Fans Wonder "Are Joe Gilgun Neck Tattoos On Brassic Real?" After Actor Appears With Ink On The Show


Joe Gilgun is back as Vinnie in Brassic ( Source : Instagram )

In the comedy-drama Brasssic on Sky One, Joe Gilgun portrays the title part alongside Michelle Keegan and Ryan Sampson. The TV personality is well renowned for his vast tattoo collection, which covers much of his body as well as both of his arms.

On October 6, Sky One's Brassic returned for its third season, and judging by the evidence; fans were not let down. In fact, the fourth season of the hit television series Brassic has already started filming, with co-creator and star Joe Gilgun returning as petty thief Vinnie.

The exclusive photos shared by Sky provide the first look at season 4, which follows Vinnie as he hunts down Erin Croft, played by Michelle Keegan, who escaped Hawley at the end of season 3 to avoid deadly criminal Terence McCann.

Gilgun is no stranger to grimy British comedies; you've probably seen him in This Is England or Misfits. Let's find out more about him now.

Quick Facts 

Full NameJoseph William Gilgun
Birth Date9 March 1984
Age38 years old
Birth PlaceChorley, Lancashire, England
Years Active1994-Present
Known ForVinnie O'Neill in the Sky One series Brassic
ParentsJudith and Andrew Gilgun
EducationRivington VA Primary School and Southlands High School
Relationship StatusSingle

Are Joe Gilgun Neck Tattoos On Brassic Real? 

Joe Gilgun's neck is covered in some fantastic tattoos. Every tattoo has a unique history, set of feelings, and recollections. His tattoos tell a tale about his life rather than simply being tattooed images. 

Joe has a cross tattooed on the side of his neck that is on the left. The cross is a sacred symbol to Christians and signifies a person's strong trust in Jesus Christ and his benefits.

His chest has the words "ab mio pectore" (English: from the bottom of my heart) and a magpie, most likely his most fabulous tattoos. It is seen as a sign of luck in all facets of your life, including your career and relationships.

Joe Gilgun has a tattoo all over his neck
Joe Gilgun has a tattoo all over his neck ( Source : instagram )

2019 saw Gilgun star in, executive produce, and create the comedic series Brassic for Sky One. In Northern England, Vinnie, a minor working-class offender, is portrayed by Gilgun. The six-part television series debuted on August 22, 2019.

Before the first season had even started, the show's second season was renewed due to positive reviews. The 3rd season of the program premiered in October 2021. The fourth season of Brassic has begun filming and is scheduled to premiere in 2022.

The Number Tattooed On His Chest Has A Special Meaning 

After filming "Misfits," a science fiction comedy-drama television series from the United Kingdom, Joe got the tattoo of the number "23456," his official actor number, inscribed on his chest. 

There are some roman numerals written on Joe's body that read "LXXXIV." It signifies the number 74 when converted. 

"YOU'RE ALL IN IT SO BE PROUD" (producer Mark Herbert told it to the cast before the screening) and "I ain't gonna work on Maggies farm no more" are written on his right arm. His body is covered in numerous more tattoos, the significance of which is only known to Gilgun.

Rope Knot Tatto On His Ankle 

Joe has a tattoo of a rope knot on his right ankle. Many people obtain a simple knot to signify that they have overcome a difficult time in their lives or to serve as a constant reminder that they are a part of something bigger than themselves.

A rope noose tattoo is also associated with the possibility that the owner may be dissatisfied with life and seek an escape, although Joe does not have this tattoo. We think that since the rope is another symbol of solid links and bonds, this tattoo must be another expression of his love for his family.

A tattoo of a burning flame with the letters "JAN" on it can be seen on his right leg.

Joe's Ankle Tattoos with their own several meanings
Joe's Ankle Tattoos with their own several meanings ( Source : bodyartguru )

The candle can represent good triumphing over evil or light over darkness. The candle tattoo may mean the light in your life that helps you through dark times by bringing understanding and respect. As indicated by the month on the bottom of the flame, Joe may have dedicated the tattoo to a loved one in his life.

This is Joe's tribute to one of his sisters, as has been rumored. Rosie and Jennie Gilgun are his two younger sisters.

Joe Has Several Tattoos On His Hands & Arms 

From index to pinky on his right hand, there is a letter M, a cross, another sign, and a letter S. On the upper part of his fingers, there are more letters such as "S," "I," "N," and "K." His left forearm is covered with numerous tattoos, including "Mazur" and "ALL WILL BE WELL."

A sizable rose has been tattooed on his right hand. The rose represents romance, love, and affection. It is also a global representation of love. His right hand's fingers are covered in numerous symbols under the rose tattoo, including leafy stems on his index and pinky, a cross on his middle finger, and a little triangle with a cross on his ring finger. 

 Across his right forearm, Joe has got the tattoo of the words, “YOU’RE ALL IN IT, SO BE PROUD,
Across his right forearm, Joe has got the tattoo of the words, “YOU’RE ALL IN IT, SO BE PROUD, ( Source : instagram )

A tattoo resembles a crown on the tip of his middle finger. He has the word "AGONY" and a sparrow tattooed on his right hand. Sparrows are frequently linked to humility, pure love, and independence. Joe's right arm bears a tattoo of a boxer.

Joe has a tattoo of a pair of three-leaf cloves on his right forearm. Many cultures and religions use the cloverleaf as part of their traditions. It acts as a sign of prosperity and good omens. The three leaves are said to symbolize faith, love, and hope.

