced )

Many people have assumed that he is married and has children, but no confirmation has been provided. Despite years of media attention, the celebrity chef has managed to keep quiet about his life outside of his pizzerias.

Bonci grew up in Rome, Italy, and was always interested in cooking since he was very young. He started his cooking career soon after graduating from High School.

Today he is one of the most renowned chefs in Italy. He has also been featured in Netflix's original television show called Chef’s Table: Pizza where we will be learning a lot more about the chef. 

What Is Chef Gabriele Bonci Net worth?

Considering the fame and successful professional career chef Gabriele Bonci has had, it is no doubt that he must be making a good sum of money throughout his career.

Gabriele Bonci photographed several years ago outside his pizzeria.
Gabriele Bonci photographed several years ago outside his pizzeria. ( Source : ricettasprint )

However, his net worth has not been revealed to the public yet. Bonci discovered his passion for pizza and has created up to 1500 distinct pizza recipes.

There isn't a single person in Italy who hasn't heard of Gabriele Bonci and he needs no introduction. Bonci appears on television on a regular basis and is well-known for the wonders he can perform with dough.

Chef Bonci has recreated Roman-style pizza throughout the years and spread his recipes far and wide. He offers them at Pizzarium, his main restaurant on Via Della Meloria in Rome.

10 Facts About Chef Gabriele Bonci

  1. Chef Gabriele Bonci was born and raised in Rome, Italy.
  2. He always had an interest in cooking so he started studying for a career in cooking soon after passing from high school.
  3. Bonci figured out he enjoyed making bread and pizzas more than restaurant cooking.
  4. Gabriele first opened his flagship restaurant, Pizzarium, in the Italian capital.
  5. His pizzeria got so popular that it would have lines every day.
  6. To prevent the taste and flavors of his pizza he uses a special kind of heritage stone-ground flour.
  7. Bonci is also a television personality and has appeared in many television shows.
  8. The chef was a judge on the 2019 Italian reality show called Bake Off Italia – Dolci in forno.
  9. He has now expanded branches of his pizzeria in the United States.
  10. Netflix has featured the Italian chef on ‘Chef’s Table: Pizza’.

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