Fans Wonder If Jojo SIwa's New Girlfriend Avery Cyrus Is Related To Miley Cyrus, Is It Just The Name?


Avery Cyrus is a fun loving person whose contents are mostly related to her community ( Source : Instagram )

As Avery Cyrus attracted public attention, many mistakenly that she may be related to Miley Cyrus. The surname is quite common in the industry as the singer has few family members working in the same field as hers. 

At the age of 19, Jojo is a celebrity whose name is on the list of 100 most influential people in the world in 2020 by Time. Similarly, at 22 years old, Avery is not as famous as her rumored partner but she has supported Jojo in her career path several times. 

Jojo Siwa is seen with someone new after her breakup with Kylie Prew who has been revealed as the social media personality named Avery Cyrus.

Avery has gained public attention as she and Jojo spark dating rumors. At the same time, Avery recently revealed that she broke up with her partner, Soph Mosco, on August 3, 2022. She said she was not feeling happy in that relationship.  

Naturally, there is also a curiosity among netizens on whether Avery is related to Miley Cyrus since her last name is the same. But, she is not related to the famous singer.

Avery Cyrus maintains friendship with Soph Mosca after breakup
Avery Cyrus maintains friendship with Soph Mosca after breakup ( Source : instagram )

Whatever name and fame Avery has earned, it is all result of her work. She has followers on social media, and it was all built by herself and has nothing to do with the Cyrus family that everyone knows of. 

On the other hand, Miley has some family members in the entertainment industry. She herself is the daughter of famous country musician Billy Ray Cyrus and actress Tish Cyrus.  Likewise, her sister, Noah, is a singer, songwriter, and actress. Her other sister, named Brandi, is a DJ and an actress. She also has a brother named Trace, who is also a musician. But, she does not have anyone named Avery from her family in the industry. 

What Is Jojo Siwa New Girlfriend Real Name?

Jojo Siwa is said to have a new girlfriend, Avery Cyrus.

Besides, Cyrus is not her real surname- instead, it is Blanchard, reports Distractifiy. Following the separation from Soph, Avery posted several pictures and videos where she could be seen spending time with Jojo.

Although Siwa had mentioned that Cyrus is really a good friend to her, the fans cannot help but speculate that they may have a romantic relationship. 

Recently, Avery posted a screenshot of the message where Jojo asked her if she was sick and wanted a hug. Then, when Avery replies that she is in Florida, Siwa sends an emoji with teary eyes, and she goes to meet her. At the end of the video, they can be seen sharing a hug. 

Jojo Siwa Breakup With Kylie Prew

Kylie Prew and Jojo Siwa's relationship went through several ups and downs. They had separated a few times during their relationship. 

The pair had met in 2020 but made their relationship public in 2021 after Jojo came out. They dated for nine months and later announced separation. At that time, the reason they mentioned was the classic, "right person, wrong time". 

Jojo Siwa and Kylie Prew were seen together in a drive-in screening and performance for the Paramount+ original movie "The J Team" at the Rose Bowl on Sept. 3, 2021 in Pasadena, Calif. ( Source : billboard )

Then, in April 2022, they stated that they were back together and were still learning so many things in their life. The fans were happy for them, but it was short-lived. 

Prew posted a statement on her IG handle where she said she wanted to clear the air around her. She also added that there was not any bad blood in their relationship, as mentioned in Billboard. 

Avery Cyrus Family Details

Avery Cyrus was seen going to Iowa with Jojo's family. They went to Jojo's cousin's cheer, and Avery was going to Siwa's family wedding as her partner. 

Avery has a sibling named Jake. Her mother's name is Sylvia Flores Bugarin who she has a close relationship with.

Avery Cyrus with her mother Sylvia
Avery Cyrus with her mother Sylvia ( Source : instagram )

Who Are Avery Cyrus Parents?

Avery Cyrus and her Mother Sylvia have more of a friend-like relatiohship rather than a traditional mother-daughter relationship.

Even though the influencer has kept some parts of her life to herself, she was seen sharing a video with a mom getting matching tattoos with her.  Similarly, she is well supported by her mother in her career. She often shares the joy of having her mom by her side. 

Jojo Siwa with her father and mother
Jojo Siwa with her father and mother ( Source : thenetline )

On the other hand, Jojo was born to her parents Jessalynn, a professional dance instructor from Iowa, and Tom Siwa, a chiropractor from Nebraska. She has an older brother named Jayden Siwa, who is also a vlogger. 

Meet Avery Cyrus on Tiktok

Avery Cyrus has 7.9 million followers on Tiktok. She focuses on content that is focused on her LGBTQ audience. Being a person from LGBTQ herself, she openly talks about her sexuality and even highlights other creators of her community whom her fans can follow. 

Her contents are not much related to Tiktok challenges, dance, or voiceover; most of the content is lighthearted and fun. Likewise, Jojo has huge followers of over 40 million on Tiktok. She is a well-known Youtuber and dancer. 


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