The Meaning Behind His "LOL" Tattoo 

Joe has inked LOL tattoo on his right thumb
Joe has inked LOL tattoo on his right thumb ( Source : bodyartguru )

The word "LOL" is tattooed on the base of his right thumb. Gilgun has always loved acting, but it was a big issue for him when, at the recommendation of an educational psychologist, he began participating in theatrical workshops.

At 10, Joe began working on the drama series Coronation Street, which debuted in 1960 and has over 58 seasons as of this writing. In his early 20s, Joe started working on Emmerdale. His role as Woody in "This Is England" ended up being the decisive turning point in his life.

The LOL tattoo serves as a reminder of the name of the genuine love who helped him become famous, and as such, it spells out the name of true love.

Joe's One Of The Tattoos Is Dedicated To His Parents 

The tattoo on his left bicep is a tribute to his mother and father, Judith and Andrew Gilgun, respectively. The words "Mum" and "Dad" are inked on the body in a few swirls.

He has a tattoo of a woman's image in the form of playing card clubs on his left forearm. This tattoo truly depicts the "QUEEN OF CLUBS," as the name suggests. On the left side of his stomach, there are some lilies tattooed.

Lilies are lovely flowers that stand for friendship and sincerity. They are connected to the power of motherhood and reproduction. Lilies can stand for enduring love and relationships.

Was Joe Gilgun In A Relationship With Vicky McClure? 

Gilgun has managed to keep his personal life under wraps, even when it comes to romances. He spoke to Vice in 2016 about his first girlfriend, claiming that although they were "truly in love," they "broke up for honorable reasons." He purposely avoided mentioning any names, though.

Gilgun might have been alluding to Vicky McClure, his co-star and ex-girlfriend from This Is England. Although the exact timing of their relationship is unclear, the couple started dating after meeting on set in 2006. They finally parted ways, but they remained close friends.

Gilgun undoubtedly has a loyal following and lots of love overtures from fans; it appears his present relationship status is single. However, there isn't much information besides that Gilgun's off-screen relationships.

Vicky McClure and Joe Gilgun photographed by Tom Pilston in 2015
Vicky McClure and Joe Gilgun photographed by Tom Pilston in 2015 ( Source : twitter )

Fans of Brassic, however, are still hoping that Vinnie, who he portrays, and Erin, who Michelle Keegan portrays, will start dating. On the show, Vinnie and Erin, who Michelle Keegan portrays, have an on-and-off relationship. In this series, the couple will eventually share a kiss for the first time, much to Joe's delight.

The traditional will-they-won't-they plot still has the audience guessing. The good news is that Keegan shares our love for Vinnie and Erin. 

Joe Admits His Character Vinnie On Brassic Relates To His Own Life 

The actor, 38, acknowledges that his Vinnie persona is partially based on his own experiences.

In the Sky series, Vinnie and his friends steal, plot, and con to get what they need to survive. Many of the con games depicted in the show, like stealing prize bulls and establishing herb farms, are based on actual occurrences that occurred when Joe was a young tearaway.

Even Vinnie's fight with bipolar disorder echoes the mental health problems Joe suffers daily. When witnessing the pranks Vinnie and his friends engage in on the show, viewers frequently question how thin the line is between fact and fantasy.

The small screen star has experience in both film and television, and his resume for TV is impressive.

Joseph, who went to Rivington Primary School and Southland High School, has been in movies like The Infiltrator, Lockout, and Pride. He was a well-known star of the television series Shameless and appeared on Ripper Street, Coming Up, and Misfits Strung Out.

Joe Gilgun stars as Vinnie in Brassic
Joe Gilgun stars as Vinnie in Brassic ( Source : inews )

The British actor collaborated with Vin Diesel in the 2015 film The Last Witch Hunter and Bryan Cranston from Breaking Bad in the 2016 film The Infiltrator.

As a teenage Jamie Armstrong in Corrie, Eli Dingle in Emmerdale, a skinhead with Vicky McClure in the This Is England series, and a star of the supernatural US television series Preacher, Joe has played a variety of roles throughout his career.

But since it is being recorded in Bacup, Brassic sees him return to his home country. Vinnie struggles with his mental health in this series since he cannot afford the prescription for his medication.

Joe Breakout Role Came From The Channel 4 TV Series Misfits

His breakout performance was as Rudy Wade in the Channel 4 television series Misfits. At age 26, Gilgun was cast in the movie Misfits as Rudy, a character with two distinct personalities: one that is happy, self-assured, and friendly, and the other that is sad, insecure, and uncertain. He had to portray two characters. Therefore, it was a tricky part.

Gilgun was raised with his two sisters in Rivington, a small town near Wigan, where his father worked as a metalworker producing boiler parts. When Joe was 11 years old, his parents divorced, and his dad lost his job around that time. Gilgun was given an antidepressant prescription while he was a youngster.

Following the advice of an educational psychologist, he began acting courses when he was eight years old and was noted as having "extraordinary talent." He received additional training at the Oldham Theatre Workshop and the Laine Johnson Theatre School. 

He made his acting debut at an early age, making an appearance on Coronation Street in 1994 when he was just ten years old.

He played Eli Dingle in Emmerdale from 2006 until 2010, and afterward, he appeared in the popular TV miniseries This Is England '86. The actor starred in the spin-off programs This Is England '88, and This Is England '90, as well as the 2006 feature This Is England. 


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