Fishyblox Face Reveal: Mysterious Twitch Streamer Keeps Face Secret As Rumors Spread


Fishy Blox is a Youtuber, and a gamer known for Roblox content. ( Source : Youtube )

Fishyblox is a YouTuber known for his Roblox content on his youtube channel.

He started his youtube journey by opening the youtube channel on March 3, 2017.

He began uploading the Roblox content at the beginning of his youtube journey, and his first video has garnered about 43 thousand views in it.

BirthplaceUnited States
ProfessionYoutuber, Digital Creator, Gamer

Did Fishyblox Do A Face Reveal?

Fishyblox is a gamer and YouTuber yet to reveal his face to the public.

His Youtube channel is FishyBlox, and he is represented by a character wearing a mix of dark and purple hoodies.

He is known for uploading Roblox, particularly the popular Roblox experience Adopt Me!, focusing on trading videos.

His most popular video on Youtube is The *BROKE to RICH* Challenge in Adopt Me!, which has gained 7.6 million views on the video. 

Fishyblox has achieved one million subscribers on his YouTube channel on August 6, 2022.
Fishyblox has achieved one million subscribers on his YouTube channel on August 6, 2022. ( Source : twitter )

His second most popular video on Youtube is I scammed the worst scammer iN Adopt Me! (FAKE MEGA EGG) which has about 4.3 million views.

Fishyblox's video gets millions to a hundred of thousand views, and he uploads the video to his Youtube channel once or twice a week.

He achieved one million subscribers in August and shared the news with his followers through one of his tweets on Twitter.

How Old Is Fishyblox?

Fishyblox seems to be 20-30 years of age, but youtube has not revelead his age yet.

He started his Youtube channel in 2017 but only began uploading in 2020. He slowly gained fame as people were attracted to his Robolox content.

Fishyblox and MrMitch361 have found fame through their Roblox content.

Fishyblox shared that his limited edition plush are out in the online store.
Fishyblox shared that his limited edition plush are out in the online store. ( Source : instagram )

He recently hit a million subscribers on Youtube, reaching 1.09 million.

His recent video was uploaded a day ago, and his recently uploaded video is Trading FIRST MEGA ORCA in Adopt Me! and has gained 74 thousand views on it.

What Is The Real Name Of Fishyblox?

Fishyblox has not revelead his real name, and all the people know him as Fishyblox.

He has kept his identity secret and has not given much about his personal life to his followers and the public.

He is active on various social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, and Youtube.

You can find Fishyblox on Twitter with his account, Fishy, which has about 46.8k followers.

He is present on Instagram as @fishyblox and has about 25.9k followers. Similarly, he has only shared six posts to this date.

Fishyblox's Net Worth In 2022

Fishyblox's net worth is estimated to be from thousand dollars to million dollars in 2022.

Youtuber has not shared much about his income with his fans. He earns thousands of dollars through his views on his Youtube channel and Twitches stream.

He also earned through Adsense from his Youtube channel.

Fishyblox's Youtube channel is growing, and the number of views increases drastically with the growing number of subscribers. So, his income might increase in the future.


What is the actual name of Fishyblox?

Fishyblox has not revealed his real name yet.

Where Does Fishyblox live?

Fishyblox lives in the United States.


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